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Questions tagged [bounty-remarks]

The optional reason (or custom message) a user can enter for why they are adding a bounty to a question.

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Why don’t we see a preview of the bounty message?

I'm wondering why we don't see a preview of the bounty message. In one of my questions, if the bounty message was in the main post; the second link; i.e., the following would show only the following,...
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Add a custom message of a bounty as a comment part to the post timeline

A bounty can have a custom message specified on the bounty start And placed as a notice when the bounty is in the active phase: That message will not be visible anywhere after the end of a bounty ...
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Why did my bullets fail to display as intended in my bounty message even they display properly temporarily sandboxed in an answer post? [duplicate]

Editing bounty messages, is it finally time for a little "Love"? (anti-Doh! feature request) discusses the possibility of having perhaps five minutes to edit bounty messages because we can ...
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The ‘answer from a reputable source’ bounty reason seems overused

Relatively often, while browsing bountied questions on Stack Overflow, I notice bounty posters ‘looking for an answer from a reputable source’, except that the question body poses a fairly specific ...
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Replace raw links with the current question title in bounty notice

I just started a bounty on the question with the notice that contains a raw link to the MSE question and the link remains raw. It would be well to replace raw links with the question title, like it ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How can I modify a bounty notice (e.g., fix a typo)?

I made a typo while offering a bounty on the question Link for "serial voting" message Is there a way to fix spelling errors in a bounty notice? Can site moderators do this?
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67 votes
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Editing bounty messages, is it finally time for a little "Love"? (anti-Doh! feature request)

I start a lot of bounties and when I add a bounty remark I often get it right the first time. Once when a mistake in my message was problematic a moderator was kind enough to take the time to help me ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Leave newlines intact in bounty messages

Bounties allow us to provide a message along with bounties we place, should we deem it useful to include one. I use this myself regularly, and sometimes a decent explanation is warranted so that ...
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Long bounty descriptions [duplicate]

This is not a duplicate of Reduce Character Limit for Bounty Custom Text. Here's why: I'm suggesting a 150-char limit, not a 600-char one. I hate seeing long bounty descriptions like this one: ...
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Do custom reasons/notes for bounties get preserved after awarding?

When posting a bounty, users get opportunity to add an optional explanation for why the bounty is posted, on top of standard multiple choice. That note is posted under the bounty panel while the ...
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8 votes
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Please show bounty message in Android bounty details pop-up

In the android app, looking at bounty details using the i button, the bounty reasons are not shown: The bounty message can provide important information as to the setter's requirements (who may ...
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How can I view the remarks on an old bounty? [duplicate]

How can I view the remarks on an old bounty? I could swear I knew how to do this at one point, but the bounty remark text doesn't seem to be available at /posts/.../timeline or /posts/.../revisions, ...
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Can I revise/edit the custom message on bounty question? [duplicate]

When we apply bounty on question, The following dialogue box provides to add custom message (optional): After bounty applied, This message is shown as bottom line of bounty information. Now, If I ...
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6 votes
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Bounty custom message less than 30 characters breaks dialog

There's a strange edge case when adding custom bounty messages. An empty message is allowed, but if you do type a message, it must be at least 30 characters: If you try to submit a non-empty message ...
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1 vote
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Keep bounty remark after it is ended [duplicate]

Sometime I see bounties are set to gain the attention plus adding extra features to the question. I cannot see the bounty remark after it is awarded or ended. So the answer may not be valid if the ...
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If an answer receives a bounty, the bounty reason should be available alongside that answer

If a bounty is offered on a question, the user offering the bounty is asked to select a reason for offering the bounty. This reason should be displayed or at least available alongside the answer that ...
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Flagging question that has open bounty?

I see that some people sometimes take advantage of putting a bounty on a question. Sometimes they get multiple answers of point-hungry StackOverflow users just answering to try to get the bounty ...
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Why can I choose a nonsense description when offering a bounty?

There are currently no answers to How to make \reversepath useful for drawing the following closed curve?, but I can offer a bounty with the description: One or more of the answers is exemplary and ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why accept answer without providing bounty? [duplicate]

From the help center: You can accept an answer without awarding a bounty to it. You can award a bounty on an answer without accepting it. The question is why? Isn’t the bounty system used ...
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Entering bounty message looks strange [duplicate]

I just submitted a bounty on a question and I typed a custom reason. Here is what I saw: I know that I typed the bounty message correctly, because it displays properly in the actual question. This is ...
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Why are you starting this bounty? - does it matter for views count?

