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Who is on the Community Management Team, and what does it do?

The members of the Community Management Team (sometimes referred to as the Community Team or CMs) are employees of Stack Exchange the company, but not all SE employees are Community Management Team ...
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18 answers

Thank you, Catija

I've had the pleasure of working with some great community managers here. Cat is one of those folks who's always been cheerful, and deeply cared about this spot. We often nagged her to go to sleep ...
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Has a CM (specifically) gone back to being a mod before?

I know that some Stack Exchange site moderators have become Stack Exchange employees and then later left the company and gone back to being moderators on their individual sites. Sklivvz and Jeremy ...
159 votes
7 answers

Thank You, V2Blast

V2Blast is one of those folks who - to me represented a rare mix of skills. I knew him before he was hired and I often found he was a tireless advocate of the places he community managed at and ...
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As of August 2023, is [email protected] still an active email address for reaching out to the SE Team?

I am trying to reach out to the SE team regarding a site moderation issue, but my message text exceeds the contact form’s 5000-character limit. According to this 2019 post, "Compare methods of ...
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19 answers

Change in roles for Jon Ericson (leaving SE)

It’s a bit surreal to be writing this post—not many people can say they left their dream job twice. Today is my last day as an employee of Stack Overflow. I’ll be joining College Confidential as their ...
31 votes
4 answers

Community Manager Tips from the Community

With the arrival of valued associate #820, it seems like we really need a community-based list of tips for new Community Managers to know when they take up their new mantle with a mega-diamond. What ...
90 votes
31 answers

What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

Updated note (with the original post still below the line)- Thank you, very much, for the time you've spent answering these questions. I learned a ton. In fact, as I've hinted below, I'd like to do ...
135 votes
10 answers

Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate #679: Cesar Manara

We mentioned last year that we were looking to rev up on additional resources for the Stack Exchange network and this announcement is meant to support that claim. Due to the increased growth of our ...
102 votes
8 answers

Join me in Welcoming Valued Associates: #945 - Slate - and #948 - Charlotte

I’m excited to introduce you to the two newest members of the Community team. Slate and Charlotte have joined us as Associate Community Managers. They are joining JNat and Catija on Community Ops and ...
36 votes
4 answers

Please welcome Valued Associate #1426 - Sasha!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Sasha, Stack Exchange’s newest community manager. Sasha’s diverse academic and professional experience shows her passion for continuous learning and for ...
64 votes
3 answers

Please welcome Valued Associate #1301 - Emerson

I've been so incredibly lucky and happy to have Bella and Salmon, the previous newest hires for Trust & Safety, join me last year. It's only been 9 months, and I'm proud of the work they've done, ...
1598 votes
46 answers

Thank you, Shog9

@Shog9, a longtime Community Manager here at Stack Exchange, has just tweeted that he is no longer working at Stack Overflow: @shog9: Well... I suddenly find myself in need of work. If anyone's ...
76 votes
3 answers

Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate #1214: Dalmarus

We have been on a journey to revamp and improve the /contact support experience - it has moved back to the Community Team, we hired dedicated folks to do it, and switched systems more than once by now....
50 votes
2 answers

Please welcome Valued Associate #1065 - Bert!

Today, I’d like to welcome Bert, who joined the community team last week as a new staff community manager. (The “staff” in his title is a description of his seniority…. Our CMs go from Associate CM, ...
35 votes
4 answers

Your input: (Non-engineering) priorities for the community team

As you probably know, we're in the midst of planning for 2022, org-wide. One of the challenges that we've long had on the Community Team is that while it's (relatively) easy to get wish lists for ...
78 votes
10 answers

Please welcome Valued Associates #999 - Bella Blue & #1001 - Salmon of Wisdom

Earlier this year, we hired Philippe to join me on what was the newly created Trust & Safety subteam of the Community Team. He then promptly left me alone again and became VP of Community instead. ...
31 votes
5 answers

Announcing our new Manager, Community Trust & Safety: Cesar M

When I joined Stack Overflow (the company, not the site), I was initially asked to work on a nascent Trust and Safety team. This was a new team for the community department, just formed, at the ...
131 votes
3 answers

CM escalations - How we got the queue back down to zero

CM escalations are one type of request that the Community Management team handles. These are issues that Moderators send to the Community Managers when an issue needs to be escalated to someone on ...
22 votes
7 answers

Community team Q4/2021 Roadmap

This is just an FYI: I've just published the Q4 2021 Community team roadmap on the blog (and it's early, even!). I'm taking questions or comments here, or over there. :-)
106 votes
7 answers

Please welcome Valued Associates: #958 - V2Blast & #959 - SpencerG

It is with much excitement that I present to you our newest members of the Community Team: V2Blast and SpencerG! These Community Managers - including one who comes from the existing corps of ...
63 votes
5 answers

Why I go by Rosie (discussion about people using pseudonyms for privacy reasons)

It’s been almost seven months since I joined the Community Team at Stack Overflow. I’ve been having a wonderful time learning the ropes, working with incredible colleagues across the company, and ...
112 votes
2 answers

New VP of Community, plus two more community managers

In May, I posted a job for a VP of Community because we decided that adding that role appropriately reflected the importance we place on community and the Community Team’s role as a voice for our ...
96 votes
4 answers

Moderators don't hunt down "questionable grammar"

In the description for the job opening Vice President of Community Management - which I'm glad to see you're hiring for - there's this line: We have a network of over 500 volunteer moderators who are ...
55 votes
4 answers

What *does* a community manager need to be?

