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For questions about the cookies that SE (or its affiliates) sends to your web browser.

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Add a link to the site cookie settings from the User Settings page

Apparently cookie settings are configurable via a link on the site footer. I found this out thanks to a brief mention on the Advertising Guidelines update: Opt in or out of cookie tracking To opt in ...
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Cookie dialog popup flashes for a moment even when I've already accepted all cookies

At the moment I frequently switch between SE websites, as I see different interesting questions. Every time I switch to a new SE site I see a single frame flash of the cookie popup (I'm not sure if ...
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How does Stack Exchange enforce its advertising policies?

How does Stack Exchange ensure that ads don't deliver a tracking pixel if I have opted out of cookies? Is it impossible for an ad to track me if I have opted out of targeting pixels or could an ad ...
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272 views missing cookie consent logic

There appear to be two bugs on regarding GDPR/CookieLaw and cookie consent: There's no cookie consent dialog, similar to the rest of the Stack Exchange network You can't manage ...
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Why does serve cookies?

According to This is a fast, cookieless domain intended for static content delivered to the Stack Exchange family of websites However, all responses from the server set a cookie anyway: ...
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Add cookie blocks to the IP-based spam-blocking system

Note: Not a duplicate of Please don't use a spam filter based on IP address. That proposes that we stop blocking IPs; this one suggests implementing an additional feature while keeping the ...
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Cross Validated asking ad nauseam about accepting cookies?

Recently (the last two or three days) on Cross Validated (CV) pages, each time a new page/tab is opened, it asks anew on accepting cookies. Quite molesting. First I thought it was my browser (Chrome ...
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Opt-out cookies in cookie consent

Sometime over the last month, the cookie consent on the SE network now defaults to having all cookies enabled when you press the "Customize settings" cookie popup, forcing users to opt-out ...
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Update the help center page on site analytics to reflect that traffic sources are not tracked for users with performance cookies disabled

Effective May 13, 2022 (or earlier), the Google Analytics cookie will be recategorized as a performance cookie and will no longer be saved for users who opt out of performance cookies (or all cookies),...
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Keep getting logged out, just from SO

I have seen these previous issues: Keep getting logged out of StackOverflow today Keep getting logged out of Chrome dev Why do I keep getting logged out of SO and sister sites? These were all back ...
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Logging in via Chrome on Android: Request lacked state, may have been forged

I get this semi-regularly when I try to log into sites on the stackexchange network, today it's for I follow the pattern of Log in→Log in with Google and I get the familiar error ...
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How do I permanently set my cookie preferences?

I visit Stack Overflow on my phone several times a week, and it seems like about once a week (maybe more?) I get this cookie banner. I make my selections, and expect the site to remember them. A week ...
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Dismissing the cookie popup with the "X" scrolls the page to the top

Similar to preventDefault when clicking bounty "cancel" link (which was fixed), when you click the "X" on the upper right of the cookie popup: The unnecessary href="#" ...
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Is there a "never ask me about cookies again" cookie that we can set?

While I know it's in vogue to consider everything, everyone, and everywhere a lethal threat to one's well being, I have a question of a different sort. StackExchange is a plague of "we use cookies" ...
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Stack Overflow login is very complicated without third-party cookies and NoScript

I try to login with OpenID ( provider) with third-party cookies disabled and NoScript (with sane setup: always allow main domain). First you need to click two times "temporary allow ...
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Winter Bash site shows cookie policy dialog even after logging in

Even after logging in on the Winter Bash 2021 site on a new browser, the cookie policy popup is still shown. Why is this happening? I thought they were stored across all Stack Exchange domains, and it ...
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I keep getting the privacy pop-up windows when browsing SE on iOS

I keep getting the privacy pop-up windows when browsing SE with Chrome on my iPhone (iOS 15): I don't think that's intended, so I'm tagging that as a bug. Feel free to retag as support if I missed ...
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Strictly Necessary cookies text: "then" not grammatically correct

When customizing cookie settings, the following is shown under Strictly Necessary (click for bigger/sharper image): These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly and cannot be ...
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StackExchange cookies are not set to secure and can leak when visiting http://… links

When I visit a SE site via plain http (such as, I appear as logged in, so it means that the cookies were not set to secure (when I used other SE sites through ...
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Session cookies seem to get lost

Starting around 1st of February, I get suddenly logged out from Stack Overflow or other Stack Exchange sites. I observed this effect in the following contexts: (1) I switch to a browser tab where I ...
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Stack Overflow login (or other OpenID sites) - without accepting cookies from not visited 3rd party sites?

The login to Stack Exchange sites on Firefox only possible if you allow cookies from "not visited 3rd party sites". That's not so nice I think, because normally you won't ever accept cookies from ...
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Accepting an answer after cookie removal

I just found this unlikely situation. I posed a question. Subsequently I had to remove cookies from my browser. Went back to accept the answer, but even though I was logged in the page thought that ...
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Login with cookies disabled

When I try to log in with cookies disabled, the OpenID login page shows a link to log in manually. Third Party Cookies Appear To Be Disabled You can continue and log in manually however. ...
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Why does the Stack Overflow site keep logging me out? Only in Chrome

For the past few months, I've encountered this issue. As I do not bother until recently, I find it very annoying. I have not done any changes towards my account, nor Chrome settings. Here are some ...
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Rectangle border around cookie notice switcher

On my device (iPad Pro 11") I see rectangles around the switches on cookie notice that are in focus after tap: Is it expected behavior for touch screen devices?
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