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Use with [meta] to request that a tag here on Meta Stack Exchange be removed. Use in case of uncertainty when requesting discussion, or when the popularity of the tag makes manual retagging prohibitively difficult.

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The [time] has come to get rid of this tag

I think it is high time we get rid of the time tag altogether. It currently has 72 questions which cover a wide variety of topics, including: The time it takes for something to end up in a queue ...
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I'm not really [content] with this tag

The content tag has 34 questions but no usage guidance, and it seems to be used for many types of content: user generated content (in the form of questions, answers or tag wikis) but also content ...
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Blacklist 'problem' and related tags across all communities

This issue has come up again and again with different results depending on which moderators/users saw the question first. Most recently, Please blacklist the [problem] tag ... again Remove "...
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What does [active] mean?

Inspired by What does active mean? which had the very ambiguous active tag (thanks @Amplitwist for the edit). It has 19 questions but no tag excerpt. If you search in the tag list for activ, you'll ...
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Arrest [development]

development seems rather poorly defined; most of its questions are about generally developing things (which is not a topic Meta is for) and the rest are about developing SE (which is arguably what ...
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There are [community-standards] here?

The community-standards (30 questions, no tag wiki) tag here on Meta Stack Exchange seems unclear. It seems to imply some sort of social standard or community consensus is happening or being requested,...
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Char-broil the [accept] tag

Looking at a question, I noticed an ambiguous tag: accept Here's a sampling of the questions there: Will apple accept my app, even though it is more informational? https://stackoverflow....
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burninate [unavailable]

unavailable on SO is useless. We should kill it with fire.
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All that [gold] is not gold

I’ll make it short: Please delete the gold tag as it is pointless. There are one or two questions that are actually about gold badges in general without being about specific badges, but I cannot ...
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Burninate the [rant] tag

The rant tag currently has 17 questions. But we do not accept (nor welcome) "rants" here, and authors admitting their question is a rant by using this tag should technically/arguably have their ...
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A good old-fashioned book burning: the literature tag

So, we have a literature tag. I don't think we need this. Most of the questions that have it are... not good (a good 33% are closed). And those that are OK probably don't need it. Shall we burn it? ...
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Block the [meta-tag:block]s?

blocked× 26 and blockgone! appear to be Kinda Ambiguous Meta-Meta-Tags™. Blocked content, possibly-blocked JS, auto-blocking on failed SSL ads, downvoted ads not getting blocked, being blocked from ...
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