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Changes to MSE deployment process may cause intermittent issues on November 1, 2023, between 08:00UTC and 09:00UTC

UPDATE 2023-11-01 09:46 CET: Deployment test has been successfully concluded. The site is operational. TL;DR: On Wednesday, November 1st 2023, around 08:00UTC, we'll be conducting some changes to how ...
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When exactly are translations deployed?

Related: Нет перевода текста на заблокированных вопросах. We have added new translation ( But after the new revision deployment (rev 2019.7.29.34466) this ...
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Setting items to status-completed before they're deployed

In several scenarios, including two today (the one with the badges and the one with the comment focus), we have had bugs set to status-completed simply because the fix has been checked in. Just ...
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How is Stack Overflow developed, tested and deployed? [duplicate]

I am not talking about technologies or stacks. Stack Overflow is one of the largest ASP.NET applications around, and I am interested in development methodology, testing methods and deployment ...
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when is the next deploy?

How do I determine when the "next deploy" will happen? This is more of a general question than asking for literally the next deploy-date. It came up because of this question: JavaScript error ...
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What tools do you use to deploy Stack Overflow?

I'm hoping someone can shed light on which tool(s) you use to deploy your builds out to your web servers: CruiseControl.NET, web farm framework, a flunky copying files using XCOPY.
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How are Stack Exchange engine updates deployed to production? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is Stack Overflow's deployment process? I'm just wondering, how does the Stack Exchange team deploy updates to production? As you have multiple servers, what strategy ...
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106 votes
3 answers

Monthly Summary of What's New

There have been a few requests for a change log or release notes which I think would be great. I understand that things are constantly changing, and if the team had to update us with every change, it ...
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What is Stack Overflow's deployment process?

I'm looking for some insight into how Stack Overflow releases are deployed and managed. What software/tooling is used? What time are releases generally performed? How many and what steps are involved?...
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Could we see a changelog of deployments?

I know there's a SVN Revision Id at the bottom of every page, but I think it'd be nice if we could see a couple short sentences about what went into the deployment. Not changelogs in the commits, but ...
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