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What information is collected about users when they are OFF site, and how is this used?

From the Stack Exchange Cookie Policy: "If you use the Stack Overflow Network, both Stack Overflow and third parties will use cookies to track and monitor some of your activities on and off the ...
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Is there a "never ask me about cookies again" cookie that we can set?

While I know it's in vogue to consider everything, everyone, and everywhere a lethal threat to one's well being, I have a question of a different sort. StackExchange is a plague of "we use cookies" ...
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Cookie Policy page is broken

I seem to have a new round of cookie nag screens. I'm ok with this I was wondering if anything had changed and clicked on the Cookie Policy Link, as below I get sent to this page Could this be fixed ...
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Winter Bash site shows cookie policy dialog even after logging in

Even after logging in on the Winter Bash 2021 site on a new browser, the cookie policy popup is still shown. Why is this happening? I thought they were stored across all Stack Exchange domains, and it ...
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Link to cookie policy doesn't work in "Accept all cookies" popup

See also, a more narrow bug here (tagged "status-completed", incorrectly(?)). Upon visiting some SE sites (e.g., logged in or not, I receive this popup: The "Customize ...
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