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For questions relating to citation that is a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author.

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Proposed changes to Help Center articles to include mention of AI-generated content policy

Feb 22 2024 Update: I have just rolled out the network-wide version of the help center article that mentions content generated by generative artificial intelligence tools must be referenced. I have ...
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How should I inform a user I'm using their answer in a book?

I used my popular question Do Projects Ever End Early? as the basis of a book I wrote. (Available for free, for a limited time, here.) What is the appropriate protocol to inform the 14 users whose ...
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Could the citation helper include DOI-links as https rather than http?

The citation helper usually includes some link in the citation. Specifically, it includes a link to zbMATH. And a link to a paper - quite often as DOI. However, the DOI-links are in the "old"...
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How to cite a book

In a recent answer, I cited a book like: SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition's chapter 2, section 2.4. Authentication by Cryptographic Key, Page 26, it says: Some Text What is ...
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Is it acceptable to cite one's own article? [duplicate]

I wonder if it is acceptable to cite to one's own academic paper or blog article to answer someone else's question in Stack Exchange sites. Let's suppose that the answer or the cited contents is ...
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BibTeX export contains HTML escape character

The question "A Measure Theoretic Formulation of Bayes' Theorem" has an excellent answer which I would like to cite via BibTeX. This gives the following: @MISC {444082, TITLE = {A ...
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How do I thank Stack Exchange users in my thesis?

I am a graduate student of mathematics. I find the site very useful in my understanding of mathematics. (I never used the site without mentioning about it in my homework, etc.) ...
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Can we please get a <ref>erence / [cite]ation feature?

Some stacks (or should I say: all scientific and linguistic ones) have extensive quotation needs, others do try to make people back it up, best with citations to authorities. Some Q&A might cite ...
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What's the punishment for users who copy their answers from other sources (Quora, etc.) without citing them?

I'm curious to know what are the punishment(s) for copy-pasting answers from other sources (not copying an answer from Stack Exchange itself) without citing them.
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Cite does not work from review

Just like following a post, citing a post (on sites with the citation feature enabled) from the First Posts and Late Answers queue doesn't work. (I'm not sure if citing is really useful from the ...
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Make the "cite" option on a question shown everywhere on the network [duplicate]

The "cite" option on a question is an option only shown on Physics SE, Mathematics, Cross Validation, and Mathoverflow. To quote @FranckDernoncourt, the "cite" option is: To make ...
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1 answer

What does "cite" mean under a question?

On the Stack Exchange site Physics SE, I saw an additional option, "cite", next to the usual "edit, follow, flag and share" on a question there: I have not seen this option on any ...
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2 answers

What kind and in which circumstances can or should content be cited in a reply on Stack Exchange?

In particular, I would like to understand what the policy is regarding scientific papers (i.e., peer reviewed contents) and non-peer reviewed non-fiction sources. In my experience, up to now on Stack ...
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How does one cite an answer in MLA? [duplicate]

I used an answer from and the links that were provided in the answer. Now, I am presenting the project for which I used the answer, and I would like to give proper ...
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3 answers

How to properly cite someone on Stack Exchange?

I have asked a question a couple of weeks ago and I was given a very detailed and nicely presented answer. I was wondering if I would like to use such an answer how do I cite the person or what do I ...
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Add guidance on Good Subjective answer citation to the help center

Good Subjective, Bad Subjective underpins the current network approach to subjective questions. It lays down the principles found at the bottom of What types of questions should I avoid asking? which ...
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How to cite Stack Overflow surveys? [closed]

I'd like to cite this survey: Should I cite this as a report or a regular Web page? Also, who should I put down as the author of the page/report?
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What is the proper way to give credit to an indirectly used source (bibliography)?

I like to know the proper way to give credit to another answer or a source (bibliography). Especially when we used them indirectly. When answering a question especially on Stack Overflow, we might ...
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What about the "share-alike" when citing SE in publications?

A lot has been discussed about citations in general, especially attribution. My concern is more with the "share-alike". It is answered here that SE considers the "share-alike" doesn't apply to code. ...
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Do questions about jokes need to provide attribution?

