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A tool available to moderators that converts an answer into an edit on another post.

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Convert to edit feature messes up link numbers

I recently converted a post into an edit to the question (where it belonged). Both the post and the question had at least one link [1]: http.... The system did not reassign he number scheme, so the ...
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Leave Convert to Edit button enabled all the time in the moderator flag list

In the moderator flags list, there is a "Convert to Edit" button on answers which are posted by the person who posted the question. This button is disabled at times, and I am not sure that ...
5 votes
1 answer

Why was the "convert to edit" action disabled?

Today I handled a "not an answer" flag for a post that should have been part of the original question. I attempted to use the "convert to edit" moderator tool but it was disabled (radio button ...
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Allow me to move comments on a post to the question when converting an answer to an edit

There are a number of times where a user will erroneously post what should be an edit on an answer. A number of those times, there are other users that will still follow up the entire question on the ...
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On a question migrated from another site, it is possible to make operations on a post without an associated account on the receiving site

I am referring to Override comment.tpl.php file with theme. There was an answer that was more a comment, and I tried to convert it to a comment. I was not able, as I got an error saying, "Comment must ...
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Option, in answers, to merge an answer into the question

Thinking of ways to make a common task easier for moderators. We've seen it a hundred times. A cookie-based user asks a question. Later, they log on from a different machine and cannot edit their ...
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