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Cross-site management of favorite and ignored tags

I find the favorite and ignored tags a very useful feature, and I use many of the same tags for several different subforums. The problem is that tags are usually not added in bulk, but as I browse on ...
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Notification of tag existence on other Stack Exchange sites during tag wiki editing

After reading Synchronize tag wikis across Stack Exchange sites I wondered: when editing a tag wiki, would it be possible to notify the user of other occurrences of the same tag on other Stack ...
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tagging across SE sites [duplicate]

Is there a format with which to [tag:foo] from one StackExchange site to another? On my profile, I chose to push changes to all the SE profiles I have, but the tags come over in a rather useless ...
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tag:* links incorrectly when using Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts

The css tag in my Stack Exchange profile links to different sites depending on where it's being viewed: Profile on StackOverflow: [tag:CSS] => ...
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Quick access to equivalent tag in other StackExchange sites

I've a suggestion that I think would be great and save some time. Let's say I'm browsing the tag "c++" in GameDev looking for a specific question, I can't find it in GameDev so I decide to check it in ...
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Synchronize tag wikis across Stack Exchange sites

I just edited the tag wiki for mercurial on SO, SF, SU, and programmers. Since the tag covers the same program on all those sites, I copy-pasted the description from SO after merging in some details ...
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Cross referencing tags across different Stack Exchange sites

I was wondering if it would make sense to cross reference the tags we have for questions on different Stack Exchange sites. Some examples would be like the tags of "cosmology" and "astrophysics" which ...
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