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For questions about the "candidate score" that is shown next to moderator election nominations.

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Add a section about "recent" activity in the candidature score

Some time ago, in my favorite SE site, we had a moderator election. Everything was fine, except one of the users who presented themselves hadn't been active in over a year. Since this user was also ...
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Display reputation for low-rep candidate as "<1k"

Reputation for low-rep candidates to moderator showed as it is now (i.e. without suffix): My request is to display reputation for such candidates as "<1k" for consistency with high-rep ones ">=...
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20 votes
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Candidate score is given incorrectly for users with less than 1k points

The candidate score displayed on election pages contains a reputation points component of 1 point for each 1k reputation points up to a maximum of 20. However, for candidates with less than 1000 ...
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Show users their candidate score before self-nominating to a moderator election?

A number of the candidates in the ongoing Travel.SE election indicated that a primary reason for self-nominating was to see their moderator candidate score. This forced a primary stage and perhaps ...
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I would like to see my mod candidate score, preferrably on my user page

Request I know that there's a SEDE query to find out my candidate score, but I would like it to be a standard feature on the user page. Rationale The candidate score is more to me than just, well, the ...
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What would my Election Candidate score be?

How can I find out what my election candidate score is? For example, on Ask Ubuntu I'd like to see exactly what score I'd have out of 40. A SEDE query would work but I'd like one nicely presented - ...
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What are the details on the "candidate score" which shows during an election?

The way stats used to be shown during a moderator election have recently been changed. It now shows a "candidate score", which appears to be an amalgamation of total rep and certain badges, awarding a ...
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39 votes
4 answers

Exclude comment flags from the helpful flag count during moderator election

During a Moderator Election we are provided with details about each candidate, including their meta participation (questions and answers) and a total count of helpful flags. These details help to see ...
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