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Questions tagged [bookmarks]

This tag is for questions about the now-obsolete bookmark question feature (once called "favorite" questions), replaced by the Saves feature in 2022. For questions about watched tags (once called "favorite tags"), use [tag-watching] instead. For questions about Saves, use [saves]. For questions about the post following feature, use [follow-post].

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270 votes
1 answer

How do question bookmarks work?

What does bookmarking a question mean? How do you bookmark a question? Do users get updates on their bookmarked questions? Are my bookmarks publicly visible? How do you see your own bookmarks? How do ...
250 votes
9 answers

Mark answer as favorite/star [duplicate]

Often times I am not interested in the question so much as I am the answer. Unfortunately, the only site option for bookmarking an optimal answer is to bookmark the question. This leaves you having to ...
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211 votes
8 answers

Search in favorited questions? [duplicate]

I wonder if it is possible to search in just my favorited questions? If not, can it be considered as a feature request?
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164 votes
76 answers

Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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149 votes
13 answers

Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox

We're considering adding favorite notifications to the global inbox, and are looking for feedback on the idea (as we're not completely sold on it). But first, some history. Favorites are kind of ...
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131 votes
7 answers

Favorites improvements - search, categorize, personal tags, add note, favorite answer [duplicate]

I'm a big fan of the favorites feature. I usually mark questions with good answers of code snippets for later use. Most of the time I can't find the favorite I'm looking for so quickly as desired. I ...
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121 votes
1 answer

Where are my starred Questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do favorite questions work? Stack Overflow has a feature that you can star whatever questions you like, but how can I find my starred questions and their answers? Where is ...
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118 votes
12 answers

Better bookmarks (formerly called favorites) organisation

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a reasonable list of bookmarks (formerly called favorites) now, and it can be rather difficult to find the relevant ones at any given time. Sometimes, I have ...
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  • 6,422
108 votes
9 answers

Is there any way to favorite/bookmark an answer?

Lots of questions are very generic, "share an experience" kinds of questions. In these cases, I am quite often interested in specific answers that may not have gotten that many upvotes. ...
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95 votes
1 answer

Search within Favorites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Search in favorited question? The favorite feature on SO is right now a bit useless, at least to me. I have 8 Pages of favorites, and sometimes I just remember "Hey, I ...
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69 votes
11 answers

Add "Answer Later" Tab

I think it would be useful to add an "Answer Later" tab that would be similar to the "Favorites" tab so you could mark questions to answer at a later time. There are so many times I see a question ...
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  • 4,110
64 votes
12 answers

Favorites are now known as Bookmarks

As mentioned previously, we are renaming the Favorites feature to Bookmarks. This allows us to both match how it's currently used more closely and communicate what to expect from it better. Some more ...
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63 votes
2 answers

Why isn't there a bronze badge for 10 people favoriting a question?

There are currently two badges for questions favorited by a certain number of users: Favorite Question Question favorited by 25 users Stellar Question Question favorited by 100 users Why isn't ...
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60 votes
5 answers

Subscribe to others' questions [duplicate]

I have been coming across many interesting questions on this site, for which I really like to know the answers; but, there is no way (at least I'm not aware of) to get notified when answers are posted ...
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59 votes
1 answer

Can I see my vote history?

I know I can see my total count of votes, but I'd be interested in having these be part of my activity tab, so I can easily revisit questions. I end up favoriting almost every question I upvote, just ...
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57 votes
1 answer

What is "0 down vote favorite"?

I recently reviewed a First Post that began with "0 down vote favorite." I figured it was just some weird thing that was written in that question, but then I searched on Stack Overflow for the phrase "...
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  • 1,743
55 votes
2 answers

Allow grouping of favorite questions

There are many, many old posts on meta asking for suggestions on how to better organize favorites. 1, 2 and 3, among others. This is not meant to be an open discussion on how to improve favorites, ...
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54 votes
1 answer

Can you make bookmarks private OR make it abundantly clear that they're not? [duplicate]

This is not a duplicate of Can there be an option to keep your list of bookmarks private? for the reasons mentioned below.* When I started using the favorites (now, bookmarks) feature years ago, I had ...
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  • 15.2k
51 votes
4 answers

Detail Recent Favorite changes

So, the old envelope is dead. The huge Eeeek! What happened to my envelope? question has been deleted. Rest in Peace. Also, I know the new recent activity popup is still being refined. So, this post ...
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49 votes
4 answers

Please allow me to follow questions [duplicate]

Sometimes I look a question that interests me, but I don't have the answer or would like to follow up later. Normally I just bookmark it, which then ends up in a big pile. It would be great if there ...
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46 votes
2 answers

RSS feed for favorite questions

I feel like this is almost certainly a duplicate, but I couldn't find what it's a duplicate of. Is there an RSS feed for updates (new answers, edits, comments, maybe even votes) on your "favorite" ...
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45 votes
3 answers

Reimplement the broken searching within favorites functionality

According to this question there was a mechanism implemented to allow searching within sets of favorite questions, most usefully used when searching through your own favorite list (which for some ...
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44 votes
4 answers

Can there be an option to keep your list of bookmarks private?

