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Questions tagged [copyright-infringement]

For questions about how to deal with copyright violations on Stack Exchange, e.g. plagiarized posts and links to websites hosting illegal content.

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Someone copy-pasted my Database Administrators Stack Exchange site question on YouTube [duplicate]

I asked a question on the Database Administrators Stack Exchange site a few days back: MySQL 8 query doesn't prefer index with higher cardinality Today, I randomly found this video on YouTube. ...
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Questions and answers containing copyrighted images

What is the official policy on questions and answers with embedded copyrighted photos? Does the fair use doctrine apply? Is there a difference between high-res "commercial" photos (like &...
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24 votes
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Artificial "intelligence" and Stack Overflow copyright

A comment to one of my answers: This was a really creative way to circumvent the problem. Bing GPT gave me the exact text that you wrote here(i searched and came here to give you the very well ...
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Answers deleted as result of a DMCA Takedown Request still visible via revision history

This is a follow-up to Posts deleted as result of a DMCA Takedown Request still visible via suggested edits. If you have 10k+ reputation on Stack Overflow, you can see the revision history of the ...
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Posts deleted as result of a DMCA Takedown Request still visible via suggested edits

I got access to this question which got taken down due to a DMCA request. screenshot for <10k users: Now, in the timeline, we can see a suggested edit: screenshot for <10k users: If we click ...
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New mod option 'Show DMCA locks' leads to 404 page

There's a new option in the moderator menu for posts: Show DMCA locks. However, when I submit that option, it takes me to a page that 404s: That is to ...
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This YouTube channel is creating videos based on SO questions. Is this ok? [duplicate]

Check out this channel: Each of these videos shows a woman presenting a problem. It's the same generic opening and closing each time ...
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Proof of DMCA Violation? [duplicate]

The following StackOverflow post was just hidden because of a supposed DMCA takedown request: I find ...
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Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution [duplicate]

Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution. It seems quite systematic. Examples from Are ...
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30 votes
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Since when did SE stop uploading DMCA takedown notices to Lumen Database?

There was an answer that was removed from Stack Overflow due to a DMCA takedown notice. According to the comments there, the complaint was not published to Lumen Database (formerly called Chilling ...
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14 votes
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How should mods handle links to supposedly pirated software?

How should mods handle links to supposedly pirated software? We delete it, right? But what if we don't know the legality of something? We've been discussing this on Ask Ubuntu for the last week or so, ...
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Indian music lyrics spammer

This spammer has been hitting various Stack Exchange sites with multiple spam posts over the last couple of days: The current search ...
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Legality of physically publishing Stack Exchange content verbatim [duplicate]

This was brought to my awareness on a Facebook D&D forum. This fellow, George Duckett, ...
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Is there anything specific I should do when encountering an SE scraper? [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of scraped and repackaged content in my time, but I just ran across which seems to have scraped the entire network of sites and re-posted the entire thing ...
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Saw a website scraping contents of SharePoint Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I just stumbled upon this website: And this site has scrapped almost all the contents of SharePoint Meta and it comes on Google Search as well. Is this ...
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Is this an attempt at fraud/impersonation? [duplicate]

I just stumbled upon, which seems to be an attempt to impersonate the Stack Overflow website. Should something be done about this? At first thought, I'm concerned about the ...
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Link to Chilling Effects on questions taken down by DMCA

I ran across (10k) today, and was surprised that it was deleted. Turns out it was the ...
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22 votes
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What should moderators (or passing editors) do about suspected plagiarized or copyrighted images in posts?

I can't seem to find a canonical reference about Stack Exchange's policy regarding inclusion of images from the Internet in questions and answers. I'm not even sure whether this comes under copyright ...
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42 views have copied stackexchange [duplicate] have copied the stackexchange (especially stackoverflow). some screenshots of the site: and also this one: [Note: Whether we can report this kind stuff here or not, I don't know. I am ...
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StackApp site content copied on other public sites [duplicate]

I am using Google Analytics to track the number of visitors coming on my page everyday. Yesterday, I happen to see the referrals and I saw this page This is a public website and when I visited it, I ...
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Should I salvage purged questions?

An OP asked a question some time ago, then asked to be purged of the database because it revealed a bit of corporative information and was asked by their employees to do so. And the revision was ...
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Discourage pasted problem statements from coding sites?

If you browse the algorithms tag on SO often, you'll see a lot of questions about code challenges found online. I don't see this as a problem, provided people are trying to get help rather than a "...
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22 votes
2 answers

What actually happens to sites which are reported as copycats?

We have a meta question for reporting sites which do not follow Stack Exchange's content attribution policies. As purely a matter of curiosity, what actually happens when these sites are reported? ...
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219 votes
2 answers

Please upload DMCA takedowns to the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse / Lumen Database

I have a request. I'd like to ask Stack Exchange corporate to establish a practice of uploading all DMCA takedown requests that it receives for content hosted on the Stack Exchange network to the ...
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Questions made unanswerable by copyright assertions

I recently saw this post: How to get rid of the horizontal bar from website Whilst far from being the most perfect of questions [sigh], within seconds, it was made invalid and unanswerable due to ...
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Is there something that can be done about inappropriately using Stack Exchange's name? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Report sites that use SE content without following attribution rules here While searching for answers to my question I came across The particular ...
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What is the relationship between the Pile Studios "Stack Overflow" app and Stack Overflow?

I was searching on the Google Play store (Japanese version) for a Stack Overflow client and I found Stack Overflow by Pile Studios. The website for the app claims Note: We take no credit ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Does SE containing copyright violations make content re-use harder?

Wikipedians get rid of copyright violations from Wikipedia not only to avoid legal issues for Wikipedia, but also to ensure that their work is easier to re-use: However, material copied from ...
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WordPress Q&A plugin blatantly ripping off Stack Overflow design

Check out this WordPress Q&A Plugin by WPMU Dev. They have completely ripped off the Stack Overflow design in their plugin, even down to the details like the accepting answers tick and tabs. What'...
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DZone promotes "ITQuestions", a StackOverflow ripoff
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Where should I report trademark infringement or illegal SO clones?

We all love & benefit from SO, and want to help keeping it profitable. How can we help? What counts as trademark infringement: Trademark guidelines What is an illegal SO clone: Copyright ...
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Drinking, SO and Copyright Violation [closed]

Dear MSO users and related staffers... Recently I have taken to drink to cope with wading through boring SO questions to find some juicy nuggets. Unfortunately, this mix of heavy drinking and SO has ...
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Globberstack copying questions from Stack Overflow word for word

I was recently researching a question I asked on Stack Overflow by using Google. I typed in a query similiar to the question I had posted on Stack Overflow. Surprise surprise, there was my question ...
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1k views is cloning Stack Overflow content

Just did my usual Google search for programming stuff, and got a result from the site To my surprise, I got a page that was ripped off Stack Overflow. After some surfing around it ...
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What should you do if other sites shamelessly copy content and the cc-wiki license is not adhered to? [duplicate]

Copying content is one thing, but copying content without referring to or quoting the original is just plain rude and violates the cc-wiki license and the clearly laid out attribution rules of this ...
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SqlServerCentral ripping off your website [duplicate] is ripping off your content and layouts :-(
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Answers that direct towards material that infringes copyright

What is the general view on answers that reference material that infringes copyright? Specifically, this question posted today contains an answer that references a PDF online version of the well ...
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