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Discussions of the Code of Conduct (CoC), the replacement/revision of the Be Nice policy.

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Is "Be nice be respectful" policy implemented on main sites and not rooms? [duplicate]

Based on my past experience, I feel "Be nice be respectful" policy or "Code of conduct" is not implemented in chat rooms as better as they are in main sites. Because they have ...
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Why does the "Code of Conduct" mention a very controversial company (Google) by name?

In the official Code of Conduct, which has been copied to every other community, Google is mentioned by name. People with an IT affinity often use alternative search engines because they not agree ...
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Is there any official guidance on the usage of imagery containing the Russian military marking Z?

Has SE staff issued any official guidance in regards to the usage of images with the Z on profile pictures and about me sections of profiles?
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37 answers

Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

UPDATE: We've incorporated lots of the feedback below into what we think is a much better version than the one we proposed originally. Thanks a ton for all the input, and let us know if you like the ...
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Code of Conduct banner looks awkward on some sites (GD, AU)

The new Code of Conduct banner is displayed awkwardly on some sites; there's a rather large gap between the top bar and the banner. Check Graphic Design (... the irony ...) and Ask Ubuntu: On ...
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Do fun-with-literalism answers (that block further edits) break the CoC?

Context: cheeky nonanswers that have fun at an asker's* expense. * Not everyone is an expert in the field or a proficient English speakers, so it's very common for askers to use an incorrect word/...
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4 answers

Is calling an individual user or their post "pedantic" a CoC violation?

It happened someone called my post (or maybe me) pedantic. @bad_coder I don't say you're wrong in posting this, but I can see why people downvote this, as they could find it pedantic. I'm wondering ...
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2 answers

Are throw-away lines referencing bigoted activity against the CoC?

In some cases, references to bigoted activity are essential to the question itself: Example from Academia Example from the Workplace However, I saw a question today from IPS that made me wonder ...
186 votes
12 answers

Are there specific issues with unwelcoming behavior toward LGBTQ persons on Stack Exchange?

Ever since the mass moderator resignations started, there have been hints that it is somehow related to how LGBTQ members of the community are or should be treated or welcomed. For example, in her ...
247 votes
45 answers

Why were the Code of Conduct changes received so negatively, and what can / could have been done to change that?

The announcement of the Code of Conduct changes had a score of -1922 (with 2371 downvotes). I can't remember a change announcement being received so negatively; it's an order of magnitude higher than (...
528 votes
10 answers

We need "assume good intent" back in the Code of Conduct

At some point, "assume good intent" was removed from the Code of Conduct. It's a key pillar of the social contract and how we choose to deal with each other. It belongs in the Code of ...
26 votes
2 answers

Should support of any invasion be considered intimidation and harassment?

A recent post has indicated that the use of "Z" imagery related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine falls under the "intimidation and harassment" policy and is banned on the network,...
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4 answers

Can a user use neopronouns for any third party?

I came across a post that used a neopronoun for a group of people that, as far as I'm aware, has not expressed a desire to be known by a neopronoun (and would not as far as I can tell). Illustrative ...
57 votes
3 answers

Define "gender-neutral language"? (CoC FAQ)

From the FAQ regarding the new CoC Q6: What should I do if I don't know someone's pronouns? When in doubt, use gender-neutral language or refer to the user by name. What is "gender-neutral ...
309 votes
26 answers

A Pronominal Proposal

The recent Code of Conduct change and, more specifically, the associated FAQ (now deleted; Wayback Machine copy here) have not gone down well. (For the avoidance of doubt, linking to those does not ...
219 votes
12 answers

I am non-binary - recent events have made SE less safe for me (and other members of the LGBTQ community)

I am a member of the network and posting anonymously for my safety. CW: References to and examples of hate speech I don't want to put blame anywhere, but unfortunately due to the huge turmoil ...
59 votes
3 answers

Please give moderators better tools to understand the interactions between two users

With the recent Code of Conduct changes (see the blog post, the FAQ), and even before this round of changes, there has been an increased attention on users interacting respectfully with each other. ...
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2 answers

Is considering a user's track record before voting to close considered acceptable?

