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For Stack Exchange bugs caused (presumably) by race conditions - two or more actions running simultaneously which produces rather odd effects.

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Message about edit conflicts not working?

According to some posts I should get a notification on saving if someone has saved before me. In this question, I saved 13 secs after A__, in revision 24. Both I and they deleted ", or is at the end ...
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Suggested Edit queue shows conflict warning for my own edit after submitting improvement

After reviewing as Improve Edit and submitting the improvement, I got the orange header bar telling me the post had been edited twice and I ...
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We need diff/merge tools for conflicting edits

I came accross this question on SO: (removed, 10k+ rep needed) It ...
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Suggested edits can be submitted even after a concurrent edit

Consider the following sequence of events: Users A and B both start editing a post. User A submits his edit. User B submits his edit. User B's edit cannot be submitted: User A already edited the ...
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May I suggest: Are you sure you want to delete? Someone's answering the question right now. Give them 5 minutes to finish

This is different from the request for "someone else is answering" I've seen mentioned and rejected before: Indication if somebody has started to write an answer This is something that happened to me ...
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Unconditionally ask for confirmation before submitting an edit if one was just submitted

Related questions: The editing race - the slackers always win Provide indicator that another user is editing a post
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Deleting an answer should check for edits first

Deleting an answer should check for edits, and abort if the answer has been edited since the page was loaded. If the answer has been edited, there's a significant chance that the reason for deleting ...
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Load factor too high on SE sites

I'm not sure if this is only happening locally (I would think no, but I would also think it'd have been reported by now if not), but I'm having trouble getting to pages on SE sites. I get the Oops ...
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Could the "edit clash warning" be moved closer to the Save Edits button?

I love the new edit system. Even if I don't have enough reputation to perform immediate edits, I can now edit questions and answers to improve their grammar, spelling and structure, and one of the ...
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What happens when two editors edit the same post?

Of course one of the two editors A will get her edit stored before the other one B. But what happens to the resulting post that appears on the page without clicking the edit buttons? Show only the ...
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Is concurrent editing detection working? (Answer: yes, but only if everyone is slow enough)

Is the 'concurrent editing' checking working? Take a look at the edit history of SO 3780075. There are 5 or more edits (one of them mine) within a single minute - the question went to Community Wiki ...
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Indication if somebody has started to write an answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “User X is writing an answer” - banner to appear when another user is writing too Would be nice if an author of a question can see how many people are writing ...
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"User X is writing an answer" - banner to appear when another user is writing too

Is there a way to notify me that another user is writing an answer? Some (mainly simple) questions get duplicate answers just for that reason: A user starts answering while another user has almost ...