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Programs and apps that render a webpage or website for viewing.

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Microsoft is dropping support for Edge Legacy. Is it time to formally drop support for it on SE?

Microsoft has officially dropped support for Edge Legacy (the EdgeHTML build), with the only supported version being the Chromium-based. The supported browser listing suggests the last two versions ...
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When I try to add a comment, the question is restarted. Why?

Earlier today I was able to view new comments and add comments. But a few hours ago, suddenly when I tried to view some new comments and clicked on the "add comment" link, the browser ...
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Updated stats on browsers used on SE

I was wondering yesterday what fraction of SE visitors use Safari, but it turned out that the easily-discoverable resources, What are the browser and resolution stats for SO users? User agent stats ...
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Is the browser market share for StackExchange available?

I'm just curious if the StackExchange guys have any release of their browser share numbers? It would be interesting to see what a widely used set of technical sites sees.
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Display global inbox count on tab title

Just like in Gmail, Yahoo!Mail and many other web apps. Just a number in brackets. So I can keep strolling the web while waiting for responses. Firefox 4 mockup:
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Sanity check with browser support

we support the last two versions of the browsers that we see the vast majority of our visitors actually use. Which browsers are officially supported, and what else do I need? We're committed to ...
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Link works in "preview", but not when posted

Everything works correctly in Chrome, but in Firefox, I'm seeing the following problem: Both this and this answers link to But the link works ...
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Can log into but not other SO sites at work

At work, we can log into but cannot log into any other SO site with Chrome or Firefox. All scripts and cookies, including third-party cookies, are ...
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Allow open in browser for answers in the Android app

Currenty only a question can be opened in browser via "more..." button. It would be good if such action could be possible for answers too.
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Really old question draft appears in Safari after machine restart

After doing a lot of editing yesterday and today in the Math SE Ask a Question box on Safari, when I absentmindedly restarted my laptop (MacBook Pro) without thinking about the possible consequences, ...
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Why do my profile picture alone blurred exactly in Leagues page while looking through Firefox 40.0.3?

In the Stack Exchange Leagues Page of Webmasters, I have seen that my profile picture is blurred but I can see others picture are clear only. I checked my profile picture in my profile page and it's ...
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