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Allow linking to a specific answer sort order on a question without also changing how subsequently-viewed questions are sorted [duplicate]

On the Photo of the Week competition posts on Photography, in order to reduce the benefit of votes on earlier competition submissions posted as answers, links to the competition have the sort-by-...
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Avoid possible CSRF attacks by saving sort selection only when actually clicking

TL;DR: by storing the sort selection (active, newest, votes) in the page itself when getting a querystring parameter, SE is exposing its users to a possible CSRF attack which can change that sort ...
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17 votes
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Possible CSRF attack that cause answers to be added to "Top Answers" section

In Careers, adding answers to the "Top Answers" section of the profile is done via a pure GET request, e.g. If ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow use an AntiForgeryToken? [duplicate]

I was looking into the HTML forms of Stack Overflow and I realized that it doesn't use AntiForgeryToken. So I created a localhost page with the forms of Stack Overflow, posted something and it worked. ...
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