A recent question on the English Language and Usage site brought up a part of the site attribution policy that I think is unclear. lays out the basic ...
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Is it illegal to quote the C++ Standard Draft? [duplicate]

I recently edited an answer from another StackOverflow user in order to clarify some parts it by adding some quotes from the C++14 Standard Working Draft (N4296) - the user however rolled back my edit ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Math Stack Exchange site as a reference in a professional paper/presentation

In this question, the OP has asked if it was possible/reasonable to use an answer of Stack Overflow as a reference for an academic paper or journal article, etc. From my perspective, for the ...
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2 answers

Publications that cite Stack Exchange

Is there a database of publications (articles, books, etc.) that cite Stack Exchange questions or answers? If not, how could I find such publications?
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About citing posts on Stack Exchange in scientific literature

Thinking about the BibTeX template SE uses (which yields just awful results when used with LaTeX) I had some questions. I recently commented them on the legacy post on attribution on SE: The need of ...
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Are there Common Conventions or Etiquette for Referencing Stack Exchange, and Users? [closed]

Question When writing about Stack Exchange, or citing from Stack Exchange, in research papers, citations, bibliographies, etc.: Is there a Common Convention or Etiquette suggested when referring to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What markdown should I use to <cite/> a work?

I wanted to <cite/> a work in my markdown on stackexchange, but I saw in the preview that this tag was filtered out. I know that people dislike using <em/> (*title*) to cite work titles ...
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2 answers

How do we cite Stack Exchange on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has a citation template for citing references. I've been using something like: <ref name="StackOverflow">{{cite web|url= |title=Near constant ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Downloading all my questions with the answerer names

I am writing several papers in which I use answers which I received in various StackExchange websites. Naturally I would like to acknowlege and thank the SE members that gave the useful answers. But ...
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1 answer

How to obtain the bibtex item for a question with a program or http request?

Disclaimer I asked the very same question also at meta.mathoverflow, How to obtain the bibtex item for a question with a program?, it occurred to me only now that it might be a better fit here. The ...
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Should users be required to present public domain text as a quote and not their own?

In a discussion on Scifi Meta, I wrote an answer explaining that any quotes must be acknowledged as quotes and cited: Word-for-word copying is only allowed as evidence / supplementary material, and ...
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2 answers

Must we cite pictures from the internet?

Having just posted this answer, now that I look at it more words are still unnecessary (succinct, and not my usual kind of answer where there's plenty of text to cite and I also didn't want to make an ...
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4 answers

Obsolete Wikipedia quote in a question

Recently I happened to encounter a question on Stack Overflow that cited a part of a Wikipedia article. When I read the answers I found a contradiction between it and the Wikipedia quote. When I ...
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Crediting Stack Overflow or Exchange posts [duplicate]

Suppose I have a text with several references to Stack Overflow discussions. What would be the proper way to give credit to the authors of those posts without polluting the main text? Has anyone had ...
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Add the ability to cite questions and answers on all Stack Exchange sites

The Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science Stack Exchange sites have a great feature that allows a user to quickly create a citation to answers and questions. This is accomplished by clicking ...
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Is Stack Overflow trustworthy as a bibliography source? [closed]

Is Stack Overflow trustworthy as a bibliography source in the scientific world of values?
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1 answer

Correct way to cite Stack Exchange Data Dump

I'm writing a paper in which I use the data dump from Stack Exchange, specifically Stack Overflow's data. How I should cite it?
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1 answer

Adding a low-quality comment choice "Reference Needed"

In some sites across the SE network, answers cannot be determined if they're true or wrong by "testing", for example, in SO it is possible to test a solution and see if it works, but sites like Islam ...
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125 votes
4 answers

Add explicit support for citing scientific literature

The number of scientific Stack Exchange sites is increasing steadily currently we have for the natural sciences: Statistical Analysis, Math, Theoretical Computer Science, Physics, Skeptics, Astronomy, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Academic citations and attribution for SO / SE posts and impact of CC BY-SA license

I have read several questions (1, 2, 3, 4) on how one should or could give attribution to SO. In some cases, attribution is expected for professional reasons. I'm going to focus on attribution for ...
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4 answers

Wikipedia-like references in answers

Would it be possible to introduce a feature where we can reference other websites in our answers? For example, if we answered a question on how to use a method in a library, we could link to the ...
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6 answers

Citing Stack Overflow discussions

I want to cite Stack Overflow answers in scientific publications. For example, I could be tempted to cite an answer that has provided a good benchmark analysis to a special problem (e.g. arrays vs. ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How should the Trilogy and Stack Exchange be cited in external works?

Beside what is outlined in the Attribution Required page, what are some potential citation formats that could be used? Think along the lines of how you would cite a question/answer in a book, blog ...
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14 votes
3 answers

First Class Citation System

I humbly propose very basic citation system that allows users to stipulate sources for answers and questions. The new tables collecting citation information could be queried for very interesting data ...
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11 answers

Stack Overflow as a reference in a professional paper/presentation

Suppose I'm doing an academic paper, journal article, or other professional presentation. Would you say that it would be possible to use Stack Overflow as a reference? Of course I'm pretty sure ...
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