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Is there a way to import a Stack Exchange post into Goodnotes or notability on iOS without the cookies notice blocking out the post?

I’d like to import a Stack Exchange post into Goodnotes or notability on my iPad via Safari. However, when I try to do this, the imported note includes a cookies notice which blocks out a large ...
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The cookie popup on international sites has reverted to the old version

11 months ago, a "Necessary cookies only" option was added to the cookie popup. But currently this is not working on international sites. The name of the button is remains "Reject all&...
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Upcoming privacy updates: removal of the Activity data section and Google conversion pixel deprecation

Activity Data section within the Users Preference page Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites currently have an “Activity data” section within the Users Preference page. It looks like this: What’s ...
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Cookie notice popup is in Russian even for English sites

For instance even on (just open it in browser private mode) I see cookie notice popup in Russian: Possibly related to this Overlapped items on cookie customization popup
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0 answers

Cookie settings dialog spells the same word in both American and British English in different places

In the Cookie Settings, specifically under the "Privacy Preference Center" section, I've noticed a discrepancy in language usage related to personalization. The term "personalized" ...
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1 answer

Overlapped items on cookie customization popup

There are overlapping items on cookie customization popup on mobile devices like Android phone:
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4 votes
1 answer

Cookie consent going down hill

SE's cookie reject seems to have just got a lot worse. I now have to both opt-out, and then reject "legitimate interest". But that is not enough; I have to then go through all the vendors, ...
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Cookie pop-ups are repeatedly displayed on international sites & translations are not reflected and displayed in English

Problem #1 Translations are not reflected on the cookie pop-up screen on international sites and each meta site. (We should have translated these strings.) https://ja.meta....
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Cookie Policy page is broken

I seem to have a new round of cookie nag screens. I'm ok with this I was wondering if anything had changed and clicked on the Cookie Policy Link, as below I get sent to this page Could this be fixed ...
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Add a link to the site cookie settings from the User Settings page

Apparently cookie settings are configurable via a link on the site footer. I found this out thanks to a brief mention on the Advertising Guidelines update: Opt in or out of cookie tracking To opt in ...
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Update to cookie consent modal for EEA/UK users

Our sites feature a cookie consent banner to ask users for permission to store cookies on their devices. It currently looks like this: In order for us to continue to serve personalized ads in the EEA ...
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Strictly Necessary cookies text: "then" not grammatically correct

When customizing cookie settings, the following is shown under Strictly Necessary (click for bigger/sharper image): These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly and cannot be ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Unable to customize cookie settings on

I wanted to look something up about the company and the About link took me to the new marketing site for Stack Overflow. I got the cookie privacy notice and it initially appeared as it's supposed to. ...
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3 answers

Include a "reject all" button in the cookies banner

Proposal The cookie banner should have a "Refuse All" or, to be more accurate, "Accept Only Essential Cookies" or "Refuse Non-Essential Cookies" or "[insert a label ...
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