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A canonical is a question with one or more high quality (often authorative) answers which serves to answer the most common (sub)questions about a certain topic. Other questions about the same topic can then be closed as a duplicate of this question, increasing the maintainability.

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Please post here your site's useful lists of canonical posts, potential duplicate targets, faq, etc [closed]

Please post here your site's master list of basics that are used to refer participants to. The name is not the most important thing! It might be called potential duplicate targets, reference list, ...
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Findable canonical questions?

Today I wrote about a possible Achievements dialogue sum error which was duped to "New top bar can't math." As James Webster and Cruncher point out there, the title is intended to be humorous, but it ...
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Cataloging Canonical Answers

I was dismayed to find this (now old) feature-request declined: Another take on canonical answers: Add a "canonical" vote (... and this similar feature-request yet-to-be-addressed: Canonical ...
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How to approach asking and answering a canonical question?

Background: Over at Arqade, I've noticed an increasing number of questions about Clash Of Clans asking how to recover their lost account. These questions are not closed as duplicates since each case ...
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Spend some of my rep to promote my answer?

Let's say there's an issue for which there are a few duplicate questions, but there's no canonical answer. So I spend some time writing an answer of which I'm proud. No, really proud. But now it will ...
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Is it acceptable to close HTML parsing questions as a duplicate of a Canonical?

Consider the following example: How do I get the attributes of all the <span> tags from a string containing HTML markup? I've tried the following solution, but it doesn't work as I want it. How ...
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Canonical "floating point comparison" question? [closed]

We got another “my floating point values don’t compare as equal” question again today. When we get a “Null reference exception” question I often point them to John Saunders’ excellent canonical ...
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Link Exact Duplicates to a Single Reference Question

There seems to be a rapidly growing number of routine duplicate questions. For example, I collected a list of 20 questions similar to the debate about "Storing Images in Database or File System" in ...
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Request for question reopen/undelete and preservation [closed]

The old question Should a function have only one return statement? has been closed as Not Constructive, and it has been deleted. Let's examine that - is it really not constructive? Well, yes and no: ...
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Introduce a Canonical Question tag [closed]

How about introducing canonical-question to Stack Overflow in order to make it easier to identify them? The general idea is to have either moderators designate individual canonicals and/or auto tag ...
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Another take on canonical answers: Add a "canonical" vote

When closing a question as a duplicate, it is becoming harder and harder to search for a good original as the pool of questions and answers grows and grows. While the new dupe closing dialog is a ...
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Canonical "Ajax is asynchronous" answer? [closed]

I see a lot of questions (e.g. here or here, just in the past couple of hours) where the poster is making an Ajax call within a function (and doing something with the results in a callback) and doesn'...
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Canonical answers for repeated questions

I know this question I'm proposing has some variants, but none had an answer that could solve the problem. Some others like this one: Here and Here There are these questions (from newcomers who can ...
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I want to know how duplicious a question is, and if it is the best example of such

Closing as dupe is one of the harder things high-rep users and moderators do. It involves a lot of judgement in order to be done right. We have to determine how close of a duplicate a question is. ...
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Order of Tagged Questions irrelevant?

When filtering by tags it doesn't appear that the order of the tags makes a difference. Eg C#, .NET returns exactly the same page as .NET, C#. While I agree with this, it means that both pages end up ...
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Where to post a "canonical answer" when it's not in response to a specific question?

Per this SO Blog post, I've been working for about 2 weeks on trying to get Ajax uploading of files to work in Rails 3 using Paperclip to manage attachments. I finally found a solution that works ...
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FAQs as discussion items

The presence of lengthy and contentious debates on FAQ questions here is confusing. I note in particular the FAQ on community wiki. Shog9 tried to help this with a link in his answer, but the link is ...
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Should there be an incentive to generalize questions?

So you dug yourself into a hole and are desperate enough to ask a question on Stack Overflow. Someone can answer your question in a much more general way you thought about the problem. Now the ...
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Guideline: Merging SO Questions / Answers

I tried to find a pre-existing question for this but couldn't find one... if there is one, consider this ironic. I was wondering if there is a guideline / strategy / recommendation of how to deal with ...
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Would it be useful to be able to vote for Canonical answers? [duplicate]

I've added a suggestion on User Voice to consider the possibility of categorizing up to one answer per question as Canonical — i.e. worthy of being considered the consensus complete and accurate ...