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Questions tagged [bias]

Systematic biases in Stack Exchange sites and community, e.g. in voting, such as the "fastest gun" problem.

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What can be done if a user accepts an incorrect or inadequate answer to his question due to some bias? [duplicate]

I've noticed that a lot of users on Meta, especially new users, have various biases towards and against certain answerers. I wondered what would the protocol be if a user, who already has a few ...
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Suggestion: exclude the author from the pool of edit review candidates to limit bias? [duplicate]

Sometimes I suggest an edit even on an SE site on which I have few reputation points, just to improve readability. In such cases the edit awaits review by a user with more reputation. But here's the ...
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Is there a bias against using the "answer your own question" feature?

I had a question. As I was researching it while drafting it, I found more and more relevant information that I incorporated into my question. It came to the point where it felt like I was answering ...
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How is this Stack Overflow Careers ad NOT promoting discrimination? [closed]

I clicked on this link just out of curiosity and was reading through it when I ran across this line - If you love digital media and Jesus, show us what you can do! How is this different from ...
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Close vote reviews: Do suggested reasons cause bias?

When reviewing close votes, this helper appears above every question to be reviewed: I'm curious to know if there was any specific rationale for displaying such suggestions, other than to streamline ...
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4 answers

Could we use a pros/cons list to format discussion?

Now I know meta is different from main sites, but there seems to be a big contrast between SE wanting to stick strictly to the Q&A format, and every single meta site out there. The discussion tag ...
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Answers that direct the OP away from technology the question was posed in

I've recently gained the ability to edit and have been spending some time cleaning up very old questions. In some cases, I have seen that a person asks a question within the context of a certain ...
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4 answers

How much bias is there in voting?

There seem to be two large possible sources of bias, that is, things which could cause different voting on identical answers: we could be more likely to upvote answers for high-rep users, especially ...
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2 answers

Bias in editing answer

I've been doing a lot of edit reviewing lately and I seem to be the only one actually taking the time to analyze everything before accepting / rejecting an edit. But that's for some other discussion. ...
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9 answers

Does my avatar affect my reputation?

Well, I'm wondering if a user with a silly or fun avatar is not considered as reputable as another. Or the complete opposite...Having a default Gravatar mosaic image indicates the user is a noob, or ...
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4 answers

Discouraging w3schools as a resource

I want to know how to deal with this. According to w3fools We feel, though, that W3Schools is harming the community with inaccurate information. Like any other authoritative educational ...
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1 answer

Is this the bike shed phenomenon or is there a joke here that I'm missing?

This question asks, how do you flip a boolean in C++? The answer, of course, is to use the single-character built-in operator made for doing exactly that. Now, that's a perfectly good answer to a ...
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12 votes
7 answers

Long answers on stackoverflow [closed]

Do we want long comprehensive answers to questions on stackoverflow? Is it better to spend 30 secs to write "look this up [insert link here]", or do we want people to take their time (maybe an hour! ...
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7 answers

Generalist biased towards Microsoft technology?

Stack Overflow has always had a bit of a Microsoft bend, owing to the fact that the seed audiences came from Coding Horror and Joel on Software. Still, it's always been a place where you could fully ...
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Stack Overflow has too many men! [closed]

When I take a look at the Stack Overflow user list I see a certain trend. Jon Marc Greg Alex Andrew Jonathan Tomalak Brian Ólafur Juliet I think you see where I'm going ...
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The bikeshed problem and Stack Exchange

In short, the bikeshed problem: If you go before the Board of Directors and ask for 1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear reactor, no one will review or discuss the details of the plant. ...
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Is it fair that a post in Jeff's blog will send your rep over the roof? [closed]

Today at about 2PM, Jeff wrote an article about him thinking how parsing HTML with regexes is a bad idea. In that post, he links to this answer to a question in SO. Nine to ten hours later, the ...
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Attracting new developers with different skill sets?

I think most people have noticed that Stack Overflow has a heavy bias towards C# and to a slightly lesser extent Java. Given that the purpose of Stack Overflow is to provide a Q&A site for all ...
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44 votes
11 answers

How can we make good answers to old questions float to the top?

Occasionally, a great answer is added to an old question. Too often, simply because of the age of the question and the lack of public visibility, that answer will not get any votes. Thus as it stands, ...
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