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How to reopen a closed proposal, really?

We get quite a few questions requesting that Area 51 proposals be reopened. Essentially all of these turn into discussions of the merits of specific proposals that have recently been closed rather ...
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Why close SE sites with low activity?

Stack Exchange sites sometimes get closed if they don't show "enough" activity during the beta stage. What's the intent? I mean even with low activity they are working and they don't harm anyone. ...
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Area 51 - Warn users of related closed proposals

I'm writing this after my own experience with a closed proposal. When a user creates a new proposal on Area 51, they are warned of related proposals that they might be duplicating. The same happens ...
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In duplicate-proposal emails, please check if I follow both first

I just got two similar emails from Stack Exchange. One goes: I am contacting you because you recently supported a proposal to create a Russian language Stack Exchange site (Russian Language & ...
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What should happen to users who fulfill their commitments to failed Area 51 betas?

I'm torn on this one. I committed to the How things work proposal because it seemed like an interesting idea and I enjoy finding concise ways to explain the complex underpinnings of everyday life in ...
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How do I Re-open a Closed Proposal?

We in the Selenium community were trying hard to get Selenium a dedicated site at Area 51. Of late there was discussion about merging the Selenium proposal with a software testing proposal. There ...
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What constitutes an officially "failed" SE site?

In the latest post on the Stack Overflow blog titled "Stack Overflow Around the World", Joel Spolsky mentions the following (emphasis mine): One thing we discovered early on about setting ...
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12 votes
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Should reputation on a failed proposal be retained?

I lost about 2000 rep on Area51 (see link for full explanation) because that rep came from proposals that had been deleted. In the discussion that followed (see link again) we decided to post this ...
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What's the rationale to close Compiler Design and not Operating System Development?

I followed Compiler Design proposal and I follow Operating System Development. I can't figure out why one was closed and other not. Someone can explain why the first one fits on SO and the second one ...
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Area51: undo close proposal vote

This is easiest to explain with an example: a number of people (3) voted to close the Quotes proposal. Since then the objections have been answered and it is getting a clear focus. But there is no ...
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Automatically suggest similar proposals for Area 51 site suggestions

The problem: many Area 51 suggestions are similar / duplicates of other proposals. The classic example of this week was Astrophotography which was a duplicate of (wait for it...) Astrophotography. ...
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Why is it possible to vote on closed Area 51 proposals?

Select any closed Area 51 proposal (e.g. Getting Things Done) - you can vote on any question. Why is that? I would have thought that closed meant "end of activity".
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Show all closed Area 51 proposals

Some closed Area 51 feature requests are still visible but many are hidden. Why not show all closed requests so that, when someone tries to start a similar one, we can simply say, "this one probably ...
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4 votes
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Area 51 allows users to commit to a closed proposal

The Apocalyptic Defense proposal has been closed as "not a real proposal". This, however, did not stop me from committing to it. Unless I misunderstood the purpose of the close mechanism, this seems ...
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When voting to close the "content policy" link goes to a error 404

When I go to the "vote to close" option I see an option to close for content policy violation. This link is but it results in an error 404. Please ...
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