On History Stack Exchange, we have a policy of heightened scrutiny on questions that involve certain controversial topics due to the frequency with which these topics are used by trolls. One ...
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69 answers

Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ

Over the past week we've been busy reviewing our previous FAQ to directly address concerns over pronoun usage. We tried to anticipate likely questions, but… missed the mark a bit. Inspired by the ...
78 votes
4 answers

What is Stack Exchange's official stance on words such as "black list", "white list", "master", "slave", and so on?

I've just had one of my answers edited on Stack Overflow to swap out "black list" and "white list" for "deny list" and "allow list" respectively. There was no ...
20 votes
2 answers

Clarification on the ban of the meme about pluralization bugs

On top of an answer describing a meme about pluralization bugs, there was a deprecation notice posted (from August 2018): This meme is officially deprecated. Please do not use this meme. It ...
184 votes
111 answers

We'd like your feedback on our new Code of Conduct! [duplicate]

TL;DR: We've put together a code of conduct (CoC) that is a bit more comprehensive than our existing be nice policy because we feel that our current policy isn't meeting our needs. Some background, ...
36 votes
6 answers

How should Stack Exchange humanities sites discuss anti-LGBTQ topics without infringing on the CoC?

I've recently been browsing three sites on this network dedicated to major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And I found it jarring to see answers like the below, some of which are highly ...
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Can one get banned without breaking the Code of Conduct?

Note: While this question is based on my experience, I intend this question to be general and useful. I am not going into specific details, since I intend the question to be as general as possible. I ...
28 votes
5 answers

Does the Code of Conduct apply to off-site interactions?

Someone mentioned in chat the possibility of interpersonal conflicts between Stack Exchange participants spilling over into the real world and resulting in socially inappropriate behavior off-site. ...
144 votes
65 answers

The second draft of our Code of Conduct is available for feedback and review

You provided us with some really helpful feedback on our first draft attempt to expand our 'Be nice' policy into a formal code of conduct, and we're extremely grateful for your time, patience and ...
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1 answer

What are the ways I can report questions that cover topics that potentially violate the CoC?

There was a recent question by a new user asking about various posts that they found offensive, or may be in contravention. In the topics some of our sites discuss, there may be material that some may ...
51 votes
4 answers

This CoC is getting out of control--it's eating zombies now

One of the best answers on this website was deleted late last year. Why is asking a question on "best practice" a bad thing? Well, actually, it wasn't just deleted, the answerer was struck ...
251 votes
7 answers

Summing up the main issues (The Story So Far)

Could we have a neutral summing up of the issues (without any editorializing)? I will attempt to do so in an answer, big picture style. Or you could think of this as "The Story So Far" for ...
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Can anyone remove all the comments? [duplicate]

In one question I've posted, there were a few comments upon my wrong capitalisation of a scientist's name. Another user had already edited it, and someone else had negatively voted it (I really wish I ...
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2 answers

Can the official FAQ be changed slightly with respect to editing old posts?

In the past, we’ve had some drama about what a substantial edit to a post is. The new FAQ has this section: If you are writing or editing a post and can make it gender-inclusive without changing ...
-625 votes
72 answers

An apology to our community, and next steps

I’m David Fullerton, Stack Overflow’s CTO, responsible for the product, engineering, and community teams. I joined Stack Overflow in 2010 because I believed in the vision and mission of Stack ...
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Can I hit on someone? [closed]

I know you must think I am very weird, but I once met a user I liked on Stack Overflow that answered one of my questions. If I asked them for their number (through the comments), would I get banned or ...
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18 answers

Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward

I want to start by acknowledging the hurt and exhaustion that the members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies have experienced in our community as moderators and users. We have read the ...
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What materials are in Stack Exchange's diversity & inclusion training program?

