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Questions tagged [design]

For questions regarding the design of the Stack Exchange websites; e.g., for issues with the layout.

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12 votes
0 answers

Some tags in “Top Questions” in “Network Profile” have different colors for their font as in Meta Stack Exchange

See my network profile for top questions: See the bug, status-completed, and email tags. They have a weird blue color in their tags’ font and they don’t like the color of their tags’ font in Meta ...
186 votes
12 answers

All tag labels suddenly appear in bold font

On all the sites, the tag names started appearing bold in the last 15 or so minutes. Looks rather garish. Is this some new un-announced feature release? For example: One of the worst affected pieces ...
6 votes
0 answers

This issue wasn’t resolved; there were some color issues for the moderator tags in “Network Profile”

I found that a staff marked my previous question (Some tags in “Top Questions” in “Network Profile” have different colors for their font as in Meta Stack Exchange) as status-completed 3 hours ago. The ...
9 votes
1 answer

In the inbox, "N hours ago" is underneath the envelope icon when there's a URL in the notification

In this image, see how both messages were posted 9 hours ago but in the first one that text is covered by the envelope icon: It still happens when the message is read. I think it's because of the ...
4 votes
0 answers

Long unbreakable text in notification summary causes timestamps to overflow in global inbox [duplicate]

There's an item in my inbox for which the relative timestamp (2 days) overflows the envelope icon to mark it as (un)read: This happens in several browsers (Safari and Chrome on macOS, Edge on Windows)...
9 votes
0 answers

OP name not highlighted in reopen action in timeline

As far as I know OP name should always be highlighted, but for some reason doesn't for reopen action in timeline, e.g.: Similar for other actions. E.g. here: OK for: creating a post comment Not OK ...
12 votes
2 answers

Why has the parsing of the   in tables changed?

I am used to using the   HTML character to visually fill out the width and/or height of tables so they are used to their full potential: So that instead of this: I get this:                 ...
1 vote
1 answer

Skip to main content link on the Meta Stack Exchange header

Randomly, I encountered a "Skip to main content" link on the Meta Stack Exchange header. Clicking on it redirects to and hides the Meta site bar. I ...
11 votes
1 answer

Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared

There seems to be a bug regarding the hover class in the Duplicate modal: Full resolution GIF: As commented by @VLAZ, it seems to be related to the following ...
1 vote
0 answers

Why are the site icons offset again? [duplicate]

The site icons (in the "Communities" tab, and in the "Hot Network Questions" sidebar) are misaligned. I've checked on multiple devices and multiple sites, so I don't think this is ...
65 votes
0 answers

When implementing a major design / workflow change, offer an opt-in beta testing option before release

As we've seen recently with both the updated user profile and homepage designs, it's difficult sometimes to gauge the impact that this will have on users' experience just from screenshots or a video ...
1 vote
0 answers

Is "required" tooltip on required fields legend required?

Recently the new "required" icon (a red star symbol) was added next to Title, Body, Tags words on Ask New Question page around all SE network. I think it's a good change for site UX. But do ...
-25 votes
1 answer

Can Stack Exchange have a direct interface to push code from GitHub? [closed]

I would like to see this feature implemented—an interface to push code from GitHub—as I keep having to copy paste code between Stack Exchange and GitHub. I know that GitHub has its own discussion ...
7 votes
1 answer

Customize the appearance of Stack Exchange sites

This extremely helpful post has enabled me to customize the appearance of the up/down arrows on Stack Exchange sites. By toying around a bit and making some fortunate guesses about the names of ...
83 votes
15 answers

What does constructive criticism of a design change look like?

