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For questions about the cookies that SE (or its affiliates) sends to your web browser.

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We've added a "Necessary cookies only" option to the cookie consent popup

We’ve added a “Necessary cookies only” option to our cookie consent banner across, all Stack Exchange sites,,, and all other Stack Overflow sites. ...
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Why is the Google Analytics cookie defined as "strictly necessary" and saved without consent?

When you open a Stack Exchange site the first time you are asked about your consent for storing cookies. You can disallow all cookies except those that are defined as "strictly necessary". ...
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The cookie consent dialog (coming from keeps popping up

Recently, every time I hit a new page in Stack Exchange, whether it be the list of questions in a given forum, or a specific question, I get a pop-up like this: Your privacy By clicking “Accept all ...
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What is the IAmHappyWhereIAm cookie set by

I was just inspecting what cookies are set on StackOverflow (you know, as you do) and one in particular caught my eye: Name Value Domain Path Expires ------------...
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Stop tracking users without their consent

Right now, if you visit an SE site the following things happen: two cookies _ga and _gid are saved, those contain unique IDs used for Google Analytics a request is made to ...
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John Oliver calling out Stack Exchange cookie dialog

In the recent Data Brokers episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver showed this picture: (jump to relevant part around 18:57) which is of the Stack Exchange cookie screen. He said this: Privacy ...
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Replace Google Analytics with a transparent, privacy-respecting alternative

Earlier this year, Google announced that Universal Analytics (UA) will be going away and will stop processing new data after July 1, 2023. Stack Exchange currently plans to switch to Google Analytics ...
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Make cookie preferences configurable in profile

As shown in e.g. Could the cookie banner please be made less intrusive? and multiple answers to We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent the current cookie banner design is less than ideal. ...
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Can I have my flair without the cookie, please?

Even though I would like so, I refrain from adding a flair link on my personal web site because solely serving the PNG flair image file already places a third party prov cookie on the computer of my ...
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We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent

Update (Feb 8 2021): We’ll be doing some A/B testing with the consent interface. Once we’ve landed on a final design, we’ll use that design on all of our sites network wide. Additionally, we’re ...
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How do I dismiss the new cookie popup that appears on the site?

Lately I've been seeing this cookie popup that blocks a lot of the screen. When I try to do the "manage cookies" thing, all it shows me are several categories, with a green oval containing ...
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Could the cookie banner please be made less intrusive?

I frequently visit Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites from private browser windows, which means I get the cookie banner over and over. Does it really have to cover the most useful part of ...
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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) upgrade

Update Sep 14: GA4 has been enabled network-wide. Update Sep 8: GA4 has been enabled on Super User. TL;DR: We’re preparing to upgrade Google Analytics to version 4. A few months ago, the Google ...
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How does one Stack Exchange site know that I'm logged in to the other?

Here's what I did: Completely cleared my browser of all cookies Opened a new browser window in Incognito mode Navigated to and log in Opened a new tab and navigate to ...
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47k views - what's it about, and should I block it?

I was just checking what items were downloaded by the SO pages, and I saw popping up. My first instinct was to block it using Adblock Plus, but I'd like to know what it's for. ...
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What was the teams rationale to using third party cookies in the cookie preference settings?

There has been a lot of fuzz regarding the cookie consent pop-up lately. One of the reasons for this is that it uses a third party cookie, to store your cookie settings. Some users experience this as ...
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Cookies and JavaScript for — legitimate?

Can someone authoritative explain what the cookies that wants to set are for (tracking — I know, but tracking what, and what's wrong with the regular and is ...
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Did something change with Stack Exchange's cross-domain login process? (no longer working)

I have my web browser set to block all third-party cookies. The only place where this is an issue is on Stack Exchange sites, where it prevents a log in action on one site from successfully logging ...
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Firefox, the cookie monster?

I'm having some problems with being logged out at least once a day. Whilst I'm slowly trying to debug the issue I noticed that Firefox isn't happy with some of the cookies in chat. Go to your ...
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Cookie dialog popup flashes for a moment even when I've already accepted all cookies

At the moment I frequently switch between SE websites, as I see different interesting questions. Every time I switch to a new SE site I see a single frame flash of the cookie popup (I'm not sure if ...
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How do I log out of Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange without having to clear the cookies? [closed]

I see that this question is asked over and over again. I made a point to use Stack Exchange rather than Facebook or Gmail to login, as I recently had to do some major annoying stuff to keep Spotify ...
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266 views missing cookie consent logic

There appear to be two bugs on regarding GDPR/CookieLaw and cookie consent: There's no cookie consent dialog, similar to the rest of the Stack Exchange network You can't manage ...
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Why does serve cookies?

According to This is a fast, cookieless domain intended for static content delivered to the Stack Exchange family of websites However, all responses from the server set a cookie anyway: ...
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Add cookie blocks to the IP-based spam-blocking system

Note: Not a duplicate of Please don't use a spam filter based on IP address. That proposes that we stop blocking IPs; this one suggests implementing an additional feature while keeping the ...
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"Third Party Cookies Appear To Be Disabled" When trying to login

When trying to login / create account to I came across this: I do seem to have them enabled (mind the spanish). I am on a Windows machine. Using chrome 13.0.782.112 ...
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Cookie alert has a higher z-index than top-bar menus

The top bar menu dropdowns do not appear over the cookie notice, which means I'd have to accept/adjust my cookie settings before opening the site switcher/viewing my reputation gains/opening my inbox (...
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Cross Validated asking ad nauseam about accepting cookies?

