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What ways does SE provide to handle complex questions in an agile way?

I have a question which originates on previous assumptions and informations. I formulate this question in a way that contains (from my point of view) enough background information for someone to see ...
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Can we make a free app on Earth Sciences Exchange with information from posts?

We are receiving a lot of questions at Earth Sciences Exchange asking for identification of stones. I am trying to start a list of the identified minerals we have on our site's Meta. As list point ...
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Have Stack Exchange users collaborated to create projects?

Are there any examples of users meeting on Stack Exchange (more specifically Stack Overflow) that lead to a successful project collaboration? Maybe even a publicly known project the rest of us have ...
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Is there a way to share authorship of an answer? [duplicate]

In the question What visual wave behavior help to tell... of the Earth Science Stack, the current accepted answer was first drafted by me, but another user provided a very good complement to the ...
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Collaborative Questions?

I recall a time when the FAQ said something along the lines of "This is not a collaborative site..." but now the FAQ explicitly states "this site is collaboratively edited, like Wikipedia" (and I can'...
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Selling/licensing Stack Overflow platform for use in private companies [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use? I love what Stack Overflow did with Facebook to allow Facebook developers to collaborate, share, ...
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Collaboration for Stack Overflow using Cloud9

Sometimes it is very hard to understand what the problem put forth in a question is. Many questions stay unanswered because of this. However, if someone would be able to look at all code, it will be ...
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How can Stack Overflow be used as a collaborative tool? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is a Q&A tool imposing a certain structure in the way the dialog is handled between OP and the rest of the community. But let's say a bunch of site users are following a ...
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Does anyone know of a similar site for hardware project collaboration?

It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there with great ideas, and unused brain power, who would like to help in the development of Open source Hardware/Software projects. What's needed is ...
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Is it possible to use a Stack Exchange CW as a "master question"?

There's a user on the Bicycles board who wants to build a bike, a wonderful wintertime activity! Of course, we're there to answer questions about the process. The user also wants to set up a public ...
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Share code related to a quesiton in a SCM

It would be nice if source code could be shared along with a specific question with the folowing benefits: no need to copy pase and format a lot of code into stackoverflow better possibility to ...
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Area 51: Provide a "please vote on questions" type notice

I'm seeing one of the biggest problems with getting proposals off the ground is that almost nobody actually proposes questions or votes on existing ones; perhaps there should be a notification dialog ...
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