Last week we rolled out the new network theme to several sites. Some of these sites had beautiful designs previously and now have a less striking look. Unsurprisingly, the response to these changes ...
49 votes
10 answers

Seeking feedback on tag colors update

Update May 22, 2024 Back in November, we requested feedback on our tag design. Among the options we presented, it became clear that Options #3 and #4 were the most favored by the community. ...
-102 votes
76 answers

New colors launched

November 21, 2023: To help with internal managing issues, you may see a reference number added next to the status tag on your post. These numbers don't determine the order or priority of issues but ...
71 votes
22 answers

Update: New Colors Launched

November 22, 2023: To help with internal managing issues, you may see a reference number added next to the status tag on your post. These numbers don't determine the order or priority of issues but ...
16 votes
0 answers

What happend with tags? [duplicate]

Is it new tag design? The whole style of tags is changed: font, colors, filling ... That's how it looked before, e.g. on ruSO.meta And now it looks like that: I didn't find any new related ...
18 votes
3 answers

How does StackOverflow get indexed by Google in such as fast manner? [duplicate]

I notice that every time I or some else asks a new question on Stack Overflow it only takes a few minutes to a half hour (at max) to have the question page and subsequent answers indexed by Google. ...
25 votes
1 answer

On/off switch on mobile has shrinkable width

The on/off switch widget on mobile doesn't have fixed width and shrinks depending on other elements, e.g. in settings: It's OK for one-line text, but shrinks otherwise.
1 vote
0 answers

Stack Overflow | Borders on every UI element [closed]

There is nothing really to say about it; the screenshots are explaining it by themselves. It looks like an active CSS Debugging. The bug has existing since weeks/months. iOS 17.5 (I updated today). ...
5 votes
0 answers

The "Cookie Settings" link in the footer is not aligned vertically with the other links in the "Company" section on narrow screens

When the width of the browser window that is displaying a site on the Stack Exchange network is sufficiently wide, it shows the different sections in the footer (e.g. the "Meta Stack Exchange&...
1 vote
0 answers

Almost useless list of filtered options in review queue on mobile

A review queue can be filtered by tags and other options (e.g., close reasons). I believe that it looks fine on a desktop, but it's not OK on mobile. For instance, on enSO not all conditions are ...
14 votes
2 answers

Upcoming research at Stack Overflow

Today, I shared on the blog all of the things we are looking to learn at Stack Overflow over the next couple months. I want to remind you all that this type of research typically operates months in ...
-124 votes
17 answers

We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar

We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar. We didn’t change the default. We’ve only removed the ability to change the default. According to SEDE, we’ve got ~13k users with the fixed top ...
12 votes
0 answers

Upvote / downvote indicator lost after edit

When I edit a post, and return to the updated page when saving the edit, the upvote indicator to show that I had previously upvoted the post is lost. This seems to be related to the recent and ...
4 votes
2 answers

How can I make a reversed numbered list in a question or answer?

Numbered lists are easy: Item1 Item2 This is how it looks when I'm typing this question: Reversed numbered lists are not that easy: Item2 Item1 This is how it looks when I'm typing this question: ...
3 votes
0 answers

Too low baseline with italics in comments

I noticed that some of the italicized words in comments are too low, on at least one site. See I pronounce question as kweshtin. Is my pronunciation wrong? and also the following screenshot: Comment ...
13 votes
0 answers

Catch them if you can... but you can't. (aka can't click "Watch tag" and "Ignore tag" from tag popup) [duplicate]

While reading this possibly related bug, I decided to check other popup: the tag popup. When hovering over a tag, the familiar popup does appear, however when going with the mouse away from the tag ...
5 votes
1 answer

Right border of the edit summary field is not aligned

When editing a post, the right border of the Edit Summary field is not aligned as done for Title, Body and Tags fields: Moreover, for Stack Overflow Title and Rev fields also are not aligned:
70 votes
10 answers

New Focus Styles & Updated Styling for Button Groups

New Focus Styles We’ve released a design update to focus styles across the many components within our design system and as well as a new design for our button group component. See more details on how ...
6 votes
1 answer

Any details about the August 2023 blog redesign?

I just noticed the blog got a new design after following a bug report saying it's down. Can we get details about the redesign? It looks pretty massive, and I didn't see any post about it, neither in ...
35 votes
2 answers

Replace hyphen in front of scores/reputation by minus

(Actually a dupe of another question but that was incorrectly closed so I’m posting here until the other question gets reopened, and this one merged.) This has bugged me for ages. The website uses ...
0 votes
0 answers

Badge achievements broken? [duplicate]

I recently got badges for Yearling in ELL and English Stack exchange, and they looked funny. I realized that I was looking at the badges from another site in the achievement dialog. This is what it ...
-15 votes
4 answers

Can the sites about religions have suitable background for block quotes?