Recently (the last two or three days) on Cross Validated (CV) pages, each time a new page/tab is opened, it asks anew on accepting cookies. Quite molesting. First I thought it was my browser (Chrome ...
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Opt-out cookies in cookie consent

Sometime over the last month, the cookie consent on the SE network now defaults to having all cookies enabled when you press the "Customize settings" cookie popup, forcing users to opt-out ...
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Every Stack Exchange site, StackOverflow, Super User etc continue to asks me for cookie consent even if i accepted multiple times [duplicate]

As the title of the question says, every time I visit a site of stack exchange family I get the dialog for cookie consent. I accepted it multiple times (clicked on "Accept all cookies") but ...
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Facebook cookies in linked profile pictures

The author's linked picture triggers an update of 6 Facebook cookies when I access the page. I don't want to be ...
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Clicking on the synonym tag throws error page about cookies (with custom question lists enabled)

In the Tag Synonyms page, if I clicked on any of the tag under the Synonym section, it throws the following error page. For example: duplicates. The error message in plain text as: The page isn’t ...
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Cookie-policy link in popup shows raw Markdown

Below, the link to the Cookie Policy page on the new customization popup is just raw Markdown: Can we fix that?
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Why not have one login to all stack subdomains?

Hello guys, Whenever i visit a new stack subdomain website, i have to re-register with my google open id. Why not have one login for all sites, that way it wouldn't have to keep re-asking me for my ...
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Can the Stack Exchange websites work with a small cookie notification? [duplicate]

The massive cookie acceptance notification is a major annoyance. Even more annoying, is that even if I've logged into Stack Overflow, when I visit another Stack Exchange website, I'm shown the ...
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Update the help center page on site analytics to reflect that traffic sources are not tracked for users with performance cookies disabled

Effective May 13, 2022 (or earlier), the Google Analytics cookie will be recategorized as a performance cookie and will no longer be saved for users who opt out of performance cookies (or all cookies),...
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Why can't I dismiss these Stack Exchange cookie popups on mobile browser? [closed]

These pop-ups keep appearing on my Android phone when browsing Stack Exchange sites. No matter what I choose these popups occur on every page refresh and whenever I try to view a question. I'm using ...
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Keep getting logged out, just from SO

I have seen these previous issues: Keep getting logged out of StackOverflow today Keep getting logged out of Chrome dev Why do I keep getting logged out of SO and sister sites? These were all back ...
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Why does registration require third-party cookies to be enabled?

In registering for this site, I was told I could not register unless I enabled third-party cookies. I can think of no good reason why a site should require third-party cookies and, therefore, I do ...
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Logging in via Chrome on Android: Request lacked state, may have been forged

I get this semi-regularly when I try to log into sites on the stackexchange network, today it's for I follow the pattern of Log in→Log in with Google and I get the familiar error ...
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Unable to customize cookie settings on

I wanted to look something up about the company and the About link took me to the new marketing site for Stack Overflow. I got the cookie privacy notice and it initially appeared as it's supposed to. ...
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How do I permanently set my cookie preferences?

I visit Stack Overflow on my phone several times a week, and it seems like about once a week (maybe more?) I get this cookie banner. I make my selections, and expect the site to remember them. A week ...
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Dismissing the cookie popup with the "X" scrolls the page to the top

Similar to preventDefault when clicking bounty "cancel" link (which was fixed), when you click the "X" on the upper right of the cookie popup: The unnecessary href="#" ...
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Is there a "never ask me about cookies again" cookie that we can set?

While I know it's in vogue to consider everything, everyone, and everywhere a lethal threat to one's well being, I have a question of a different sort. StackExchange is a plague of "we use cookies" ...
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Stack Overflow login is very complicated without third-party cookies and NoScript

I try to login with OpenID ( provider) with third-party cookies disabled and NoScript (with sane setup: always allow main domain). First you need to click two times "temporary allow ...
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Is there a special 'trick' to Mmm, Cookies?

I cannot get what would seem to be one of the simplest hats to achieve - Mmm, Cookies! I usually run all kinds of ad, content, cross-site tracker prevention & cookie blockers, so I switched off ...
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Not accepting targeting cookies leads to YouTube videos not loading in blog posts, resulting in huge gaps

Background: I've never accepted all cookies on Stack Overflow. Note: I do not block any cookies. When I'm viewing this latest blog post for example, it has 7 huge gaps between paragraphs where the ...
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How do I opt out of cookies?

In the new Stack Exchange Cookie Policy: If you don’t want Stack Overflow to use cookies when you visit the Stack Overflow network of sites, you can opt-out of certain cookie related processing ...
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Business SE page exposes personal details after submitting a custom campaign web form

I've filled this form and I've got the 'Thank you' confirmation page. Then each time when I'm revisiting the form, all the old form data is still there. So clicking 'Talk to an expert' each time ...
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Session-only consent cookie leads to annoyance

When I visit a SE site which I haven't joined, I get the notification at the bottom of the page: This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By ...
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Why does Stack Overflow (and possibly other stacks) have cookies which expire in 2055?

Personally, I just want to know for what purpose they're used for.
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