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Discussions of the Code of Conduct (CoC), the replacement/revision of the Be Nice policy.

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Is questioning Israel's right to exist allowed on the Stack Exchange network? [closed]

Is questioning Israel's right to exist allowed on the Stack Exchange network?
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Are Mods on all sites aware of and able to handle the mass defacing/deletion attempts by users unhappy with the OpenAI announcement?

Phrasing it in the form of a question, since I really don't know the answer, but there's a pretty big issue going on right now with users (at least 20 so far that I've seen) defacing and/or deleting ...
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dark-mode Code of Conduct page footer is light on sites with dark-mode support

Sites with dark mode usually have a black footer with light text, but in the Code of Conduct pages, the footer is light background color with light text. Sample screenshot from Stack Overflow Code of ...
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Is implying moderator misconduct a violation of code of conduct? [duplicate]

While I believe the original revision of the question below provides sufficient details to distinguish itself from the duplicates, I'd like to tldr it: What recourse do I have if I believe a ...
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Is the term "Indian spammer" offensive?

I recently encountered a post here on Meta Stack Exchange that was worded very similarly to a poorly-received post by a now-suspended user. I flagged the post as relating to a likely sock-puppet of ...
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When discussing in chat about an alleged CoC violation, is it ok to link to the post containing the alleged CoC violation? If not, how to discuss it?

When discussing in the chat about an alleged CoC violation, is it ok to link to the post containing the alleged CoC violation? If not, how to publicly discuss the alleged CoC violation? Motivation of ...
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Clarification - Code of Conduct - Sensitive content and questions

The section "Sensitive content and imagery policy" of the Code of Conduct available on this page states that the network does not allow some types of content or imagery including Sexually ...
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Does the Code of Conduct prohibit content justifying war crimes?

In war it is generally not acceptable to intentionally target civilians. This is usually addressed by either customary international law or by actual international treaty law. Intentionally killing ...
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Is uncited LLM usage considered a CoC violation under the Inauthentic Usage policy?

In the new CoC, there's an Inauthentic Usage policy that prohibits "Plagiarizing or copying content from websites, books, or other online and offline tools without proper attribution in a manner ...
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Per-site inauthentic usage policy links to MSE for referencing standards (as opposed to per-site pages)

I've picked two sites here - Magento and Aviation as examples. Each site, linked from the per-site CoC, has an inauthentic usage policy. At the end of the policy, it has a link to referencing ...
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3 answers

What is considered "unfriendly or unkind" (and not) under the new CoC?

As far as I know, every site still has a Comment Flag for "It's unfriendly or unkind". Under the previous Code of Conduct, "unfriendly or unkind" was defined, and the bar was ...
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3 answers

Opinion: disparagement, accusation of dishonesty / hiding true beliefs, etc. on the basis of political affiliation is a Code of Conduct violation

Background reading: Why was this flag on alleged Code of Conduct ...
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When will Stack Exchange's senior leadership stop breaking their own moderator agreement?

A new article about the strike was posted on The Verge. In it, it is revealed that a statement by Philippe was issued, and claims the following: When asked by The Verge about the contrast between ...
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Stack Exchange should show rules on the right side when making post to help users follow the rules

When making posts on Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange, you can see on the right side "Draft Your Question" and "Helpful Links." While the latter contains links for asking good ...
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Should the Misleading Information Policy apply to Meta posts?

A brand-new Misleading Information Policy has just been released that encourages users to flag, and for moderators to delete, posts that they feel are false in a dangerous way. Many of the examples ...
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1 answer

When does misinformation "harm democratic institutions"?

One of the things that our new Misleading Information Policy bans is "misleading information" that "Is likely to significantly harm democratic institutions or voting processes or to ...
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The new Code of Conduct references are so obsolete they harm the Code of Conduct: is this repairable?

I wonder what the point is of a Code of Conduct that refers to supporting material that's so out of date that the supporting material now violates the Code of Conduct? I certainly support the idea of ...
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The new Code of Conduct didn't address significant feedback given. Why ask if you won't incorporate feedback?

Some of the content is unnecessarily verbose. I had pointed some examples out during the review of the draft (both when it was shared with moderators and again in the public review). The "...
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We are updating our Code of Conduct and we would like your feedback

Update, May 31st, 2023: The updated code of conduct has been released network-wide. A good Code of Conduct is a handshake agreement between users and the company. It is a document that inspires trust ...
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Should ascribing things to "the Jews" collectively on SE sites be disallowed? [closed]

I came across the question Under the laws of which regime was Jesus sentenced to death on the cross? on HNQ, but I'm not a member there and don't think this policy question is really site-specific (it ...
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It's still okay to punch Nazis, isn't it?

Okay, a bit of context here: I was engaged in discussion with some other users and the topic of Nazis came up, as it does. And I mentioned that, as far as I was concerned, the only good Nazi is a dead ...
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Should we really be promoting bigotry?

So this gem from the Christianity site is currently being displayed on HNQ: I'm not one to try to prevent religious people from discussing ... whatever they want, amongst themselves. But can we at ...
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Is "Be nice be respectful" policy implemented on main sites and not rooms? [duplicate]

Based on my past experience, I feel "Be nice be respectful" policy or "Code of conduct" is not implemented in chat rooms as better as they are in main sites. Because they have ...
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Why does the "Code of Conduct" mention a very controversial company (Google) by name?

In the official Code of Conduct, which has been copied to every other community, Google is mentioned by name. People with an IT affinity often use alternative search engines because they not agree ...
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Do fun-with-literalism answers (that block further edits) break the CoC?

