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For questions about comment @replies, also called pings.

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Allow rejected editors to be @replied to

Within the canonical answer on how-do-comment-replies-work it is clear that post editors can be replied to. Notifications apply to the author, users with active bounties, commenters (associated ...
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It's time to revert removing @name from comments

Yes, I am aware of: Eeeeek - what happened to my @ salutation? Don't remove the @ part of my comment Alert users as to why their @lert is being removed from comments But now that several years ...
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Why is there no autocomplete for pinging editors?

I hope this example shows why autocomplete would be useful beyond the comfort of the commenter: I recently had an issue where someone edited a post (which I'm not the author of) only to add one extra ...
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Be more flexible with punctuation for @Replies

I just found a comment that was addressed to me using @MarkRansom, but I never got a notification of that comment in my inbox. how to avoid python numeric literals beginning with "0" being ...
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Get notified when the OP comments right after our comment and uses no "@"

I'm a bit hesitant to ask this question because I know there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of notifications (or pings). I've especially taken a very good look at When exactly do I get ...
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Please make pending edit suggesters be @reply-able in comments

When reviewing suggested edits, it often happens that I'd like to say something to the edit suggester, but I can't. The ability to reply to them would be a way to solve edit problems much more ...
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People who bounty other peoples questions should be listed via comment autocomplete

So a user places a bounty on a question but has no interaction with that question. It looks like they can be the focus of a comment but they do not appear in the reply autocomplete. Considering that ...
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Notify new users when their comment will not notify anyone

Quite often a new user asks a question which causes several people to comment on it and the OP later posts a comment, but does not ping any users (i.e. by typing @commentersName) in their comment even ...
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Automatically inform newcomers of how comment @replies work

I often find myself informing the newcomers about the comment @replies, since otherwise the comments they write (when trying to reply to someone) often remain unnoticed due to lack of notifications. I ...
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Please allow non-Unicode named editors be pinged with autocomplete

Currently, you can @reply to any person with the auto complete. Normally, you type the first letter of their name then use Tab to finish it. Unicode names work differently, you don't have to start ...
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If an @ is not going to notify a user, there should not be auto-complete for a user handle

This is a followup to a question I asked on The gist of it is that I believed the sequence .@ should notify a user, while as the accepted answer indicated, it should not. What ...
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Make invalid @user comments fail more explicitly

Currently, if I attempt to notify a user who is not eligible for notification (i.e., they haven't commented, edited, or done something in this list), the failure is completely silent. I, the comment ...
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Warning for wrong @name in comment

Sometimes (quite often) persons write the wrong @name in a comment. For example, in Generic T get type from class Preet Sangha tried to reply me in a comment to the question, but addressed the comment ...
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Comment formatting FAQ does not mention notification-stripping

The comment notification FAQ does not mention that notifications will be stripped from comments in some cases. This is confusing because the line length limit takes effect after removal of ...
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Can editing comments as moderator trigger a notification?

As a moderator, I sometimes edit comments to include the @name of someone where it is appropriate. For example, if I see this: comment: I think you should look at tool XYZ. - user1 Mar 20 '10 at 14:...
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Omit comment replies from the minimum character limit check

Comments must be at least 15 characters long, which is supposed to make comments like "..." impossible to submit. This works fine, however, there is a way around this, by using comment ...
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Please autocomplete @User2 even if you only notify @User1

Background I know that @replying to more than one user in a comment is not allowed as explained in this answer. I've always hated that and thought that there are valid use-cases for mentioning two ...
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Auto prepend @{user} when comment notifications are auto generated

If a user comments on their own post and there is only one person who has previously commented, then that person is also notified if @name is forgotten. From: How do comment @replies work? This is ...
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How can I troubleshoot email notifications from Stack Exchange sites not working?

I don't get email notifications when people reply to or comment on my questions on any Stack Exchange sites. This behavior is consistent whether I have a Stack Exchange site open in one of my browser ...
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Has the @reply matching rule changed, so that a complete match is considered valid regardless of word boundaries?

I have a comment* notification in my inbox that says: @entoさん、了解しました。 I thought that this will not be a valid @reply; the whole "@entoさん、了解しました。" string will be considered as a @name, since the ...
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Only one additional @user can be notified; the post owner will always be notified

Today I was in a need to post a comment, which I start with @user as usuall. Also it was necessary to add another @user string in the context. SO shows up the block with the followin text: Only one ...
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How to ping users with the same display name in chat and in comments?

Notion To simplify writing, I'll simply refer "users with same profile display name (case insensitive) user" as "users" (with quotes), and an arbitrarily user picked from "users" as "user" (with ...
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Visual Feedback that you have @-replied to someone properly in comments

Right now, when you respond to someone by using an @-replies, there's no visual indicator to let you know whether you've properly used the feature or not. I'm often confused by whether I've used it ...
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Inboxes: Why aren't pings ponging?

I asked this question on EL&U meta and was advised to ask over here. People seem to be not getting pung by other peoples messages recently. I've seen several comments about it, and people I've ...
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Unexpected behaviour on popup warning when adding comments

I was adding a comment to a question in Russian.SE and included two @ references to notify two different users. When I attempted to submit the comment, I got a pop-up indicating that only one ...
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Can't @ reply to users with special characters in their username

I can usually @reply in comments just fine, but in a recent questions of mine I noticed that typing @[character] doesn't show me any autocomplete results at all! The user in question has a ł in the ...
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Please update/fix markdown help for comment-replies

Please update/fix the markdown help page for the usage of comment @username This markdown help page is the one linked to when you click on "advanced help" when entering a comment/question/answer. I ...
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Incorrect inbox message

For comment in c programming - printing sentences , Rizier123 mentioned the question poster @tim. But I received the notification in my inbox due to the fact that my display name has "tim" as prefix. ...
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Disable markdown or automatically escape formatting characters in @user references

I noticed that in certain cases, if a username has a particular sequence of characters, then posting an @user reference in the comments can cause some unexpected formatting. For example: @Some-_User_ ...
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A couple of suggestions to improve notifications

From time to time it happens that I'm not notified about comments addressed to me. This is because correspondents forget to insert @username. I know there can be another reasons, but let me leave them ...
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Add ability to reply to specific comment

Sometimes someone may post more than one comment on a post. If I am referring to one of their older comments it is hard to tell which one I am responding to, without going into details in the comment (...
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Verify @user in comment was entered correctly

Is there some way to verify if an @user tag in a comment was correctly entered (meaning that the user was appropriately notified)? I am aware of the auto-complete feature that is present when ...
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Feature, select suggested user in a comment-reply with up/down arrow. i.e. type `@SomeUs` suggested user popup `@SomeUser`, up arrow selects it

When composing comments, it is tedious to have to use the mouse to select the suggested user such as in the following image: It would be really nice to be able to just push the up or down arrow and ...
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Improve the speed of message/comment notifications?

Hard to know for sure, but I've been noticing that I'm not getting notifications for new messages, comments in a timely manner (15+ hours?)
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Could we get an option for pinging the first downvoter in a comment?

In short, what I'm asking for is something like this: Assume you've got an answer to a question. Now, someone downvotes that, and doesn't leave a comment. You're scratching your head at why, as your ...
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