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Cannot login to Stack Exchange with Blogger OpenID

Is the login with a Blogger account still working? I just used to get an error, but besides that, it used to work fine. Now I cannot login at all (white page with "oops there was an error title"). I ...
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Authentication using Blogger account always fails the first time

I am login in by blogger. I see a thing everytime when I login. I see the same thing from 2-3 months. If I write blog url and press login then first time I see "woops something goes ...
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Using Stack Exchange OpenID on fails: "Your OpenID credentials could not be verified."

I'm trying to add a comment to a post I read on Here is the post: I try to add the comment ...
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How do I join a gmail/google account to an account authenticated with blogger

On Stack Overflow, I logged in with Blogger. Now I have an account on another Stack Exchange site under my Google account. Even though, they are kinda the same account, I cannot figure out how to link ...
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Cannot login to Stack Exchange using Blogger OpenID with custom domain [duplicate]

I tried to login today using my blogger custom domain account, but I kept getting a 404 error. Here are the steps I tried using both Chrome and a Internet Explorer, both with cache and cookies cleared:...
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Flair widget prevents me from loading Blogger page

[Also posted as a question on Superuser] I recently noticed that I can't view my (vestigial) Blogger page due to a pop-up that states: The page at says: For security ...
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Not able to login on SO with Blogger account!

Basically I noticed it on my own openid implementation first. Then frustrated with yet another openid twist decided to check how it works on SO. And it doesn't for me. As far as I knew blogger openid ...
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Need help in changing the background color of "flair"

I am trying to include the "flair" in my website. One problem I face is that I cannot change the background color. I went to the flair page and saw that I should use the css style to change. I am very ...
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