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Newly added comments can't be imported to the old chat room after some comments are deleted [duplicate]

I have one old chat room, but some comments in that are deleted. Then after adding many comments, "Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this ...
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Do comment threads that get moved to chat actually live on?

Is there any data on how often people actually continue comment threads in chat after their comments get nuked? In my experience of comment threads that get moved to chat, the thread just dies, but ...
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Avoiding making so many new chatrooms called "Discussion between user[A] and user [B]" which later become frozen or not very useful

The observation Some sites have hundreds of rooms with almost the same title; for example, there's an entire page of rooms on Mathematics.SE that were created from the comments on a specific question ...
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Automatically move comments to chat if the author already posted a few comments on the same post

Summary Force comments to chat if the author already posted n comments or is replying to such a comment. This should considerably reduce moderation load of long comment threads. Proposal ...
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Let comments retain their pings when they are moved to chat

It often happens to me that someone has replied to (user @rus9384) me in comments, comments have been moved to chat, and I don't see the response (if the post is not mine, I don't see any notification ...
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"Comments moved to chat" is a broken feature

I'm a mod on Academia. One of the more common tasks I have is moving long, rambling comment threads to chat. We do this for a few purposes: Make it easier for new visitors to find useful (i.e., ...
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Is there a network-wide policy on what constitutes an "extended discussion" in comments and why they're a bad idea?

I've seen a number of Meta discussion on various sites on exactly what constitutes an "extended discussion" and the extent to which they should (or shouldn't) be tolerated. Is there a network-wide ...
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Hidden Communities don't play well with comment-to-chat migrations

It's come up quite a few times since Hidden Communities were implemented - users expect privacy and unexpectedly end up losing it all when conversation gets migrated to the chat system. Suddenly their ...
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Writing comments to a post after comments have been moved to chat

Under this answer: are two comments: Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. If there are elements in moved ...
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How do you choose when to show the "Please avoid extended discussions in comments" notice?

I have answered two questions: Angularjs:How to remove dynamical table row, but no remove from array Infinite scroll repeate same id again from database On the first one we've posted 12 comments, ...
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Chat window keeps reloading on iPad

When I tap a chat link in a comment, the Safari panel keeps reloading. App Version: Device: iPad 2 (GSM) OS Version: Version 9.1 (Build 13B143)
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Explain users about difference between chat notification and comment notification when comments are moved to chat

I suggest a hint about using explicit @someuser ping to be used in a char room that is based on migrated comments from StackExchange post. The hint should explain that automatic notification of post ...
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Could mods have "add comments to chat" to supplement "move comments to chat"?

Moderators can move comments to a chat room associated with the post, and now we don't even have to wait for 20 comments to be posted in a short period of time -- we can do this at any time via the ...
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Transfer upvotes on comments to stars in chat

When a comment conversation is moved by moderators to a chat room, the upvotes on those comments are lost. If a comment had 20 upvotes, there is nothing to indicate that once it has been moved to ...
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"move comments to chat" link disappeared

I got a suggestion to "automatically move comments to chat", but I decided to post another comment first. However, once I did the link disappeared. How do I get it back?
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Should "move-to-chat" be provided on demand (as a button perhaps)?

When comments get too chatty the move-to-chat feature asks if you'd like to move it out. But this often happens after the fact and thus doesn't prevent it. I propose that: Move-to-chat be provided ...
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Invite low rep users to participate in chat

I'm aware of the preference for 'general answers to general questions' attitude on SO, and wholeheartedly agree that questions that are focused on specific, one-time issues are not as valuable to the ...
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