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How do comment @replies work?

How do the comment replies (aka "pinging users") work? Who can I send an @reply to? How do I respond to a specific user when entering my comment? Will they be notified? What do people mean ...
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Don't remove the @ part of my comment

Recently I posted a comment on Stack Overflow on an answer by (say) Felix. He replied to the comment, and when replying to him I started my comment with "@Felix". Stack Overflow stripped that ...
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218 votes
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How do comments work?

Across the Stack Exchange network you may leave comments on a question or answer. How do comments work? What are comments for, and when shouldn't I comment? Who can post comments? Who can edit ...
198 votes
6 answers

Allow more than one @name notification per comment

Now this is probably a surprise to many since I always see thousands of comments like the following(10k only): @Sarfraz, @balpha just told you they did in the first comment he wrote. Also, allowing ...
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187 votes
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How can I reference another user in an answer?

I want to reference another user in my answer like I do in comments (@user). How can I do this?
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Tell the user who will be notified of a comment

Note 2011/09/20: Jeff's marked this status-completed. I (the person making the request) disagree that what's been done, which is actually an implementation of this other request, meets this request ...
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102 votes
9 answers

Change all @username references in comments when a user changes their name?

The fact that a user can change their name at will can lead to some confusion in the comments. For instance, suppose a user named "foo" changes his name to "bar", all those comments signed by "foo" ...
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Let's make it easier to reply within comments!

Here's my proposal. Every comment has a 'Reply' link after it. Clicking on this link adds the standard @UserName: to the comment edit box. After posting, the @UserName: is converted into a ...
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75 votes
2 answers

Dealing with "difficult" usernames in targeted comments

Once in a while you wish to address a comment to someone in particular, so you type @ and then you pause ... because the username is l̕aͨŵƦȆ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝ƞCͭ̏ȇ ƇhƐȓ0nè or Ωmega. Short of using copy-paste ...
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6 answers

@<name> comments should link to the named person's profile (like twitter)

When you respond to someone in a comment you use @PersonsName. Is there anyway it could be linked like this @Lucas McCoy
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When exactly do I get comment notifications? [duplicate]

Incredibly, I couldn't find a single, consolidated and up-to-date answer for this question. All I found was people complaining about missing notifications, discussions about changes in the ...
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Let me reply to one user among two having same names in comments

Suppose there are two users that have commented on an answer. Both have the same user name, and I want to reply to one of them. How can I do this? It appears that, under the current system, there is ...
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Allow rejected editors to be @replied to

Within the canonical answer on how-do-comment-replies-work it is clear that post editors can be replied to. Notifications apply to the author, users with active bounties, commenters (associated ...
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42 votes
6 answers

Advanced Syntax Ideas

The one useful thing I was ever taught in HCI was always give advanced users "hidden" short cuts and features. Things a noob is not interested in but a power user can easily take advantage ...
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39 votes
2 answers

Don't block comments with two @lerts if one of them is @postowner

Comments containing more than one @lert are blocked now unless they contain a backtick. In principle this is a good idea: it educates unexperienced users, while experienced users still have a ...
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3 answers

Provide more user feedback for unsuccessful comment replies

The comment reply system is, at first glance, a fairly elegant and simple system that solves a fundamental problem with comments. However, there are many pitfalls and edge cases that even experienced ...
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It's time to revert removing @name from comments

Yes, I am aware of: Eeeeek - what happened to my @ salutation? Don't remove the @ part of my comment Alert users as to why their @lert is being removed from comments But now that several years ...
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36 votes
2 answers

Will edited comments reach addressees? [duplicate]

As we all know, if you want to make somebody aware of an response to a comment, you have to address them using @username if it's not their answer or question you're commenting in. (Sadly - Facebook ...
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Expand the username auto-completion to everyone who can be notified

@username auto-completion for comments was recently implemented, and is already active on MSO. However, it only seems to auto-complete the usernames of people who have commented on the post. ...
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Micro-refinement to notifications for comments of others posts

If a user comments on their own post and there is only one person who has previously commented, then that person should be notified when the author comments even if '@user' is not specified courtesy ...
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33 votes
2 answers

Do users get notifications when @ was edited in

I always wondered if users get notified about comments were their name was edited in afterwards. Example: I write a comment See this link here then I edit it to @someuser: See this link here ...
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Enable @ping completion for all comments

I think it would be good to enable the autocompletion for @username also for comments which don't need a ping, e.g. first comment to a Q/A or if only the OP and one more user is involved in the ...
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31 votes
3 answers

Allow for Comment Reply to Usernames With Less Than Three Characters in First Word

I know this is somewhat of a rare request/edge case, but this is becoming really annoying. In the faq, which I've linked to below, you state that for the comment reply system to work, There must ...
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31 votes
3 answers

Prevent (or at least notify about) display names shorter than 3 chars

Until yesterday my display name was 2 characters. This ended when I started wondering about some issues with comments and notifications, went to meta, and found out that there is an important ...
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Add "Reply" link to comment that pre-populates comment box with @username

In relation to this problem, I propose that a new link, reply, be added added after the time indication on comments which opens the comment box and pre-populates it with the @username of the comment ...
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Why is there no autocomplete for pinging editors?

