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No warning about existing answers when answer is undeleted while I'm deleting the question

Althoug the site will confirm for a deletion of a question with answer, but maybe there is still some race conditions. What happenned: I deleted one of my own question. The question is deleted without ...
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Not receiving email confirmation on My filtered tags [duplicate]

I have tried to subscribe to my required tags for every 3 hours. But it just doesn't work. I have also tried "resend confirmation mail"; the page says confirmation mail sent. But I have not received ...
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Not able to see the newsletter confirmation message box fully when the top bar stickiness is enabled

When the top bar stickiness is enabled, if I'm subscribe or unsubscribe any newsletter, not able to see the confirmation message box. It was sticky with the top bar. After I scrolled the page too, ...
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Add a confirmation dialog before suspending people on chat

At the moment, suspending folks in chat is pretty easy: You press a button, and they can't chat for an hour. The problem is, this button doesn't have any sort of confirmation. It just... goes ahead ...
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I signed up for Super User and got redirected to a 404 page

I aready had a stack overflow account. Now I wanted to sign up for superuser. I clicked the "join this community" button and needed to confirm: Clicking the button redirected me to: (https://...
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No confirmation dialog when retracting a flag

I just retracted a flag that I cast on an answer and noticed that clicking the "Retract" button caused immediate retraction of the flag, without any confirmation dialog. We have such confirmation for ...
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Prompt for Unsaved Profile change and add a second Save Profile button

I changed my profile picture and noticed it didn't take affect. I made sure it wasn't caching and tried again... and again, and again. After uploading the picture for the 5th or 6th time I realized ...
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Add “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?” when writing a comment [duplicate]

When I'm writing a comment on, it takes a lot of time to create it and fix it and I use all the characters allowed that it looks like a small paragraph. Usually you have to link studies, ...
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Deleting answered question: confirmation does not work

I want to delete an answered question. When I click "delete", a confirmation prompt pops up discouraging me to do so, but it seems it would still allow me to continue and effectively delete the ...
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Why do I need to confirm my cancellation of a question edit?

I just edited a question and then rejected my edits by clicking "Cancel". Then a pop-up comes up that asks for confirmation of my cancellation. Is that really needed?
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How to confirm edits not in my expertise field?

Most of the edited content I am offered to approve by the system is really what I do not have expertise in. For example I get many edited questions/answers from Java tagged questions even though I ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Commitment should be serious matter, please ask me to confirm before uncommiting

When I commit to a proposal on Area51 it's done after careful thinking, not something that is done lightly. (source) When I uncommit, I expect family and friends to ask me to reconsider: ...
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Leave page confirmation on pending request to server

There are certain operations like upvote, downvote and starring for which we get the visual feedback even before the request is sent to the server. The problem is when the tab is closed quite soon ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Add a confirmation before moving comments to a chat

When a comment chain is too long, new comments have to be loaded through the add / show 1 more comments link. After clicking on this link, I can add a reply: After quickly misclicking on the textarea,...
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Is it okay to ask whether my understanding about something is correct? [duplicate]

I am new to the stack overflow forums. I have been dealing with a question which was answered in stackoverflow about a year ago. My question is directly related to the topic in this thread: ...
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Why is email confirmation needed for OpenID accounts?

Maybe I'm missing something. On Area51, I first logged in with my OpenID (gmail). Attempted to vote, but was told I needed to confirm my email. Then realised I could copy my profile from StackOverflow....
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Withdrawn: Ask for confirmation when making a tag synonym suggestion

Pretty straight forward request. Just ask for a confirmation when suggesting a tag synonym. I was browsing the different tag synonyms for various tags and accidentally suggested a tag when I thought ...
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Confirmation dialog for deleting a comment does not appear twice

I don't consider this being very important, but I thought I'd report it (and perhaps it's by design). I was cleaning up some of my old comments, and tried to delete one before 5 seconds had passed ...
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