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PLEASE NOTE: code golf questions should be asked on Code Golf Stack Exchange; questions *about* Code Golf Stack Exchange should generally be asked on Code Golf's own meta site, not here.

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Are Code Golf questions overrepresented on the front page?

I regularly scan the Stack Exchange front page for interesting questions. It looks like among all the sites Code Golf has been overrepresented for a long time, and right now it got kind of weird: five ...
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SEDE calls Code Golf Stack Exchange by its old name [duplicate]

As of May 30'th 2019, Code Golf.SE's new official name is Code Golf and Coding Challenges. However, SEDE hasn't updated this: I know this is a minor bug, but it shouldn't take much effort to change ...
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CodeGolf.SE Meta site fails to load with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Here is an example of the problem: I have HTTPS Everywhere installed if that may be doing anything.
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Programming Puzzles & Code Golf does not fit in Stack Exchange [closed]

Isn't StackExchange a network to build a knowledge base for Google? Or to help people? Yes, it is. So why is there the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf website? What problems are solved there? ...
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What fate for historical [code-golf] questions? [closed]

Long ago, code-golf was ruled on-topic on Stack Overflow subject to certain limits. Then we entered the Stack Exchange 2.0 era, and CodeGolf.SE was born to provide a home for these and related coding ...
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Is this question an example of code golf? [closed]

While reviewing late answers, I came across Fixing a broken loop by changing exactly one character: The following is a piece of C code, whose intention was to print a minus sign 20 times. But you ...
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Understanding a flag response to a Code Golf question on Stack Overflow [closed]

I flagged a Code Golf question on Stack Overflow for attention after voting to close. Granted, it was nearly 2 years old - but that's why I sent the flag in; I found it randomly and doubted it was ...
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Increase reputation for question upvotes on some sites

On certain sites, coming up with questions is actually much more valuable than coming up with the answers. The best example of this (and the only one that I am actually thinking of) is code golf, and ...
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Is this a code golf question, and what should be done about it? [closed]

I came across today, and I'm wondering if it should be moved to the Code Golf SE beta. Does the fact ...
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Clarification about place for a question

I posted this question on Programming Puzzles & Code-Golf and suddenly got a downvote and a comment, that my question is misplaced there. The downvote was removed after I wrote back, that the ...
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Disappeared question (and related answers) [closed]

I was looking for a code golf question (first question I answered on SO) and I noticed it had disappeared from "answers" in my profile. I searched for it, with no results, then I found it by looking ...
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Where do code golf questions belong?

Just had an exchange regarding this SO question: Code Golf: Numeric Ranges Since reading Jeffs' blog post about programmers and the FAQ on programmers, I was under the impression that code golfing ...
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Have Code Golf questions been implicitly disallowed on StackOverflow, now that migration to PSE is possible? [closed]

Refer to Exhibit A: This question was migrated to from StackOverflow. Note ...
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I have a code golf question to ask, but I can't make it a community wiki question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should be done about [code-golf] on Stack Overflow in light of the new CW policy? I'd like to ask an original code golf question. So I typed it up, eager to see what kind ...
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Why is Code Golf now the domain of Programmers.SE?

Edit The Programmers.SE FAQ no longer has a mention of Code Golf, as Code Golf is now back to being the domain of Stack Overflow while the Code Golf Area 51 proposal gets off the ground. Reference: ...
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What should be done about [code-golf] on Stack Overflow in light of the new CW policy? [closed]

Code golf has been played on SO for most of the site's life, and the consensus has been strongly in favor of allowing it, but there is also a widely held feeling that such contests should be community ...
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Golfscript in Codegolf on SO — cheating or not? [closed]

I think, it needs a discussion. Accordingly to and Acceptable level of code golf questions?: have built-in-to-some-languages solutions excluded but ...
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Code golf handicaps [closed]

I have not been following code golf for very long. Obviously some languages produce naturally more concise code than others (i.e. due the language features offered, whether operators are punctuation ...
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Are there any Code Golf statistics available? [closed]

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this but I was just wondering if there is an app or website that looks at all the code golf q's, their answers and shows which language tends to ...
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Posting Responses to Code Golf Questions in a Nonexistent Language [closed]

I'm working on a general-purpose programming language. In order to practice using it, gain a bit of recognition, and work out kinks in the design, I'd like to use it to solve some code golf questions ...
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Libraries in Code Golf? [closed]

Hi, So, I was wondering if you are allowed to ask Code Golf questions that need an API, library or framework. Let me explain this further, for example lets say I wanted to do some question related ...
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Applying a proposal called "Code Golf" is ok on area51? or should it be under Stack Overflow?

I've created a proposal on area51 called "Code Golf", but after that I rethink that current Code Golf questions on Stack Overflow looks no problem as long as it is Community Wiki. So I am confused ...
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Why do people allow Code Golf, but not other competitions? [closed]

Edit Actually, maybe it would be possible to come up with a more objective scoring scheme than "resembling the code". Will work on this when I have a chance. Main I started a competition, but the ...
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What should we do when code-golf goes bad? [closed]

Two recent code-golf questions have proceeded nicely until an accepted answer is chosen collatz-conjecture - originally the asm answer was accepted, now a shorter solution is accepted, but not the ...
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Editing at tee time, should we include a link to articulate code golf? [closed]

Please see this answer. I'm wondering if code golf challenges should directly spell out their purpose by linking here or perhaps here. This might help people avoid over thinking and partake in a ...
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Should authors of a code-golf question not refer to the sources for their entries? [closed]

I (as a lot of people) enjoy the high-quality code-golf questions posted by user LiraNuna, I've even participated a few times. I interpreted those questions as 'completely new/original' entries but ...
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Acceptable level of code golf questions? [closed]

As a forward, this is not about whether or not code golf is valid on Stack Overflow. If you argue against this, you're arguing against a mound of evidence, and you should be arguing in the other ...
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Code golf as non-community wiki questions [closed]

I know SO is a place for questions and answers, but I really like to challenge the community with my code-golf questions. Up until now, they are all marked as community wiki, which means no one gets ...
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SO: Weekly code golf [closed]

2 weeks ago I had an idea to start a weekly code golf challenge, so I did. Code Golf: Morse code Code Golf: The wave However, after I started, there seem to have been an increase in [code-golf] ...
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What is "code golf" on Stack Overflow? [closed]

See It seems that someone gives us a problem to solve, tags the question code-golf and the winner is whoever completes the solution in the fewest characters. I haven'...
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