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Room owners and moderators are allowed to pin chat messages so they appear on top of the star board for 14 days, after which the pin is auto removed. (stars are permanent)

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How to remove pin from a deleted message?

I recently came across a pinned message in a room for which I am a Room Owner (General discussion for Hinduism Stack Exchange). The message was posted by a moderator and pinned. This was later deleted ...
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If you star then pin then unstar the message will not show up in the starboard

I found a bug, it is if you star a message then pin and then unstar the message it will look pinned by the little pin icon by the message but will not be pinned in the starboard. You can see the bug ...
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Mobile allows triple-pinning

Once again, The Nineteenth byte has uncovered an strange and unusual obscure chat bug Normally, if you attempt to pin a message that has already been pinned by another user, you get the following: ...
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Unpinned messages stay starred [duplicate]

I just ran across a bug in chat. If you are the room owner, you have the ability to pin/unpin messages. However, recently I ran a test (in my own private chat-room, don't worry! :) ) to see how many ...
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I didn't pin that [duplicate]

I was looking through a chat transcript, and wanted to see a message's revision history. So, I clicked the arrow, and saw something interesting: I did star the message, but I did not pin it (I am ...
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Keep pinned messages pinned (without 14 days limit) in chat rooms

I've read this answer to find out that pinned messages are being unpinned automatically after 14 days because "we found this feature to be abused too much". I fail to understand how a pinned message ...
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Bug in chat-- moving pinned posts [duplicate]

When an owner pins a message and then moves it to another room, it gets pinned in the other room. Should this be allowed?
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Chat Transcript claims I pinned a message I cannot have pinned when I star it

Whenever I star a message in chat via the transcript, the chat transcript gets very confused. These are snippets of the Transcript and Live Feed for the same message: Transcript Live Feed ...
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Repinning messages in chat is weird

What does the above message mean? Did the pin expire? Or did a mod manually clear the pin on it? Or when the pin expires, Community removes it automatically? Also, could the "vote" part be ...
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Can we have a pinned-messages feed?

It's nice that there's a starred-messages Atom feed so I can keep abreast of starred messages in my favorite SE chat room. But it's really the pinned messages that are important to me. Can there be a ...
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Star/unstar/pin/unpin via transcript is broken for room owners

This includes As a room owner, starring a message on the transcript marks both pin and star as set, pin doesn't work plus some. Something is very, very wrong with star/pin/unstar/unpin in the ...
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Disallow starring / pinning of messages that are too old / are in rooms you aren't in

Currently one can star / pin messages, even those which are off the transcript board, extremely old, or are in another room (including frozen ones) This is possibly a bug, where such messages can be ...
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Does pinned post in a chat room get moderator attention?

I tried to pin this message again. But I got an alert: You have already voted, but the voting has been cleared by a moderator So, does a pinned message get moderator attention every time when a ...
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Stars and pins are retained when chat messages are moved!

In the chat system, stars and pins are retained when moved to another room. This is probably a bug. Here a picture: When a room owner pins a message, they can move it to another room, and they cannot ...
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Pinned message appears pinned, but is not actually pinned

I stumbled across what I think is a bug: This is after refreshing the page. Here's the sequence of events: Message posted, and starred by a few people (including me) Stars cleared (not by me) Pinned ...
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As a room owner, starring a message on the transcript marks both pin and star as set, pin doesn't work

As a room owner, starring a message on the transcript marks both pin and star as set in the dropdown, and using the pin feature doesn't seem to work. I for one don't mind if we can't pin on the ...
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Please show who pinned or unpinned a message

Sometimes it happens that an owner that wants to troll the channel unpins an important message from a chat list. It happened at least two times in total now, for the C++ Channel. This is frustrating, ...
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Message dropdown descriptions and actions for owners (and mods?) are incorrect

I found at least two situations where the message dropdowns show incorrect status and action description. Scenario 1 Pin a message. Unpin it and clear stars for it. Reload the page. The message ...
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