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Programs and apps that render a webpage or website for viewing.

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Unable to search properly on Stack Exchange sites using the browser in Android [closed]

On Stack Exchange sites, when I select the primary search input box in the upper right corner and type in my search term, there is no 'go' button available. Instead there is a 'next' button which ...
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Which browsers are officially supported, and what else do I need?

Which browsers are officially supported by Stack Exchange? Also, what else is needed in order to use every feature of the site? Return to FAQ index
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Printing area51 pages with the question (on-/off-topic) does not show any questions

I tried to print the on-/off-topic questions for proposals and it doesn't show the questions at all. In FF/IE8 I get only the "added" information on the print, e.g. added by XZ Jan 01 at 00:00 (FF ...
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Konqueror 3.5.9 does not allow comments

I am a registered user of Stackoverflow and use Konqueror 3.5.9 (from Debian lenny/KDE) regularly. With that browser, the comment text field does not open up when I press 'add comment'. With Firefox/...
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Which browsers does Stack Overflow support/recommend? [closed]

I know Stack Overflow can be used with almost every browser today, but I have a few more specific questions: Which browser do the developers suggest to use for Stack Overflow? What percent of users ...
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Font size inconsistencies between browsers

I was wondering, what is meant to be the correct font size for regular text on the SO-family sites? In Firefox (3.5) it appears as 10pt/13px but in Chrome and Opera it's bigger, about 11pt/15px I ...
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Stack Overflow browser toolbar

Is there a toolbar for Stack Overflow that can be added to a browser window?
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