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For questions about comment @replies, also called pings.

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Why do some comment replies using the @username convention fail to work? [closed]

When I reply to a comment, I try to follow the @username convention. It almost always works fine. But sometimes it doesn’t work: i.e., I have to type out the username because it fails to appear in an ...
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Comment @reply name suggestions are missing from review queues

Normally when I type a comment and type @ followed by the first letters of the name of another commenter, there will be an autocomplete suggestion that I can press Tab to accept: However, I have just ...
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Why doesn't the username in mentions not get auto-edited when the original one does? [duplicate]

I used to go by "d4rk4ng31" (um, as you might have already guessed, silly teenage years) which then I changed (long back, but I just noticed this as I am not a very active member anymore). I ...
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How can I troubleshoot email notifications from Stack Exchange sites not working?

I don't get email notifications when people reply to or comment on my questions on any Stack Exchange sites. This behavior is consistent whether I have a Stack Exchange site open in one of my browser ...
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I was notified of and viewed a comment, but the notification disappeared from my global inbox, and it isn't in the site's comment responses list [duplicate]

I commented on Session cookies seem to get lost and then, later while on another site, I was notified about Aaron Bertrand's comment reply. After responding several minutes later and, because I ...
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Is there some difference between typing a username and using the auto-complete?

When typing (or editing) a comment, after typing @ and the first letter of a username, we're offered the choice of usernames that were in the conversation and can input them into typing the whole ...
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Comment ping one of two users with same name? [duplicate]

I would like to address the first "Michael" in this comment thread I found this at Matching is performed in reverse chronological order, so ...
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Automatically inform newcomers of how comment @replies work

I often find myself informing the newcomers about the comment @replies, since otherwise the comments they write (when trying to reply to someone) often remain unnoticed due to lack of notifications. I ...
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Can you @ping a user after they have deleted their last comment? [duplicate]

You can use @<user> to ping/notify a user that has commented previously. But if they have deleted their last comment do they still receive notifications if another user @-pings them in the same ...
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Can the author of a comment be added to the global inbox? [duplicate]

When another user @-mentions you in a comment this comment gets added to your inbox. The same happens when someone writes a comment to on of your posts. Recently I knew that a certain user replied to ...
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Please autocomplete @User2 even if you only notify @User1

Background I know that @replying to more than one user in a comment is not allowed as explained in this answer. I've always hated that and thought that there are valid use-cases for mentioning two ...
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Can you tag multiple people in a comment? [duplicate]

When replying to comments you can do @username to make sure they get a notification of your response. But what should you do if you wanted to get the attention of to people? Would @username @username2 ...
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Autocomplete (@-tab-complete) of a username sometimes fails

When we comment about others' answers or questions, we may want to notify the other user. As far as I known, we can type @username_you_want to mention the user you want get in touch with. Most times ...
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Will a user be notified when I @mention a user while editing a comment? [duplicate]

For example, if I forget to tag/mention a user in my comment under a Stack Overflow question or answer and I edit the comment to add the tag, will the tagged user then also be notified?
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Can we make it possible to tag more than one user in the same comment? [duplicate]

I know there must be a good reason why the one tag limit must be in place, but I can't really see a good reason why. From my perspective, I often would like to reply to two or more users with the same ...
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Is using an underscore as a space in @user_name a valid practice? [duplicate]

Is using an underscore in user mentions as a replacement for a space a valid practice, and if not, then why? It feels obvious for me to do so, however the help on using @username does not say anything ...
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Pinging etiquette

Say somebody gets annoyed and writes, "Don't ping me again." (In a discussion below a post.) I'll try to reconstruct the approximate situation (this part of the comment discussion was removed). A:...
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Why can't I comment back when my question has been commented by others? [duplicate]

After asking a question in Earth Science using a guest account, I have signed up using the verification link in my mailbox. But now logging into the same mail, I cannot comment back on a comment asked ...
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Add a reply to comment button or @ autocompletion when using Chrome on Android [duplicate]

Currently there is no comment button or @ autocompletion when writing a comment in reply to another comment on Stack Exchange for mobile Chrome on Android. It would be a good time saver to have this ...
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Why is there no autocomplete for pinging editors?

I hope this example shows why autocomplete would be useful beyond the comfort of the commenter: I recently had an issue where someone edited a post (which I'm not the author of) only to add one extra ...
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Changing placeholder of comment box for adding @ pinging info

Proposing a different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments wanted to achieve. New users should know that @ pinging in comments exists, and get educated on how to use them ...
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Problem with punctuation and removal of post owner usernames on comments

I found out today that if you have a user’s name with an “@“ in a comment on that user’s post, it removes it. For example, @PostOwner Your post is very nice. becomes Your post is very nice. ...
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In the case of users with the exact same name, how do comment replies work?

