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For questions about the tags burnination process itself, not request for a specific burnination.

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What is the current process/policy for auto-deletion of single question tags?

In the early days of SE, there was discussion about auto-deleting low-usage tags. The pro argument was that they didn't serve a useful tag function and diluting tag topics made tagging less effective. ...
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Why are tags on MSE being regularly removed/deprecated without discussion?

For a while now, on a daily basis, the front page of Meta.SE has been populated with old questions bumped because of retaggings -- mostly removals. Today ignore seems to be the target. As far as I ...
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Burnination vs. merging into a specific tag

When there is a tag which should be removed completely and removing the tag manually would cause bumping too many questions, the typical solution is burnination. Perhaps in some cases, the moderators ...
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Too much deletion: [deleted-accounts], [deleted-users], and [account-destruction]

This is going meta-meta, hold on tight..! There seems to be 3 tags that have to do with account/user-deletion: deleted-accounts (221 questions as of writing): This tag is for questions about user ...
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Viewing Burninated/blacklisted tags [duplicate]

Apologies if this question has already been answered somewhere already. Is there somewhere I can view a list of tags which have been burninated/blacklisted from certain sites? UPDATE: I'm building ...
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Tags that only exist on locked questions, should we treat these the same as tags that don't exist at all?

Since locked questions cannot be edited by anyone but a moderator, and (especially for historically-locked questions) many are off-topic, they have a higher incidence of bad tags. My request is ...
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Why don't we block all tags that we remove?

Currently, on Stack Exchange, it is customary to burninate a tag first, and block it from creation only if it becomes a recurring issue. I'm sure there's a good reason for this, but it eludes me. Why ...
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Is there a process set up to clear SO specific tag questions on MSE

As a new reviewer, I'm seeing lots of questions that deserve to be closed here since they were tag burninate requests specific to Stack Overflow. Is there some software process set up to send these ...
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When to burninate

Upon seeing this question, I took a look at the user tag, and it currently has 1366 unanswered questions, and 4326 total questions. Seeing as that's quite a lot, I thought I'd help with the ...
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What are the guidelines for adding "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" to tag excerpts?

I'm sure most of you have seen some variation of "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" on certain tag excerpts. What exactly is the guidelines for adding this text (when should it be added, who should add it)? Can ...
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What does it mean to "burninate" a tag?

There are requests to "burninate" tags all over the place! What does this really mean; what happens to a burninated tag? How is it different than removing a tag or black-listing a tag? Would it be ...
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Vote to delete tag

What does a member usually have to do when he sees a tag that clearly does not belong on SO? Just now I've found a dead tag, with only two questions. Another abused tag seems to be code. They don't ...
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