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Confusing dialog when cancelling an edit [duplicate]

When I cancel an edit, I get this dialog box: (I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu if that matters.) So I need to click "OK" to cancel the edit, and "Cancel" not to cancel the edit. I initially suggested ...
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Editing to enter a too long tag name and cancelling the edit still causes the "tag name too long" error balloon to display

I tried editing a question to add a tag (the question was migrated from another site and came across untagged) and the best I could think of was adding a new one. Unfortunately the name I picked to ...
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Canceling a title edit doesn't ask for confirmation

I was editing a question and started from the title. Then when editing question body I accidentally pressed "Esc" instead of "`" for code formatting (body wasn't edited yet). The edit was closed ...
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Why do I need to confirm my cancellation of a question edit?

I just edited a question and then rejected my edits by clicking "Cancel". Then a pop-up comes up that asks for confirmation of my cancellation. Is that really needed?
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Friendly robot is stalking me and won't leave

Take a look on this friendly robot: Looks innocent, right? Well, he is not. I just went over the list of question on a proposal on Area51, the home of that robot and tried to upvote a question I ...
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Do votes down on an answer canceled for deleting it? [duplicate]

I mistakenly answered a question and got voted down. Now, I've learned the lesson, can I delete the answer to cancel the votes (after all, the voting mechanism purpose is to give feedback to the ...
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Bug with editing to add a link to jsfiddle: error message appears even if you cancel!

A new feature on SO is that if you have a link to jsfiddle but no code, the system prevents you from posting, saying "Links to must be accompanied by code" However, this error message ...
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How to remove/cancel my edit after it has been accepted?

I just edited someone's question. He accepted/confirmed my edit. But now I realize that my edit is wrong. How can I undo this accepted edit?
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Cancel a suggested edit [duplicate]

It happened many times that while I was submitting an edit to a question, someone else edited the same question (to improve code formatting, to correct a typo in the title, etc.) and got his edit ...
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Should I always cancel questions that I find out the answer for while filling out the question form? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I continue adding a question if I have found the answer myself? Despite regularly clicking the "Ask Question" button and partially filling out the form to do so, I've ...
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Add the ability to cancel a running query to the Data Explorer

Would it be possible to have a "cancel" button somewhere while the "Hold tight while we fetch your results..." text is being displayed? The thing is, I occasionally (rarely, very rarely!) make a ...
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What to do if I can't un-vote something anymore (vote is locked)? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vote lockdown (after some time): is it possible to revoke or soften? Suppose I got an answer, checked it briefly and voted it up. But after some time (not 5-10 minutes, maybe ...
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How can I cancel my vote? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? Cancel a vote so that the tally goes back to zero and not minus Cancel Vote (Up Vote/Down Vote) Is it possible to cancel vote? Suppose I ...
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Why can't I cancel an edit action? [duplicate]

I made an edit action and I know it's waiting peer review in some queue. But I found I'm wrong. I want to cancel the edit action. In this case, any review would be waste of time. And what's worse, ...
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Added bounty to the wrong question

I've added bounty to the wrong question (not mine). Is there any way to cancel the bounty if I made it only minutes ago?
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Delete a suggested edit that I don't want to happen [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Retagging through suggested edits I suggested an edit to a post and ended up only editing the tags. I realized after I did this that I had the rep to edit the tags and could ...
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How do I "cancel" posting a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Manually clear saved question drafts I looked at the related questions and they didn't seem to fit, so sorry if this is a duplicate question. I am getting really good at the "...
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Area51: undo close proposal vote

This is easiest to explain with an example: a number of people (3) voted to close the Quotes proposal. Since then the objections have been answered and it is getting a clear focus. But there is no ...
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What do you do about accidental rollback?

I thought roll back was just to see the original question but, instead it changes it. I in a sense "accidentally" pressed it. I re-rolled backed and got the question to normal but, I got and ...
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How can I cancel a comment during initial writing?

I just started to write a comment, and then before finishing it I decided I didn't really want to comment. To my surprise, there seemed to be no way to stop commenting other than: Post the comment ...
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Bug when cancelling an unsaved answer to a post

I was answering a question on SO and received the notification that answers have been provided to the question. One of the provided answers was pretty much what I was trying to write so there was no ...
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Add a cancel button when editing an answer

Sometimes I want to edit one of my answers and then realize I don't have to. But there's no way for me to go back to the question without clicking on "Save your edits". So I end up closing the tab ...
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