I hope this example shows why autocomplete would be useful beyond the comfort of the commenter: I recently had an issue where someone edited a post (which I'm not the author of) only to add one extra ...
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Be more flexible with punctuation for @Replies

I just found a comment that was addressed to me using @MarkRansom, but I never got a notification of that comment in my inbox. how to avoid python numeric literals beginning with "0" being ...
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I'm rnevius (not mevius): A font kerning issue with usernames

My username is rnevius (r n e v i u s). However, on ~20% of the @replies I get, I am incorrectly referred to as mevius (m e v i u s). Example: You can even see this issue by looking at my username ...
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Comment reply @ name with space

Consider the following comment thread. This will not work, the foos are all wrong --john doe @john Yeah, the bars too --john smith If I reply using @john it will notify "john smith" but not "john ...
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Unanswered Question - Answered in comments [duplicate]

I am relatively new to SO and see this very often. As the title suggests there are many questions that are answered in comments itself and they remain unanswered forever. Shouldn't there be an option ...
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2 answers

Why only one @user per comment?

Why does Stack Overflow only allow one @User per comment? This restriction lead me to a non-comment like this: @MiMo - seem my previous comment (Only one @ user per comment) Which left me ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Auto-expand @username in comments to keep the username up-to-date

Comment-discussions are becoming very inconsistent if users change their names, so it might be a good idea if @username would be automatically replaced by @userno on submission and autoexpanded to the ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Add @reply autocomplete when commenting on the Android app

When commenting, having an autocomplete when you want to @reply to a user would be wonderful (similar to the one available on the desktop site). Normally when I'm on mobile site, I can copy/paste the ...
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Get notified when the OP comments right after our comment and uses no "@"

I'm a bit hesitant to ask this question because I know there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of notifications (or pings). I've especially taken a very good look at When exactly do I get ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Message's first letter stays lowercase when redundant @user is truncated

I just noticed something that really bugs me on Stack Overflow. There is @-syntax for summoning people in conversation. Sometimes such @s are redundant. One such situation is when you try to summon ...
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2 answers

If I change my display name, will the change reflect in comments?

I am interested in changing my display name to my full name, but am concerned about losing the connective tissue in the comment threads I participated in. Because @name links do not appear to be ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Way to convert an answer to a comment?

I answered a question which Dennis Washington correctly pointed should have been a comment than an answer. Is there any way to change an answer to a comment while still respecting the sentiments of ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Are users who have a suggested edit rejected valid targets for @comment replies?

After reading Suggested edits that add an answer to the question, linked in the comments was a suggested edit that was rejected. I thought I'd leave a comment to the new user who suggested it so they ...
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1 answer

Don't include myself in the comment reply candidates popup list

I just found by chance this behavior: I don't want myself listed in that popup. Turns out it's happening only in Meta which means it's a bug, some change not yet deployed to all sites.
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19 votes
1 answer

Are bounty placers notified of comments?

The rules governing @User comment replies are described at length, but don't address bounties. If I put a bounty on someone else's question, will I be notified of undirected comments? Can people ...
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Please make pending edit suggesters be @reply-able in comments

When reviewing suggested edits, it often happens that I'd like to say something to the edit suggester, but I can't. The ability to reply to them would be a way to solve edit problems much more ...
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People who bounty other peoples questions should be listed via comment autocomplete

So a user places a bounty on a question but has no interaction with that question. It looks like they can be the focus of a comment but they do not appear in the reply autocomplete. Considering that ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Using @ signs in comments without invoking comment replies?

How can I put the @ sign in a comment without referring to a person? I want to have six @ characters in a comment (ruby on rails variables), but when I try to do this, I'm getting an error about ...
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In the inline comment help, please mention that only one @reply is allowed

There's a new inline comment help. That's great. It also explains who will be notified of comments. That's great too. But the wording doesn't clearly exclude a common newbie mistake: it's not apparent ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Add the comments @ auto-complete to mobile theme

When browsing the mobile theme of Stack Exchange sites, when I type a @ sign followed by a letter, it never auto completes the username for the comment like it does on the full site theme. I think ...
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17 votes
2 answers

How to deal with comment abuse?

There is a particular Stack Overflow user who prefers to be spoon-fed rather than to connect the dots himself. No problem, I've put him on my blacklist and won't answer his questions any more. The ...
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17 votes
1 answer

When removing @lerts, remove full user name with spaces

In situations where an @lert is removed, if the commenting user included a full user name with spaces, only the leading portion of the @lert that doesn't contain any spaces is removed. For example, ...
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How do I view the recent replies to things I have written?

How can I see recent activity, such as when someone answers one of my questions, leaves a comment reply to me, edits one of my posts, or votes on my posts? How do I see recent activity on my "...
17 votes
1 answer

The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ says I've got replies, but I've already viewed those

The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ says I've got replies, but I've already viewed those.
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Notify on deletion of replied-to comment

There are quite a lot of apparent monologues in comments which where actually replies to other comments leaving an incomplete conversation. If the original commenter wants to delete his comment, those ...
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