The usual application of quoting on most of the sites is to quote someone's sayings. It can be conversation, articles, webpage, newspaper or books etc. Now if we talk about sites about religions, ...
7 votes
0 answers

Strange color change when clicking the vote button and holding the mouse

I upvoted a question today and saw than when clicking the upvote button, there was a strange color change to a blue color that seems to be consistent across all sites. Example taken from Stack ...
-8 votes
1 answer

Only add the "edited by" label for big changes, and not "Edit tags"

Editing tags is a minor change; "Edited by ..." should be added only for big edits/ improvements. Personally, I find "Edited by ... Kilroy" distracting, not helpful.
3 votes
0 answers

Add comment guidance has very low contrast text [duplicate]

This showed up the first time I added a comment: The black on dark blue is very hard to read. I think it should use the standard code colour of code. so it would look like: Comments use mini-...
63 votes
2 answers

Too small search bar and the search icon/magnifying glass is shown twice while viewing sites in portrait mode on mobile

The search bar (with drop-down) in the top bar isn't responsive. It also is duplicated, which means it takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space on Stack Overflow with the AI text:
0 votes
0 answers

The search popover tooltip lost the keyword text in Meta

The search popover tooltip is missing the keyword in the Meta section. In the Stack Overflow Search screenshot, the keyword texts are displayed correctly. Screenshot from Meta Stack Exchange: ...
0 votes
1 answer

Why is there a blue border around focused textboxes now? [duplicate]

I noticed that in all Stack Exchange sites, when I focus any textbox, there is now a very visible blue border/outline around it. Was this outline intentionally added, and if so, what is its purpose? ...
10 votes
0 answers

Orphaned "close this dialog" dialog when viewing an election as a moderator on mobile

When viewing an election on a site where you are a moderator while on mobile, a "close this dialog" dialog appears at the bottom of the page. It looks like the same thing that appears at the ...
49 votes
1 answer

How do I change vote arrow buttons back?

I have noticed that the vote arrow buttons have changed to this: This change has been implemented on all Stack Exchange sites. I didn't consent to the change, I don't like the new style. The styling ...
16 votes
1 answer

Vote Button :active state not reset after mouseDrag

The Vote button got some styling changes [1], which introduced a state where the ::active color does not reset, whereas the arrow stays white, becoming invisible on the white background. Press (and ...
1 vote
1 answer

Bold text conversion doesn't work across paragraph break

When there is a paragraph break between two bold codes (double asterisk), the asterisks are displayed and nothing is bolded.  Is it a bug, or intentional? Possibly related; not duplicate: Markdown ...
2 votes
0 answers

The vote button disappeared if I voted a question/answers without signing up [duplicate]

Today, I see this question on the TeX - LaTeX site. Command for Multiplying Integers I want to upvote the answers. I click the upvote. Oops, I forgot I didn’t even sign up an account for that site. ...
12 votes
0 answers

The behavior of popup vote totals losing their +/- sign if the absolute value requires 3 or more digits triggers awkward, sudden paragraph reflows

On the vote-total popup, the leading + or - is suppressed once the total hits three digits: Demo: Demo: Demo: Demo: This happens in both the 🟢 upvotes on the top and on the 🔴 downvotes on ...
9 votes
0 answers

Vote button remains highlighted after retracting the vote

The recently changed vote buttons remain highlighted after retracting the vote: When you retract your vote the button remains highlighted (with lighter colors), highlighting disappears after tapping ...
17 votes
0 answers

Problem with Cyrillic symbols on the Code of Conduct page of ruSO

There is a problem with the font on the Code of Conduct page of ruSO. As you can see below, the font quite different. English CoC: Russian CoC: As I can see, original font contains Cyrillic symbols. ...

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