My username isn't too specific (Jasper). Every once in a while, I come across someone else with the same name. And sometimes, we even comment on the same question or answer. Now, I don't mind all ...
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Use comment @reply to contact reviewers

With respect to this meta post on SO, Are answers which drip feed information in subsequent comments acceptable?, wouldn't it be a useful feature to be able to also contact the reviewers of both ...
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Why cannot we comment-reply more than one person in comments, and anyone in questions/answers? [duplicate]

I think the comment-reply (ping) mechanism is way too limited. You can only reply to one person in a comment. And you can't use an @ whatsoever in questions and answers. It just doesn't make sense to ...
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Autocomplete for @ reply to the person who marked a question as a duplicate [duplicate]

When commenting on a comment below a question, I can use the @, and the first letter of the person I want reply to, and get a little pop-up with their display name in it. If I use that, the person ...
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Missing item in inbox [duplicate]

There seems to be an inconsistency in my inbox. There has been a message from a user (under the form of a @reply comment) that I can see under the post and in the "responses" tab in my profile, but it ...
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Please make pending edit suggesters be @reply-able in comments

When reviewing suggested edits, it often happens that I'd like to say something to the edit suggester, but I can't. The ability to reply to them would be a way to solve edit problems much more ...
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How to ping users with the same display name in chat and in comments?

Notion To simplify writing, I'll simply refer "users with same profile display name (case insensitive) user" as "users" (with quotes), and an arbitrarily user picked from "users" as "user" (with ...
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Using possessive apostrophes after users' names [duplicate]

What's a word that means deflect blame? In this post I posted a comment in response to another. In the post, I tagged someone's username, but in its possessive form. I put a space in between the ...
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How do I send an automated link, in chat, to invite the asker to join me in a chat room for further discussion? [duplicate]

I am prominent on a particular exchange where one user has taken it up on themself to post regular posts trying to pick at basic rules on how Stack Exchange works. I have pointed out that it is a Meta ...
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Why are comment response notifications limited to one user name? [duplicate]

There are times where multiple users commented to a question I posted. Most had very useful information or suggestions and I wish to thank them all at once or ask them all the same question that is ...
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Enable @ping completion for all comments

I think it would be good to enable the autocompletion for @username also for comments which don't need a ping, e.g. first comment to a Q/A or if only the OP and one more user is involved in the ...
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Can't @ reply to users with special characters in their username

I can usually @reply in comments just fine, but in a recent questions of mine I noticed that typing @[character] doesn't show me any autocomplete results at all! The user in question has a ł in the ...
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How many of you agree that at SE, "We don't help people. We help the Internet by creating useful information." [closed]

Much to my dismay, I read this comment on Meta: "We don't help people. We help the Internet by creating useful information." I need to know what portion of SE users feel this way. Then I must ...
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@Replying to non-alphanumeric usernames

The background to my question about comment replies has several parts, but I essentially have a single question. When using StackExchange on my mobile, it does not provide me with autocomplete when I ...
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If an @ is not going to notify a user, there should not be auto-complete for a user handle

This is a followup to a question I asked on The gist of it is that I believed the sequence .@ should notify a user, while as the accepted answer indicated, it should not. What ...
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Reply button as standard feature for comments? (see from a new user's standpoint)

I do see that there are many questions about having a reply button but they all refer to this question for the answer: "Reply" links on comments This link allows users to install a script ...
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Should we let people know that their actions are being discussed on meta, if so what's the best way?

Whenever I post something on SO meta about a particular post or review, I ping the people involved with that post or review. It seems to be the equitable thing to do, allow people to speak up, if ...
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Non-Western charset username @reference [duplicate]

I just added a comment here. The poster (眠りネロク) has a non-western username, which I copy-pasted into the comment (I don’t have Japanese language input ability installed on my PC). However, I notice ...
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What is the proper way to reference a user in comments? [duplicate]

If I am commenting and want to reference another user, sometimes when I use @[username], I get a clickable pop-up with their username, other times I do not. Some Meta questions indicate that @ isn't ...
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Insta-delete obsolete comment if I was the one @replied

Typical scenario: I leave a comment on a post pointing out some issue or requesting some sort of clarification Someone comes along and addresses the issue or fixes the post, then leaves an @reply for ...
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How to propagate my display name change to the @name comments? [duplicate]

I changed my display name. Now all comments still refer to my old @name. Can this be fixed?
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Add ability to reply to specific comment

Sometimes someone may post more than one comment on a post. If I am referring to one of their older comments it is hard to tell which one I am responding to, without going into details in the comment (...
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I want to reply to a mod commenting on a locked post. How? [duplicate]

My post was deleted and I want to reply to the mod commenting on it after deletion. How can I do this?
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Why are @ tags not working? [duplicate]

Yesterday I posted a question on the Mathematics Stack exchange. I received some answers to which I added a comment, trying to apply an @ tag for the user that wrote the answer. However, when I ...
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When someone deletes a comment, suggest to flag for deletion of dependent comments

I've noticed many times, that when reading a sequence of comments, some of them don't make any sense. It happens if someone delete his comment, and replies to it become meaningless. The recommended ...
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Unable to reply to comments directly [duplicate]

We can't reply to a comment directly, There must be a reply option under each comments, So that if you want to reply to a comment, you click on that option, rather than commenting again!. (for example:...
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Why am I getting someone else's notifications?

I recently got a notification in my global inbox for this comment supposedly directed at me: I did not comment on this post, but I did edit it, so I understand from this excellent answer why I would ...
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Omit comment replies from the minimum character limit check

Comments must be at least 15 characters long, which is supposed to make comments like "..." impossible to submit. This works fine, however, there is a way around this, by using comment ...
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