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Use this tag for questions about the chat profile. (not the ordinary site profile, which is different)

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What determines "last seen" time in chat?

My chat profile says last seen 38m ago What does that mean? I can think of many possibilities: it's the last time I was in a room; it's the last time I was in a room, open in a browser window; it's ...
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How do I "undo" my mobile chat preference?

Although I am given notice that I can change this option in my profile preferences, I can't, for the life of me, figure how that is done, exactly. Can anyone tell me?
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Make it clearer that inviting a user to a room depends on the room the inviter is in, and not the invitee's chat profile

For the longest time I thought one can invite a chat user to the site's main chat room if and only if that user has used the site's main room recently. But it turns out, simply being in whatever room ...
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Change the wording of the character-limit error from "X characters too much" to "X characters too many" on the Chat.SE profile

On my chat.SE profile, I entered a few characters too many and saw this error: Can we change that to "X characters too many", or "Too long by X characters" to be consistent with ...
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What do the SE site symbols in chat (on user profiles) mean?

In chat (if relevant, I first saw this on "the h Bar" from Physics SE, though it shows in other rooms as well), there is a list of active users and those who have been in the chat room ...
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How can this chat user chat without a parent user?

Related: Chat user has no parent user. In the question above, a chat user's profile showed a link to a parent user, but that parent user turned out to be deleted when attempting to visit it on the ...
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Long username partially overlaps with site logo in chat profile popup

For users with rather long names, the username partially overlaps with the site logo in the chat profile popup: Tested in the latest Firefox and Chrome on macOS Mojave.
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Is there a way to only delete the chat profile? [duplicate]

A user profile on the site can be deleted via link in the settings. Is there a way to delete only a chat profile? If the user can’t do it by himself/herself, can the moderators?
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Parent chat user still links to discuss.area51 (instead of area51.meta)

When viewing a user who has their parent user on chat set to Area 51, it still links to, instead of the new URL, See: So can we update ...
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Let's have better idea on how to get rid of the point of parent user in chat

Note that I'm talking about our main chat server i.e chat.SE The parent user in chat profile serves two important purposes today: Base for being able to talk in chat We know that when a user get 20 ...
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Why can't members wear hats on chat?

Why can't I wear hats in chat rooms? I don't see other members wearing it there either -- why is that? I think that something's wrong with chat, for example in my profile, I am wearing the hat but in ...
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How does one delete a chat profile?

The process of deleting a site profile is explained in Help Center and elsewhere. But I don't see any instructions for requesting the deletion of one's chat profile. (Why delete it? To disassociate ...
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Moving a discussion to chat reloads all chatrooms and changes profile picture

Short version Today I had some extensive discussions in comments and was offered to take the discussion to a chatroom¹. When I clicked the link, the following happened (in addition the expected ...
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Quicker Notifications design breaks when there are ignored users

I just noticed the new "Quicker Notifications" settings in chat preferences. When I don't ignore anyone it's all good, however when ignoring someone (probably same when ignoring more than one) I get: ...
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