UPDATE 5/5/2021: I had someone from SE management reach out and apologise for the wording of the communications with me. They've clarified that the reasons are entirely geographical and time zone ...
75 votes
4 answers

We’re looking for a new Vice President of Community at Stack Overflow

You might have noticed that we posted a VP of Community job description on our “Careers at Stack Overflow” page. It’s a big role, and important here at the company. As we move forward in the process ...
64 votes
3 answers

Please open up hiring Community Manager positions to experienced members of the community

There have been some recent hirings for new Community Managers and the Community Team in general recently, including Ayo and Rosie, which is great! The CM team has been severely understaffed for years ...
42 votes
9 answers

Please join me in welcoming Valued Associate #861 Philippe Beaudette

Philippe Beaudette has been working in Community for 25 years. He’s spent some time with several great companies, including AOL, Wikipedia, Reddit, and Atlassian. He started at AOL, which in my ...
46 votes
7 answers

Join me in Welcoming Valued Associate #843: Rosie

I’m thrilled to be the first to introduce Rosie, our new Manager on the Community Management team. Rosie is joining us to be a part of the Community Operations team. In the past, she’s worked at ...
15 votes
2 answers

What's the difference between a regular CM and a Staff CM?

I noticed there was an opening for a Staff CM on the work here page. Broadly speaking - the requirements are identical to our regular CMs. Requirements seem the same, with the 3-5 year experience ...
62 votes
9 answers

Join me in welcoming Valued Associate #820: Shodipo Ayomide

For some time now, I’ve been looking forward to announcing the following news. Our dedicated team of Community Managers has increased today with the addition of Shodipo Ayomide! Please help me welcome ...
166 votes
16 answers

A big thank you, Tim Post

As you may have seen, this was Tim Post’s last week at Stack Overflow. To say that he has been a staple of this company for a very long time is an understatement. Tim has served as a community manager,...
250 votes
7 answers

Why is SE gutting the CM team?

It looks like SE has fired two of the most experienced CMs just now. What does this mean for the community, and for the plans SE has for the future of the network? In a blog post about new feedback ...
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0 answers

Thank you, Tim Post [duplicate] Tomorrow is my last day at @StackOverflow. I can't begin to say how grateful I am to everyone that made the last (almost) 8 years of my career ...
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Ticket Smash - How is the backlog today?

In We expect some Q3 projects to be delayed "Ticket Smash" was announced: No tomorrows. No excuses. Ticket Smash on September 8th - September 18th In total we have almost 600 unhandled CM ...
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Compare methods of contacting the CM team

In relation to Feature request: append text of Contact Us submission when sending auto-response: Is emailing [email protected] or [email protected] equivalent to using the "Contact Us" ...
1020 votes
22 answers

Firing Community Managers: Stack Exchange is not interested in cooperating with the community, is it?

Less than a month ago, there was some settling of the incident with firing Monica. It's obvious that there was not a lot of approval from the community on the course of action chosen by SE, or the ...
10 votes
1 answer

Flagging a moderator's comments [duplicate]

Being new to the site I have already witnessed a hell lot of work and responsibility a moderator has to undertake (at the least)... Just wanted to know what does happen when someone flags a moderator'...
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Why don't SE staff write their full email in their bio?

I noticed that SE staff do not write their full email in their bio. Example here: If there's anything you think I could help you with, you can reach me at jnat@... And here: ...
69 votes
3 answers

Does Victoria Taylor's firing from Reddit in 2015 seem similar to recent events? What can Stack Exchange learn from it?

Victoria Taylor was fired from Reddit in 2015; her story shares some similarities with Shog9 and Robert Cartaino's firing from Stack Exchange. Maybe there's some lessons to be learned, so I list some ...
17 votes
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Do escalated voting fraud cases ever go anywhere?

A few months ago I reported an obvious case of serial voting, and a moderator said they escalated the incident to SE. Since then, deafening silence. Another user told me this would probably happen. ...
-8 votes
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Way to sort answers by if they are by Stack Exchange employees

So I was looking at this question, which has a lot of answers. It is tagged status-deferred, meaning that someone working at Stack Exchange responded to it. However, there isn't a quick way to find an ...
6 votes
3 answers

Can Community Managers contact deleted users?

The short version: This question over on Ask Ubuntu got downvoted into oblivion (-6 is oblivion for AU) and subsequently deleted. I posted an AU meta question to prevent other users from deleting ...
52 votes
7 answers

New Resources for Our Stack Exchange Network

It's nice to be here! Hello, fellow humans! My name is Juan M and I’ve served as the Community Manager of Stack Overflow en español as well as the Manager for the International Stack Overflow ...
22 votes
1 answer

What happened to Community Requests?

Note that I'm not referring to general feature requests, but specifically to Community Requests, i.e. What features did the Community Team discuss, have implemented, or have denied last month?. In the ...
25 votes
2 answers

New Resources for Our Stack Exchange Network - Part 2

A strong, and often unseen part of our Stack Exchange Network is our International Stack Overflow sites. Three of the four sites can be found in the Top 10 list for Questions per Day. The rate at ...
306 votes
20 answers

Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #599, Catherine Kuck AKA Catija!

We're extremely pleased to announce that Catherine Kuck (most of you know her as Catija) started yesterday on our Community Growth team as a Community Manager. As soon as she's completed a small ...
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4 answers

Should Community Managers remain impartial during Moderator elections?

Community Managers (e.g. paid employees of Stack Exchange) play a large part in the background running of the SE sites and can be seen to exert enormous influence over users. We've seen that there's ...
11 votes
3 answers

Do community managers vote on questions/answers?

A while ago, there was some drama on a meta site, and a user said something along the lines of the following (I'm going to paraphrase it because I'm not trying to dig up old drama): The Stack ...
31 votes
6 answers

When should we consider adding a default migration path?

When users vote or flag to close a question that should be migrated to another site on the network, they usually can only choose to migrate to meta: Occasionally we get requests to add a new ...