Context: cheeky nonanswers that have fun at an asker's* expense. * Not everyone is an expert in the field or a proficient English speakers, so it's very common for askers to use an incorrect word/...
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Is calling an individual user or their post "pedantic" a CoC violation?

It happened someone called my post (or maybe me) pedantic. @bad_coder I don't say you're wrong in posting this, but I can see why people downvote this, as they could find it pedantic. I'm wondering ...
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Are throw-away lines referencing bigoted activity against the CoC?

In some cases, references to bigoted activity are essential to the question itself: Example from Academia Example from the Workplace However, I saw a question today from IPS that made me wonder ...
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Should support of any invasion be considered intimidation and harassment?

A recent post has indicated that the use of "Z" imagery related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine falls under the "intimidation and harassment" policy and is banned on the network,...
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Is there any official guidance on the usage of imagery containing the Russian military marking Z?

Has SE staff issued any official guidance in regards to the usage of images with the Z on profile pictures and about me sections of profiles?
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Is considering a user's track record before voting to close considered acceptable?

On History Stack Exchange, we have a policy of heightened scrutiny on questions that involve certain controversial topics due to the frequency with which these topics are used by trolls. One ...
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1 answer

Can one get banned without breaking the Code of Conduct?

Note: While this question is based on my experience, I intend this question to be general and useful. I am not going into specific details, since I intend the question to be as general as possible. I ...
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What are the ways I can report questions that cover topics that potentially violate the CoC?

There was a recent question by a new user asking about various posts that they found offensive, or may be in contravention. In the topics some of our sites discuss, there may be material that some may ...
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How should Stack Exchange humanities sites discuss anti-LGBTQ topics without infringing on the CoC?

I've recently been browsing three sites on this network dedicated to major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And I found it jarring to see answers like the below, some of which are highly ...
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Can anyone remove all the comments? [duplicate]

In one question I've posted, there were a few comments upon my wrong capitalisation of a scientist's name. Another user had already edited it, and someone else had negatively voted it (I really wish I ...
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Can I hit on someone? [closed]

I know you must think I am very weird, but I once met a user I liked on Stack Overflow that answered one of my questions. If I asked them for their number (through the comments), would I get banned or ...
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What materials are in Stack Exchange's diversity & inclusion training program?

Recently, Teresa Dietrich said that: All members of the Community Team and selected members of the Public Platform Team have already taken 13 hours of Diversity & Inclusion Training. This ...
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Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward

I want to start by acknowledging the hurt and exhaustion that the members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies have experienced in our community as moderators and users. We have read the ...
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What does 'via Vote' mean in the timeline of a deleted post?

On a certain SE site, following my report of a CoC violation, an SE employee appears to have deleted the post. The timeline shows a comment, 'via Vote'. What does this mean?
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What is Stack Exchange's official stance on words such as "black list", "white list", "master", "slave", and so on?

I've just had one of my answers edited on Stack Overflow to swap out "black list" and "white list" for "deny list" and "allow list" respectively. There was no ...
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Is it worthwhile to try to engage spammers?

I used to have an in-your-face attitude toward people who posted spam, often adding mocking comments in their own broken-English style of writing (e.g. "high qality SPAM, download now, click here flag ...
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92 votes
5 answers

Do we have a problem with hostile moderator resignation posts?

In a recent answer, Juan M ♦ mentioned that: Lately, we have had an increase of resignation posts that have served to host combative and hurtful words to attack Stack employees, other mods, and ...
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About Codes of Conduct and the welcoming spirit of SE

As a casual user of SE I have some concerns about the CoC and the welcoming spirit of SE. My personal experience is this: More often than not I feel unwelcome (as a novice and non-specialist) because ...
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Can a site enforce its own rules above and beyond the Code of Conduct?

tl;dr version: May elected moderators on a specific Stack Exchange site ban users for doing things that the site's community disfavors but that are not against the Code of Conduct? The Code of ...
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Merge the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service

There has been a lot of recent discussion over the Stack Exchange Code of Conduct - what it means, why it says what it does, and what it does and does not forbid. There is an additional document that ...
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4 answers

Is posting a screenshot of a deleted post against the rules?

A moderator recently commented, As an aside. Sigh Posting screenshots of deleted stuff is not ok. A link would do just as well, as the pertinent details. You'd get your answer anyway – Journeyman ...
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Can a user use neopronouns for any third party?

I came across a post that used a neopronoun for a group of people that, as far as I'm aware, has not expressed a desire to be known by a neopronoun (and would not as far as I can tell). Illustrative ...
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What progress has been made so far in implementing support for gender diversity in SE's foreign language sites? [closed]

When the new CoC was unveiled, foreign language sites were given an indefinite extension for implementation. We could wait for a protocol to be handed down from above ... or we could start ...
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Does the Code of Conduct apply to off-site interactions?

Someone mentioned in chat the possibility of interpersonal conflicts between Stack Exchange participants spilling over into the real world and resulting in socially inappropriate behavior off-site. ...
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Why is it not offensive to compare users to kindergarteners requiring babysitting?

I came across the following in an answer by rene: This isn't kindergarten and we're not here to babysit everyone. If you have to ask yourself if your post is considered to be acting in good faith/...
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Can anyone link examples where the new COC policy on gender pronouns was used?

A bit of time has now passed since Stack Exchange decided to implement the new code of conduct. I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but I am curious to see what the actual results of this are. One ...
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