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For questions pertaining to Code Review, a site for peer programmer code reviews, and how it relates to Stack Overflow.

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How do I distinguish Code Review from Stack Overflow in cases like this?

I have this question which was migrated from Code Review to Stack Overflow. My first intention was to put it in CR because: I had no technical problem; the code worked. I did not intend to change ...
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Asking which way is better [duplicate]

I have a coding question with two compilable options. I want to ask which is better and why. Code review, programmers, stack not really sure? Where is this question appropriate. It may ...
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Is Code Review the site to ask for code examples?

Is Code Review the site to ask for code examples? For example, if I need some examples for threads, which site would I go to ask for them?
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Add as an option for closing as off-topic [duplicate]

Currently, there are only these Stack Exchange networks as a reason for closing an off-topic question: belongs on belongs on belongs on ...
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More in-depth guidelines for optimization questions and their relation to Code Review?

There seem to be a lot of people who think that questions regarding optimization of working code belong on Code Review, while others think such optimization questions belong here (on Stack Overflow, ...
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Code review vs Stackoverflow [duplicate]

I've just seen this question and noted in the comments a suggestion to post this on Code Review Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, kelvin and Rankine I'm a little lost with the differences between ...
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What's acceptable practice for Stack Overflow code review for several source files, GitHub?

I have some code that I want to put on Stack Overflow for a code review. What is the best way to handle multiple files? Should I just ask a question and put a link to a public GitHub repository? ...
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Which is better for help debugging code, Stack Overflow or Code Review?

I'm pretty new to the Stack Exchange network. I'm currently teaching myself programming and have been getting help with code issues on Stack Overflow. I've used Code Review a couple times and found ...
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Why do we even have Code Review

So I recently flagged a question that was of the general form <code block> [...] I was wondering if there is a better or more correct way to do it. asking for it to be moved to code ...
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Help me migrate my question to Code Review [duplicate]

I have a question of mine closed citing it's better suited for Code Review. How do I migrate it to that site? Can any moderator here do it for me? When I saw the "close" feature, in the "Off-topic" ...
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How do we get people to stop Recommending a move to Code Review [closed]

More precisely "Code Review" is only for working code. A lot of questions are getting suggestions to move to "Code Review" for simple fixes. The OP will then repeat the question on "Code Review" ...
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When does a problem constitute a code review? [duplicate]

I am wondering if my question about Clojure sequences could be considered an SO question instead, or if this is more a CodeReview question.
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Edit ignored while said to be peer reviewed

I'm trying to correct the indentation and some typos of this question. The problem is, after editing, the text Thanks for your edit! This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed. ...
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Is codereview for asking a question and getting an answer or for getting code reviews?

I noticed the new codereview site that is now in Beta and looked at a few of the questions. I just left that site scratching my head wondering what the difference between codereview and stackoverflow ...
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The Beta Codereview.StackExchange Versus [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange do I post in? I have searched for a similar question, but I have not yet found it on Meta. I have not found anything ...
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Are questions about improving performance on topic on Stack Overflow? [closed]

My understanding is that they are, because poor performance is a specific programming problem. However, they also seem on topic on Code Review, as they satisfy the conditions set in their FAQ: Does ...
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Where is the line between Code Review and SO? - part 2 (or maybe part N)

I voted to close this question as off-topic because it has working code and is looking for an way to improve it. It turns out that the code that works only covers part of their solution and will ...
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Where is the line between Code Review and SO? [duplicate]

I see at least a couple questions a day on SO related to reviewing performance or "How to improve...". What qualifies a question to be migrated to code review from SO (or possibly even P.SE)? I've ...
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Migrate to codereview as a voting option [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Option to move post from Stackoverflow to codereview.stackexchange Suggest move to Code Review? We're getting a few questions in SO that would be better suited to codereview....
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Suggest move to Code Review? [duplicate]

Should Code Review be added to the list of sites to suggest to move a question to when marking as off-topic? If it's not already there simply because of limited space in the dialog, how about bumping ...
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Can we add some mention of codereview to the SO FAQ?

The question Experienced PHP developer, please RATE my code received 4 downvotes - it was 5 until I looked at the FAQ and discovered that there is no mention of codereview.stackexchange anywhere in it....
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Code Review and Stack Overflow overlap

There are many questions on overlap between several StackExchange sites. Code Review is pretty new, and still in beta, which probably explains why I could not find the question I'd like to ask (and ...
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Option to move post from Stackoverflow to codereview.stackexchange

Some post require code review which were posted in Stackoverflow , such posts have to migrate to . There should be option in flagging, when selected "it dosenot ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Off-topic questions cross-posted to Code Review [closed]

Recently several posts asking for debugging help were cross-posted from Stack Overflow to Code Review after people suggested CR in their comments. Debugging is off-topic on Code Review. From our FAQ: ...
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How to migrate to code review

Related: On migrating from SO: how to do this efficiently and appropriately. I've just come accross a question which I believe is ideal for code review. However it's already got an accepted answer. ...
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Featured questions not appearing on main site

I've tagged two questions on Code Review featured. This should cause the question to appear on the main site's featured area, but they aren't. What should our elevator pitch be? - Asked March 8 about ...
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