I have started bounty offering 200 points of my hardly earned reputation ;-) iPhone OpenGL ES 2.0 blending with Cocos2D gives unexpected results All I want is the question to be answered but the ...
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How to edit (or request an edit to) a typo in a bounty message? [duplicate]

I just started a bounty for this question but made a typo ("seem" instead if "seen"). How can I edit it? If I can't, would it be an acceptable use of a flag to ask for it to be corrected?
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Layout (width) issue with bounty dialog [duplicate]

Typing a message: Typing some more: Browser: Firefox 23
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When bumped by bounty, modified timestamp should link to the bounty message

When a post gets bumped to the top of active tab due to a new bounty, the "modified" timestamp should link to the bounty message. Background: New Community Review badges post was bumped to the top ...
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16 votes
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Make bounty Custom Message dialog box draggable

When placing a bounty, the Custom Message dialog box pops up, and is sometimes directly over the question. There are times when writing the message that I want to refer to the question, but the box ...
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14 votes
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What to select for a bounty reason if the answers are wrong?

When I choose to put a bounty on a question, it asks me why. I get the choice of: Authoritative reference needed Looking for an answer drawing from credible and/or official sources. Canonical answer ...
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Bounty custom message disappears after the bounty has been awarded [duplicate]

Probably not an issue (and hopefully not a duplicate question), but I just noticed that bounty custom message disappears after the bounty has been awarded. Perhaps it could be still accessible as a ...
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bounty-award decals should link to/show bounty message [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add bounty remarks to a question’s revision history It would be useful to know what a bounty was awarded for. The bounty-award decal should either link to a page showing the ...
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Is there any way to see the custom messages/remarks of resolved/expired bounties? [duplicate]

I put a bounty on a question which already have had 7 bounties on it, and I'm interested in seeing their custom messages. This was suggested a year ago and I cannot seem to find the feature ...
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Markdown help and preview for bounty text [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Give some love to the Bounty tool Given that you can't edit bounty text after it's started, it would be helpful: If there would be a preview of your bounty text, before ...
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2 answers

Redefine the "Reward existing answer" bounty reason

The reason is currently defined as: Reward existing answer One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty. This bounty reason is the only one present that currently ...
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64 votes
2 answers

Give some love to the Bounty tool

The beautiful bounty tool allows me to specify up to 3,000 characters in my optional custom message at the end, so I laid out a beautifully formatted message with line-breaks... the full works. It ...
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Add a grace period for editing bounty messages [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we have a way to edit bounty text? I think there should be a grace period for editing the message added to a bounty offering, similar to the 5 minutes grace period on ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Bounty messages "*bump*" and "Bump!" are dropped silently

I tried to create bounties with the custom messages *bump* and Bump!. They seemed to be submitted normally, but the messages were silently dropped. The only other message I tested was "*test* ...
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15 votes
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When will the banner "This question has not received enough attention" on bounties go away?

I've seen this banner on many many bounty questions. Some have a pretty healthy 150+ views. Still the banner remains. What is the criteria for this banner to be put up next to a bounty question? When ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Line breaks/paragraphs for bounty text

According to What markdown formatting features are available for Bounty remarks? only "mini"-markdown is enabled for bounty text. I just posted a bounty over on Add an option to recall moved questions,...
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Editing bounty text [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we have a way to edit bounty text? When I start a bounty I have to select the reason of doing so from a category and then I am allowed to enter free text. There is no ...
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Maximum image width not applied in bounty messages (.question-status) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What markdown formatting features are available for Bounty remarks? Images in posts (.post-text img) have a max-width of 100%. This isn't yet applied to the new ...
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169 votes
3 answers

Can we have a way to edit bounty custom message?

I put up this bounty over on SO with the assumption that the text would be formatted like it is for a question or answer. I'm not really sure if I was incorrect in my assumption, or if I just ...
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I accidentally selected the wrong bounty reason. How do I fix it?

I posted a bounty on my question, How to access default KmlLayer in Google Maps JavaScript API v3, and I accidentally clicked the wrong bounty reason. Unfortunately, this one doesn't make any sense. ...
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Add bounty remarks to a question's revision history

A question's revision history has shown bounty events for quite some time now. Since then, Stack Exchange has also added support for bounty remarks. I would like to request that bounty remarks be ...
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33 votes
10 answers

How should bounties be categorized?

We are in the midst of round of improvements to the bounty system. We will be adding the facility for bounty remarks. We all agree that having this extra information is useful. The information will ...
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33 votes
2 answers

Can we have a bounty remark?

A bounty remark? What is that? you're probably wondering. I'm talking about when one offers a bounty, and I would like to tell the people why e.g. I'm looking for someone to expound this question more ...
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Display bounty message at the top of the question

On a long question, where the bounty could be used to encourage people to invest time learning about the problem (like this question), the bounty message being located at the end of the question is ...
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