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Use for questions about the costs of using or providing the StackExchange network.

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Pricing model for using Stack Exchange [duplicate]

We are evaluating a different forum solution for our business need. Can we use Stack Exchange? Is there any enterprise version? What is the pricing model? Is there any on-premise solution or ...
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Which parts of Stack Exchange cost money? [duplicate]

I was reading through the Public Network Terms of Service. What does the following passage refer to? Some premium or additional features of Stack Overflow (including without limitation Stack ...
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What would Stack Exchange's yearly expenses be if it were to be using a third-party host?

Stack Exchange manages its own servers, as it should, but if Stack Exchange were to be hosted on a third-party "cloud" hosting (like Amazon), what would its monthly and yearly expenses be (...
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Work and Stack Overflow [closed]

I've been on Stack Overflow for less than a year, and (quite frankly), I've noticed the Stack Overflow has the effect that Google once had years back (i.e., if you don't understand something, google ...
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What would you estimate are Stack Overflow's monthly server fees? [closed]

I'm a total noob when it comes to servers, so I just wanted to get a rough idea of how much some of the most visited sites in the world cost to host. What's your rough estimate for Stack Overflow's ...
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Cost of stackoverflow licences post Biz spark

This is a question to help make a decision based on the Microsoft stack. Once biz spark is over, how will the licences cost for stackoverflow? 2 db servers 5 web servers at last count?
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