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Questions tagged [default-tags]

For questions, feature requests, and bug reports related to the set of tags that exist by default on every per-site meta.

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17 votes
0 answers

Remove [openid] as a default tag on per-site metas

OpenID support has been mostly removed for a while now, and is set to be completely removed at the end of October this year. However, the tag openid is still one of the default tags that get added to ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Change "http" to "https" in the tag-info imported for the default tags

On every per-site-meta, there are default tags1 which are automatically created when the site is created. At the same time, the tag-info for some of them is created - although there are a few bugs ...
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12 votes
0 answers

The imported tag-info for default tags is ignored in revision history

There are several default tags which are automatically imported to all metas. (See also here.) It seems that some of them have been also imported with the tag-info. By looking at metas of some ...
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