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Stopping data dumps to "protect data" - harmful and threatening to the community

I find it a bit odd that "senior leadership is working on a strategy to protect Stack Overflow data from being misused by companies building LLMs", but historically has only cared about ...
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Feature request: append text of Contact Us submission when sending auto-response

When I clicked on "Contact Us" in the Meta.SE footer, I got an automated response with a ticket number in the subject line. The body of the email said (date) This is an automated message to ...
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Sort user's posts based on content length

I am looking for a way to sort the list of my answers on a Stack Exchange site by the size of content (number of words). I am looking to hand pick article length answers that I have written in past. ...
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Is that right to share screenshot from MDN documentation?

While answering it would be better to share browser compatibility details taken from MDN documentation. Is it OK to take a screenshot from MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) and share somewhere else, e.g....
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Supposed SE is acquired and shut down, then we lose all the knowledge contained here? [duplicate]

The content that is being generated by SE might rival one day with that contained in Wikipedia. While I can download the Wikipedia at any point and make sure that effort is not going to be lost, I'm ...
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Version label need to be update in Stack Exchange API Authorization page

In the Authorization for the Stack Exchange API Documentation page, the version is still showing as V2.0, since the current version is 2.2 so it should be changed as V2.2. The authorization page is ...
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Having a meta of each question? [duplicate]

I'm not saying the meta of the site, I'm talking about the meta of each question. You can think it like the history section, or the same as the edit page in every Wikipedia page, or the revisions page ...
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How are the feeds on the v1.0 iOS app personalized?

The Stack Exchange blog announcement touts the feed as something that can be / or is already "deeply personalized", but I'm not seeing any sort of settings to accomplish that within the app ...
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Are We Allowed To Discuss Malware Creation [duplicate]

I do not want to get in trouble for it, so I decided to check here first. I have a code that I think is a legit virus, but on many forums I have been bashed for the discussion of malware creation. ...
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Page includes script from unauthenticated sources

When i open the question Entity framework, discriminator column, but no inheritance chrome tells me that the page includes script from unauthenticated sources. The Console of the Developer Tools ...
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Why are localhost and links blocked? [closed]

As a legitimate use of the link, consider the explanation for the nodejs hello world example: % node example.js Server running at To describe what to do next, the natural ...
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Avoiding the Chameleon, Again

Okay,here's the post in question We wrote some more debugging stuff in my shop yesterday and this morning. With the aid of those new debugging routines, I have now learned that... The UART is ...
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SMS tag wiki is ridiculously long [closed]

The description for the sms tag seems to have been copied/pasted from a Wikipedia-like source, and is thus incredibly long (it goes into the history of SMS messaging, complete with dates). One could ...
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Possible to incorporate image content OCR metadata in search results?

Argument 1: SCENARIO I submit a search via Google or Stack Exchange on some topic which I have recently been researching. I know I saw a good answer to my question somewhere - but I just can't ...
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I need a mod to undelete my posts that were deleted for too little content [closed]

I have added lots of content to all the places where I answered a batch of questions that were all basically the same. I would have marked these all as dupes, but that is apparently an admin action or ...
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Who conceptually "owns" the differing kinds of content on StackExchange?

I think some of the recent fireworks over comments stems from a conceptual disagreement between those like myself and Sbi, and "management" of StackExchange -- namely, who conceptually owns a given ...
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Defining a term with markdown or HTML

I've come across answers on Stack Overflow that I've found particularly intriguing, but half way through reading I've had to break off and perform a Google search to find out what a particular term or ...
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Links to external content: How do we mitigate degradation of SO as external links begin to break over time?

Since one of the main goals of SO is to provide a comprehensive Q & A repository (and not just a question and answer forum), how should we mitigate the degradation of Stack Overflow as external ...
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Why are there so many scraper sites outranking Stack Overflow on Google? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Scrapers enter the scene - was the choice of license right? Why are clones ranking higher than Stack Overflow for questions and answers? Why are there so many scraper sites ...
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What's the difference between the questions I'm shown on the main page of versus when I click on the "Questions" link?

I notice when I visit the main page of I see a distinctly different list of questions than when I click on the "Questions" link that takes me to What's ...
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Would it stay or would it go now?

I've been trying to teach myself TDD over the last couple of months, if I put up a whole class and test fixture on SO and asked for people's feedback does this just simply overstep the line of 'Avoid ...
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What the ... is coderesource dot org?

I was searching for some coding related questions and the second result pointed to coderesource dot org. Albeit the unappealing presentation I dug a bit around and suddenly landed at Stack Overflow. ...
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Repository for more substantial contributed documents, sample source code etc

The basic scenario is that, in the course of answering a question, I might do a few searches and not really find a suitable link for additional information. If I've got some spare time and I'm ...
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License for StackOverflow Blog content

The footer on the blog mentions a BY-NC-SA license for the podcasts, but doesn't mention the text on the blog itself. I'm asking because, as a StackExchange user, I find lots of content there very ...
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