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Is there a Stack Overflow like site for computer science? [duplicate]

Are there any sites like Stack Overflow where we can ask computer science and more theoretical questions? What do you guys/gals use other than this site? EDIT: Even though I really didn't get ...
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Where on SE to ask about computer science

What is the right site on the Stack Exchange network for computer science questions? None of the answers I can think of are remotely satisfying: Stack Overflow: Even if CS questions are acceptable (...
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What is the proper site to ask for some links?

I've got a particular question to ask for some http-links where I can find problem sets with test cases dealing with specific area of computer science. It's not the thing to discuss, hence I can't ...
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"Generating a random DFA with uniform distribution" - Where can I ask this kind of question?

I asked this question yesterday. It appears building a random DFA, selected with uniform distribution, is more difficult than it seems. Should I be asking this somewhere else, or have I come to the ...
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What is the scope of questions regarding theoretical computer science rather than practical problems?

I have faced/seen closed questions (very recent example here) whenever the question relates to something other than very specific programming errors, installation, some data-structure, algorithm or ...
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Should homework questions be moved to [closed]

I recently discovered, and just browsing the site, it seemed like a site better suited for homework questions, or questions from those seeking help understanding the basics of the ...
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Computer Science and Programming [closed]

I'm a PhD student with 7 years of experience in programming. I have worked on large systems in different platforms. When I ask a question related to Computer Science, there were times that the ...
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