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How big can a minimal example be? [closed]

I have a bug in my numerical methods code (related to scientific computing). I understand that in order to ask for help, such as for identifying a bug in the code, one has to provide a minimal working ...
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Is there a place for "E.G. images we can hot-link in code examples"?

For a long time on Stack Overflow, I have been encouraging people to hot-link to images in code samples that involve images. An easy way to do that is to upload the image to the question and then use ...
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How should I go about adding a code example to an existing answer to a question

I recently tried to edit this answer "Resolve absolute path from relative path and/or file name" and was slapped down with "This edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the existing ...
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Fiddel-style sandbox [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Custom jsFiddle for Stack Overflow I've noticed that more and more questions use fiddel to demonstrate their problem, and more and more answers have links to a fiddel as well. ...
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How to handle "can you provide an example" in broad question?

I found that sometimes people ask broad questions where I provide only some high level description how to solve the problem. Sometimes the OP is skilled and he knows how to deal with the description ...
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Custom jsFiddle for Stack Overflow

So, I'm a JavaScript developer (mainly), and I've been using Stack Overflow for a bit now. I keep finding myself needing to use (or similar) in order provide demos in my ...
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SSCCE: How to provide examples for programming questions

I saw this today. It's a description of Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example. This would be a useful reference for many as a guideline for how to make code usable in questions on ...
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