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participated actively in [proposal], visited at least three times per week, asked at least three questions during the beta phase, and answered as many questions as possible for at least three months

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How on earth can this proposal be only at 29% definition when it has over 200 commits?

After browsing around on area51, I noticed that the proposal, Stackoverflow in Korean, has over 200 commits, but is only about 29% to beta. Then there's there's this proposal, Startups, with less ...
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Can the commitment be fulfilled by asking questions only?

I have a question about fulfilling commitment. I'm participating in private beta of English Language Learners. Because I classify myself as learner, I'm concentrated only on asking questions, because ...
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Did the requirements for fulfilling beta commitments change?

Today a user commented on an Area51 post of mine about the 10 posts (questions + answers) required to fulfill a commitment. He got the Beta badge on Poker and his Area 51 profile shows the ...
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How can we make the committment process better?

Given that there tend to be a number of questions on Meta about the commitment process, specifically the completion of commitments, for example: How do I uncommit from a Stack Exchange proposal? How ...
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Expire commitment tokens after extended period of time [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Commitment should fail after beta, user's commitment weight should reflect past failed commitments As per my previous question about the Japanese.SE commitment and others ...
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How can I fulfill my commitment to Japanese.SE on Area 51? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I uncommit from a Stack Exchange proposal? How to “follow through” on an area51 proposal I tried to so some searching around and couldn't find a good ...
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How to undo a commit to a Area 51 proposal?

I commited to 3 different Area51 proposals. Now I saw that Sports is in the commitment phase and I want to commit there too. But the limit is set to 3. So how can I uncommit from a Area51 proposal?
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Commitment fulfilled before public beta?

Today I got this email cited below, saying that I fulfilled my commitment to the new Cryptography Stack exchange site. I also got the bonus reputation and upholder badge on Area51. As I understood ...
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Commitment should fail after beta, user's commitment weight should reflect past failed commitments

While it's nice of Area51 to allow someone to meet their commitment well after the site is public, the reality is that they made a commitment to help the site at the very beginning, and they failed to ...
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When is commitment to SharePoint Overflow fullfiled?

Currently I can't commit to a proposal, because I committed to SharePoint Overflow which skipped the private beta. Contrary to You'll be able to commit to another proposal once one of the above ...
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What should happen to users who fulfill their commitments to failed Area 51 betas?

I'm torn on this one. I committed to the How things work proposal because it seemed like an interesting idea and I enjoy finding concise ways to explain the complex underpinnings of everyday life in ...
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If questions are locked during the commitment phase at Area 51, how do I fulfill my commitment?

I think I must be misreading some documentation or perhaps it's unclear. It seems that to fulfill my commitment to a proposed site I'm supposed to ask and answer questions. But it also seems that ...
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Fulfilled Commitments based on Reputation

I think there should be another way to fulfill commitments other than by asking/answering 10 questions/answers total: Reputation. For example, I've got 223 reputation on GraphicDesign.SE, but I've ...
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Do meta questions and answers count toward site commitment? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does Fulfillment take into account Meta posts? Lately I find myself as involved in a site's meta as the actual site. Do those posts count toward my commitment, or do I need ...
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What does it take for a commitment to count as "fulfilled"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How to "follow through" on an area51 proposal What is the exact commitment when commiting to an area51 site? There is a same question here but the answer is too ...
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23 votes
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When is a commitment fulfilled on Area 51?

I commited to Programmers on Area 51, now the site is in public beta, and I have been active in the site by posting 4 questions and 18 answers. But my commitment is still not listed as fulfilled, as ...
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Rather than having a questions/answer count to meet fulfillment on a Stack Exchange, wouldn't it be better to use rep score?

I haven't had a lot of time to think this through the major possibilities, but it seems like it would be better to promote the asking of good questions (that receive up votes) and right answers (that ...
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Does Fulfillment take into account Meta posts? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does participation on a per-site meta count toward completing a commitment to that site? Does Area 51 take participation on the meta site (e.g. http://meta.webapps....
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Does participation on a per-site meta count toward completing a commitment to that site?

Do my questions/participation on both X.stackexchange and meta.X.stackexchange count when evaluating whether I've hit my commitment mark for the site ?
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How do commit allowances work on Area 51?

I have a couple of questions related to the 3 (actual) commitment allowance: Is committing to your own proposal assumed, or does it use up one of the committments you're allowed? Is there ever a time ...
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