Recently, Teresa Dietrich said that: All members of the Community Team and selected members of the Public Platform Team have already taken 13 hours of Diversity & Inclusion Training. This ...
104 votes
16 answers

Does the community consider the "coerced speech" complaint largely resolved?

An objection to the original (now-deleted) pronoun-related FAQ was in regards to coerced speech. See for example Bye Stack Exchange, I'm done. Coerced speech is incompatible with freedom. From ...
411 votes
11 answers

Why taking responsibility for other people's feelings doesn't work

The whole kerfluffle around pronouns centers around a singular premise. This premise was first asserted in the "Stack Overflow is Not Very Welcoming, it's Time for That to Change" blog post: Too ...
524 votes
8 answers

SE Inc. Director of Public Q&A retweets bad-faith, misrepresentative tweet

As we all know, SE Inc. has engaged in highly problematic and widely criticized actions against the SE community and specific moderators. Earlier today (Oct 11th, 2019), Ms. Sara Chipps, "...
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2 answers

What does 'via Vote' mean in the timeline of a deleted post?

On a certain SE site, following my report of a CoC violation, an SE employee appears to have deleted the post. The timeline shows a comment, 'via Vote'. What does this mean?
96 votes
4 answers

What does the Code of Conduct say about pronouns?

Please leave any feedback or questions about this FAQ on this other post. Two weeks ago, we updated The Code of Conduct to directly address concerns over pronoun usage. We tried to anticipate likely ...
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6 answers

Is the Code of Conduct illustration “truly” inclusive?

On August 8, 2018, @Rand al'Thor posted a question observing that the image accompanying the newly released Code of Conduct, seemed to be slanted in favor of Stack Overflow (SO). As the OP is not a ...
68 votes
1 answer

Why was "Be kind and friendly" removed from the code of conduct?

The latest revision of the Code of Conduct removes the phrase “Be kind and friendly" entirely. What was the rationale?
35 votes
7 answers

How can we improve the inconsistent tagging of the questions relating to the recent uproar and associated issues?

Question description There are many questions (~250 in the last five weeks) relating to Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community? ...
16 votes
3 answers

How will SE draw attention to the Code of Conduct once it's no longer new?

The Code of Conduct is still new right now, so it appears in the notification bar at the top of the page: Join us in building a kind, collaborative learning community via our updated Code of ...
13 votes
3 answers

Is it acceptable to post a friendly comment that points out the flaws in an answer?

I had this short exchange with two other users: @HighRepUser The new code of conduct simply asks that we keep a friendly tone as we point out the flaws in a post. Nobody should have trouble doing ...
16 votes
3 answers

Is it worthwhile to try to engage spammers?

I used to have an in-your-face attitude toward people who posted spam, often adding mocking comments in their own broken-English style of writing (e.g. "high qality SPAM, download now, click here flag ...
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Update Coral Project Code of Conduct link in our CoC page

At the end of our Code of Conduct page, we have following line: This text incorporates ideas and language from the Coral Project and Buffer codes of conduct. I would link to point out that the ...
61 votes
8 answers

How can one appropriately and constructively criticize or complain about a Stack Exchange employee on Meta Stack Exchange?

Related: Is this an appropriate place to call for the resignation of an SO employee? In an answer to the question above, Shog9 ♦ mentioned that calling for a staff member's immediate removal can be ...
22 votes
9 answers

What if I misgendered someone in a past comment that still persists?

5 years ago, I posted a comment using the pronoun 'he' as a shortcut. My comment went like this: OP you should read the answer of @user-1248177 . He gives more information than I on this specific ...
63 votes
4 answers

Is posting a screenshot of a deleted post against the rules?

A moderator recently commented, As an aside. Sigh Posting screenshots of deleted stuff is not ok. A link would do just as well, as the pertinent details. You'd get your answer anyway – Journeyman ...