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CommonMark is an unambiguous specification for Markdown. CommonMark is used to highlight and format text similarly to the way that was done previously using Markdown. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (questions, answers, wikis, chat). It differs from the Markdown previously used here in a number of ways, see the announcement link provided in the Wiki.

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Separator bar in numbered list breaks formatting

Using Firefox 110.0. Including a horizontal separator (---) in a numbered list causes the item with the separator to overlap other items. Markdown: 1. One 2. --- 3. Three Result (image): Result (...
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Text following a setext heading in a <pre> blocks is rendered in editor preview as non-pre-formatted text

I noticed that if one puts a setext heading and some following text inside a <pre> block, the text following the setext heading gets rendered in the editor preview as non-pre-formatted text. My ...
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When rendering posts, a blockquote line followed by a blockquoted psuedo-setext heading underline ending with any character becomes a setext heading

When rendering posts, a blockquote line followed by a blockquoted pseudo-setext heading underline ending with any character turns those lines into a setext heading. Here's what the CommonMark spec ...
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How can I stop the site from expanding an URL to the title of the post?

If there is a link to a Stack Exchange post from the same site, it is automatically expanded to the title. (Unless the post is deleted.) For example, renders ...
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Parenthesis's for numbered lists in posts with indented code not working in the live Post

When CommonMark was adopted, it added support for numbered list that use 1) as the markdown. I was looking at this answer from 2009 on Stackoverflow and saw that it contained "1)". Before a ...
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New Stacks editor incorrectly renders tag markup with disallowed characters as valid tags

When I typed [tag:*-faq] in the new stacks editor, it rendered as a tag (like asterisk-faq), but then when I posted my answer, the unrendered Markdown was displayed. Further, the Markdown following ...
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Snippets in nested list items break nesting in post preview

Similar to "Why aren't runnable code snippets formatted correctly within lists?" (which appears to be resolved), when a snippet is in an item in a nested markdown list, it breaks the nesting....
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Lines starting with a hash without spaces before the words stopped to be recognised as headers [duplicate]

I made a small edit of the post that showed steps and sub steps as html headers, and noticed that after my change the steps start to be shown as plain ...
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Why was "Commonmark migration" notice suppressed here -- and not everywhere?

I noticed in an old answer an edit I made over a year ago. When I checked the revision history, I realized Community ◆ should have left its Commonmark migration note in a newer revision. But that did ...
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How can I find my posts where the headers are now busted after the migration to CommonMark

CommonMark is a bit more strict than the previous markdown flavor. One of these cases is the markdown for headers to generate an H1, H2 or H3. A # on a new line followed by text was all that was ...
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Terms of Latin origin in plaintext in titles, or some way to italicize them for those who don't recognize them as such?

I had in toto changed to "in total" in a question title with a comment that a spelling error was corrected, even though in toto appeared again in the restatement of the question in the body. ...
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Markdown renderer changes indentation inside fenced code blocks

On some (but not all!) sites, code fenced blocks (but not indented code blocks!) are indented incorrectly. The following Markdown input: ``` for arg; do if [[ $arg ]]; then echo "$...
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CommonMark regression: image embed exclamation sign syntax broken after <p> tag

I ran into a regression change in the post formatting engine CommonMark. If you try to embed an image using the exclamation sign syntax ![foo][bar] and the paragraph starts with a <p> or <hr&...
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Numbered lists display fine after newline only if the first item starts with 1; otherwise, they need an extra newline in between

See this markdown: hello 1. Point 1 2. Point 2 bye 2. Point 2 3. Point 3 Now see how it renders: hello Point 1 Point 2 bye 2. Point 2 3. Point 3 As you see, the numbered list items just display ...
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We're switching to CommonMark

I’m Ham and I’m a developer on the Teams team here at Stack Overflow. Over the past few months, I’ve been heads down working on the way we turn Markdown into HTML when writing and editing posts across ...
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