Browsing through meta I see several questions and comments where people ask for their list of bookmarks to be private {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7}. There is a discussion (where I posted an answer) but ...
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40 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to see all my favorite questions? [duplicate]

Otherwise, what is the use of marking a question as a favorite?
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  • 3,685
39 votes
2 answers

View Most Popular Questions by favorite count / views / votes [closed]

When can we expect to see a page or pages containing some of the most popular questions on Stack Overflow?
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39 votes
3 answers

Create a better way to organize favorites [duplicate]

I've got six pages of favorites on Stack Overflow. Many of those questions are on different topics. I'd really like to have some way of organizing them. Of course those questions are already ...
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39 votes
3 answers

Rename "favorite" questions to "subscribed" or "following" [duplicate]

In the light of the recently-added feature to automatically notify the user of any changes to "favorited" questions, this term "favorite" is becoming less and less accurate. Some users don't even ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Improve/add "TODO" aka "I will answer this later, if still necessary" workflow

The problem/scenario Imagine being on-the-go or in bed browsing around with a tablet close to falling asleep and stumbling across a (possibly unanswered) question that you know you can contribute to, ...
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38 votes
1 answer

Review contrast of regular vs favorite color for various Stack Exchange sites

Note: this question has been seperately asked again for the Stack Overflow redesign. Post below is updated with these "NEW" values. My question: could the background colors for questions marked as "...
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37 votes
1 answer

What's the difference between "bookmarking" and "following" a post?

Now that following posts (see also the prior announcement) is possible, I feel like this needs a canonical answer: Question: What's the difference between "bookmarking" (formerly "...
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37 votes
1 answer

If I've favourited a question that gets merged (and possibly deleted), please favorite the target question

I've favourited a few questions that later get closed as duplicates, merged, and eventually deleted. I can find the "better" target question because I can see the deleted question, and find where the ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Favorite questions in the Android app

I haven't been able to find my favorite questions in the official Stack Exchange Android app. Looking at my accounts page gives nothing on them.
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  • 1,701
34 votes
1 answer

What can cause the Community user to have favorite questions?

On most sites including the main Stack Overflow site, Community user has no favorites. So far so good. However today I noticed that on the SharePoint site it got 26 questions marked as favorite. If ...
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33 votes
5 answers

Is seeing other people's bookmarks a privacy issue?

I can see that anyone can see other peoples' bookmarks. I don't care much about this, but I was thinking: is this a privacy issue? For example, someone downvoted some questions or wrote negative ...
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32 votes
1 answer

Adding a note to a favourite

I quite often add a question as a favourite when there is something of interest to me in it or its answers. Looking back through my favourites, I cannot remember why I added some of them as a ...
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  • 2,200
26 votes
0 answers

Can't favorites work more like the activity and reputation tabs?

The favorites tab as it is now shows a very basic description of your faved questions. You can sort them by recent activity and a blue notifier appears on the favorites tab if something happened. So ...
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25 votes
2 answers

"Follow that question" feature [duplicate]

I have come upon the situation where I see a question that really interests me. I have nothing to add to this question at the moment, not a comment not answer but I'm particularly interested in what ...
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  • 6,291
25 votes
0 answers

Why does the community user have favorites (stars)?

I noticed on the Network User page that the Community User has starred a question on the Skeptics site. So why does the community user have a starred post? Does the community user own stars from ...
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  • 7,364
24 votes
6 answers

I want to see who marked my questions as favorites

Favorite data is not exactly confidential; I can go to a user's profile and see everything they have as a favorite. Why isn't there an easy way to see who marked my questions as favorite?
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24 votes
2 answers

Distinguish between deleted and non-deleted posts in bookmarks and followed posts

Here is a screenshot of what I see of the first few bookmarks I have on Stack Overflow: Bookmarks tab: Summary Page: Since I have more than 10k reputation on Stack Overflow, I have the ability to ...
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23 votes
3 answers

Is there any way to mark a user as "favorite"?

I mean, a way to "follow" a especific user (an analogy could be mark a tag as "interesting"/"ignored"). Is this possible?
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21 votes
2 answers

Double booked - User bookmarking question recorded twice

In this user's profile (bookmarks) one user is shown as having bookmarked this question twice: This doesn't appear to be the same question as: Was there a brief system glitch which caused some ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Save questions to visit later, but not exactly 'favourite' them

Most of the time I find questions that I would want to log in later to answer. These wouldn't exactly be my favorite questions since that's not the intent. Would it be possible to create such a ...
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21 votes
2 answers

The star for favourites gives the same tool tip text regardless of state [duplicate]

Regardless the state of a favourite star, the tool tip text is: "Click again to undo". When deselected, the tool tip text should read "Click to mark as a favourite". This follows Steve Krug's "...
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20 votes
4 answers

Questions: favorite vs. upvote

Why are there two ways to "like" a question? Favorite and upvote. What's the difference? When should I do one and when the other?
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19 votes
1 answer

Find questions that I have upvoted [duplicate]

Is there a way to search/list the questions that I have upvoted? Sometimes I will upvote a good question for which I wish to return later and view the answers. I realized that I could "favorite" ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Displaying only favorite tags on homepage

Hello everybody, is there a way to see on the homepage only the questions that match the favorite tags ? i've searched in the question history, but seems i can only use multiple tags in the url with ...
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  • 391
19 votes
1 answer

How do I 'unfavorite' a deleted room? [duplicate]

On the favorites tab of the page, there is a 'rejoin all' button that I use frequently. There are a number of rooms I once favorited that have since been deleted and 'rejoin all'...
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  • 7,745
19 votes
1 answer

Should 'favorite' stars migrate with a question?

This question was migrated from SO to a short time ago, and a user on our site asked if his 'favorite' star would come over with the migraton. It turns out it didn't - but it seems to me it ...
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18 votes
1 answer

API request for "favorites" now returning an empty list – is there a way to get something equivalent for saves?

I have a script which I use, based on the StackExchange API, to regularly download a local backup of various questions relevant to me (the ones I've asked, answered, or favorited) across various SE ...
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