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Intermittent Stack Overflow website connectivity issues

I'm trying to browse through my company's internet, and often the website fails to open. We reviewed the company's firewall but there are no rules to prevent from reaching the ...
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Stack Exchange Meta Sites are down

A lot of meta sites have become unavailable recently (in the last few hours or so), for example Math Stack Exchange Meta and 3D Printing Meta. Here is the error message: I am using Chrome on Windows ...
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Clicking on share reloads the page on a slow connection

Clicking on share reloads the page on a slow connection. Tested on Chrome 105.0.5195.102 + Windows 10. I don't think it should reload the page. Demo: Not sure if I should tag as bug or feature ...
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Sporadic bursts of extreme slowness across all pages on all sites

I (and several other users at the same time) have been periodically experiencing extremely slow page loads (including, at times, pages erroring out after trying to load for a while). It appears to ...
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Are you trialling QUIC or doing A/B testing?

Myself and several other colleagues have had multiple occasions over the last few weeks where we found Stack Overflow to be unavailable from our work computers. Once this happens, it remains the case ...
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Connection to StackExchange sites failing intermitently today

Sorry if this already was reported. But it seems that at least some StackExchange are suffering with some technical difficulties and intermitencies in the last 24 hours or so. If this information is ...
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Is there a timeout on Stack Exchange sites?

When I log in to a Stack Exchange site such as Arqade, Music: Practice & Theory and Super User, I notice after around half an hour being on the site my connection seems to drop, loading ...
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Really slow load/response times on Stack Overflow, MSO, MSE, many (all?) others

Intermittently since about 10:00 BST (9:00 GMT) today. I don't see anything on I'm connecting from the UK.
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When voting with a slow internet connection, it can get counted towards the next round [closed]

While playing StackEgg, if i cast a vote towards the end of the round when i have a slow connection, it can get counted towards the next round. Then, in the next round, it tells me that i already ...
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V1.0.1.70 – Launch bug causes crash

If you start the app with no internet connection it will crash the app. To recreate completely close the app, turn on Airplane mode with no wifi, then launch the app.
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Currently, no connection to

My little gravar-icon in the status-bar and many other icons are no longer present. I tried to open the gravar-link directly, to no avail. Pinging PING (...
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3k views sends me 502

When trying to connect to I get the message: 502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response. This is going on for some hours now. The same thing occurs ...
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Duplicate comments in chatrooms from users with poor connections

Here on my beach in Romania with my decaying HP netbook I often have a lousy connection yet I still like to spend time in Stack Exchange chatrooms. But when my connection gets sketchy I often get the ...
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With poor Internet connection votes on questions can be "lost" but votes on comments work fine!

In many places around the world where people use Stack Exchange sites the Internet is a bet more flaky than it is in the SE offices. Quite often I load a page and in the time it takes to read the ...
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Why does the first request to any stack site take unusually long within a given time frame?

Example: I'm sitting in Austria, Europa. My #1 way to visit e.g. stackoverflow or superuser etc. is by going to Google and, due it's programming related query, usually pops me up a link to ...
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the domain is for sale [closed]

I am getting this page whenever I am trying to open Is anybody else getting similar error page.
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All Stack Exchange sites unreachable/connection reset from my home ISP

This is a strange error. For months, I have not been able to reach Stackexchange sites from my home connection (Starhub, Singapore). I get HTTP 101 Connection reset. I can ping but ...
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Can't log in to StackExchange Chat, 404s [closed] doesn't log me in. It just sits there trying to connect to something, and eventually gives up on that and does nothing else.
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