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The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔 [closed]

...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here). So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, ...
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What was the blurry image the chicken posted?

Now that the great secret of the Winter Chicken of the Bash has been discovered, what was the following image the chicken posted for? The chicken posted it 3 days before the two images that helped ...
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62 votes
2 answers

What is.... the Chicken? 🐔 [closed]

Update: Continue to 🐔 The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 2 Clues will be updated here too So, we just noticed a new, fowl user on the tavern I think he called us chicken....
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The Quest for the Winter Chickens of the Bash [closed]

It is that time of the year again, winter is coming, and while all the ponies are busy hanging home-made icicles to the roofs of their houses, here we are again collecting hats and wondering about the ...
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