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The Creative Commons license allows the distribution of copyrighted works. Use this tag for questions on how the Stack Exchange network makes use of the CC-license.

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Does Amazon Alexa use Stack Exchange content, and if so, is it done legally?

According to the Stack Exchange content license (CC-BY-SA), uses of content on Stack Exchange sites must be properly attributed. However, I have noticed Amazon Alexa (accessed using an Echo device) ...
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Will SE tell us if they sell our content?

So, the CEO of Stack Exchange has been quoted in a news article saying that they plan to sell the content of the SE network to large companies training neural networks like the one used for ChatGPT. ...
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What licence is subscriber content provided under 4.0, 3.0 or them all?

In the footer it says: site design / logo © 2018 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required. rev 2018.8.7.31273 However, in the footer under ...
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Make it clear that you need to have the right to license any pictures under CC BY-SA

tl;dr: Right now we're not allowed to upload any images we don't own (fair use does not apply on this site, see the link). Let's make this a bit clearer in the image upload form. When you try to ...
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When adding image from Wikimedia Commons, automatically add author/license/link

Many Stack Exchange questions and answers embed images from Wikimedia Commons. It is probably the most used image source here. The good news Thanks to their license, all images from Wikimedia Commons ...
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Does the dual license in the pre-2018 Terms of Service allow SE to permit others to redistribute subscriber content outside of CC BY-SA?

I was reading around the topic of the precise details of subscriber-content licensing on SE, and I found (and read more carefully than the previous times I'd seen it) this thread on FOSS.SE from 2017, ...
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What happens when an answer crosses the threshold of originality, but the code within that answer doesn't?

Here's a hypothetical situation. I post an answer on a Stack Exchange site. In order to be useful, the post requires both English prose and code. However, the code alone does not cross the threshold ...
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Use the localized SE site's language for links to the Creative Commons' licensing pages

Any post timeline contains a link to the Creative Commons' license pages. For modern posts, it is As far as I see, there are many different languages ...
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Just to clarify the attribution requirements

When a question or answer was posted under one license (e.g. CC BY-SA 3.0), and edited under a different license (e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0), who should be credited as the "author" for attribution ...
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Stack Exchange Data Dumps still indicating old attribution requirements

The Stack Exchange Data Dumps still contain wording mandating that attribution be given in specific ways, going beyond the Creative Commons licensing requirements: Specifically the attribution ...
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Stack Exchange copyright - where should we give attribution?

I know that code from the Stack Exchange sites is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA. So if I use code from Stack Exchange sites, attribution is required (as mentioned in this article). How ...
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When and how to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow

I want to understand when do I need to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow. Do I need to give attribution when I use code snippets in a blog post (by a blog post I mean a tutorial) ...
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Related questions under Creative Commons?

Stack Exchange releases its user-generated content in a data dump under a Creative Commons license—this is an incredible resource for researchers like myself, and as far as I know no other site has ...
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