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Questions tagged [blocklist]

For questions about the list of words and phrases which are blocked from appearing in posts or comments.

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1 answer

Comments not allowed to contain (start with) "-1"?

Just ran into the same issue as Can't post a comment which contains -1. I did not down-vote the answer that I wanted to add a comment to. Related: Making valid use of comments containing "-1"...
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17 votes
2 answers

Blocklist is missing the effect of the listed patterns (warn vs. block type)

The following picture is a redacted example of what <site> looks like: While this page is called the blocklist, not all of the patterns are blocked. Some of ...
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Why can't we blacklist questions with a description containing a mobile number and the string "loans"? [duplicate]

As we are seeing a lot of spam, why can't we blacklist questions with a description containing a mobile number and the string "loans" combination on this platform?
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Is it possible to blacklist a word, especially for unregistered users, in questions?

The problem Since the 30th of August, Law.SE is suffering under a single user that does ask repeated questions over something they made up from thin air. The word "constiption[sic!]/constipt"...
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Block from appearing in posts

The domain "" is an alias for "", which I just came across as a spam link on Stack Overflow. Since we already have on the blocklist, we should add fumacrom....
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16 votes
2 answers

How can I solve the 'Body cannot contain ""' error when trying to post?

I get a Body cannot contain "" error when trying to post this question on SE. How can I resolve it? What is the best way to unpack SequenceMatcher loop results in Python so that values can ...
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2 answers

SE's spam filters: Add "Keto" to the blocklist

I'm seeing multiple spam questions advertising "Keto" pop up on Meta on a daily basis, as you can see in this MetaSmoke search. While it is true that MetaSmoke / Smokedetector does handle ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Can't post a comment which contains -1

I'm trying to post a simple comment; if the comment contains -1, then it errors out, suggesting I'm defending or replying to a downvote. This is to the OP, not a reply to my own Q or A.
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-10 votes
1 answer

Blacklist globally:*

Please blacklist It should be blacklisted as the same reasons for Let Me Google That For YOu links. It's shown up in comments on Ask Ubuntu lately, and should be blacklisted like ...
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23 votes
4 answers

Blocklist spam phrases for first time users

We're getting a pile of fresh spam over on Ask Ubuntu at the moment. I know these idiots cycle around the sites but what strikes me is how eye-wateringly obviously spammy this stuff is. Now not so ...
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Change links in errors and warnings to HTTPS

Another question here on Meta brought something to my attention. Most links in errors and warnings that come up when posting or editing still are HTTP. I have a few examples listed below from various ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Wrong URL leaked through blacklist?

In this question, cnst tried to edit a question on SO and was responded with × Body cannot contain "". Please use (or .org or .net) for fake URLs. More info: ...
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32 votes
0 answers

Blacklist hxxp://* as LMGTFY shortener

Can we get a global automatic blacklist on the link shortener at It's recently been used as an alternative to other shorteners, and I've seen at least two "Let me google that for you" links ...
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23 votes
0 answers

Can we have read only access to the HNQ word blocklist?

As explained in Profanity in hot questions list there is a blocklist of words that will prevent a question from appearing in the Hot Network Questions sidebar on other Stack Exchange sites. Can we ...
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29 votes
0 answers

Enable a percent-based block of CJK characters on Travel

So, we have a situation on Travel: I assure you, none of these are legit. This has been going on for weeks, at something like this volume at the same time every night, consistently. The normal IP-...
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32 votes
0 answers

Can we add to the blocklist? [closed]

I just stumbled on this and I think we might do well to squash it before it becomes a wide spread problem. I found a particular user, who shall remain nameless, ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Can be added to the example domain blacklist?

Several popular example domains such as,, and are now disallowed in the body of questions and answers. Can be added to this blacklist? It is the the most ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Blacklist warnings aren't shown when editing comments

A while back, we added the ability to attach specific guidance to blacklisted terms. This works for comments as well: But it doesn't work if you're adding the blacklisted term as an edit to a ...
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1 answer

Allow adding a specific message / guidance to blacklists

We don't always blacklist problematic tags or terms, but when we do it's because they've become such a nuisance on a site that we can't control them any other way. Vague / meta tags that keep coming ...
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1 answer

Can't use the word "question" in title in the context of "a security question implementation"

I tried editing a question to have a more fitting title. The questions is about how to implement a password reset function by having a "security question" in a certain security framework. The title as ...
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76 votes
1 answer

Why are certain example URLs like and blocked from post content?

Why is and blocked from the post content on the main site? I tried to make a sample URL and I had to use instead.
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15 votes
1 answer

Let mods set temporary blacklists

Sometimes a site gets attacked by spammers/spambots. In such a case, the current procedure for moderators is: Request a blacklist from the community team. This is basically a regex that is tested ...
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1 answer

Has my account been blacklisted? [duplicate]

I have an account on Stack Overflow. However, now I start to realize that I get constantly downvoted by the "serial upvote reversal" mechanism. So, I created a new account (this one) from a different ...
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4 answers

Can we ban links to W3Fools now, please?

I'm getting sick and tired of all those people who think providing a link to the W3Fools site is the righteous thing to do. But that site gives out the wrong signals. It insinuates that W3Schools ...
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What happens when someone is blacklisted?

Just wanted to find out what happens when someone is blacklisted or has a post-ban. Is it only their login that is blacklisted or also their IP address?
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1 answer

Blacklist w3schools (with a helpful message)

I'm proposing to blacklist on Stack Overflow. Answers linking to it are usually bad and often even link-only. Such answers also attract w3fools-related comments which would be fine with ...
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10 votes
1 answer

"Help" slipped through in a question title although it should be blocked

As we all know the word "help" is blacklisted from questions title. However today I encountered this question on Stack Overflow and when submitting my edit (not related to the title) was amazed to ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Since when is banned?

Since when is banned? And, who took the decision? Edit: to be clear, this is was banned whether on its own, or with other content. It's an incredibly popular summary of ...
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2 answers

Should we forbid “please help me” titles?

We now forbid the word problem in titles: everyone has a problem, or they wouldn’t post a question. Should we similarly forbid titles that ask for help with one or another “please help me” formula? ...
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Which words in titles are blacklisted on Stack Exchange?

Is there a complete list of blacklisted words for titles? I think there's: problem error issue But I'd like to be sure.
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12 votes
1 answer

Comments can't contain this content?

Okay, I've seen the "posts can't contain that content" messages; now I got one popping up when I try to post this comment in response to a comment to me: @Ole: thanks for the [URL](http: // ...
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1 answer

Why am I not able to post my answer?

I tried to answer one question as I am unable to post comments, and I'm getting this weird error message: Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, posts can't contain that content. ...
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118 votes
13 answers

Ban URL shortening services

Related: Ban LMGTFY links | Shall we spam-flag lmgtfy-links? | URL Shorteners cleanup Ban URL shorting services from being used in questions/answers. I have three major reasons to request this: It's ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Blacklist for display names

I just noticed a(n unregistered) user on Super User who'd set his/her/its display name to the famous four-letter English word for "fecal matter". I've manually edited the offending display name to ...
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20 votes
3 answers

"Sorry, posts can't contain that content." what content exactly (besides lmgtfy)

I know from here that lmgtfy is banned, but I've noticed is as well. What other sites are banned? Until Jeff answers definitively this is a 'poll' type question. When you ...
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