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For questions about the desktop notification feature of chat.

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What does enabling notifications on desktop chat opened on Android Chrome do?

I use the full desktop version of the chat site on Android mobile (when I do use chat on mobile at all). It has the usual option to enable desktop notifications, and I enabled those. Best I can tell, ...
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Automatically dismiss a chat message on clicking the notification

When I receive a reply/tag on chat, the 'notification bubble' must be clicked in order to dismiss the message: I have desktop notifications enabled, but however clicking the notification to go to the ...
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Desktop notifications broken in chat

Chrome has now removed the prefixed navigator.webkitNotifications API and as a result desktop notifications no longer work. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it certainly doesn't work in ...
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Can we please have desktop notifications for questions we've participated in? [duplicate]

How about having desktop notifications enabled for the questions I've asked or participated in? The notifications which set in the header panel will be directly available on my desktop similar to a ...
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Wouldn't be cool to have desktop notification? [duplicate]

Wouldn't be cool to have desktop notification like those used in the chats for all the notifications (like new comments or new answers) ?
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Can we make chat notifications work on Firefox?

With the release of Firefox 22 has come an implementation of the Web Notifications (draft) API. SE Chat has had notifications for a while, but a quick search of the minified code and the lack of a ...
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Can you add optional desktop notifications for new inbox items? [duplicate]

I'm getting real tired of noticing new answers or comments to my questions hours after they were posted because I minimize StackOverflow and resumed working. According to this question's answers you'...
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Just Created a Real Time Desktop notification for StackOverflow [closed]

I am Hari a software Engineer from India. I am a loving guy. 13 days before I thought to create a desktop alert application for StackOverflow which will help the experts to keep track of new ...
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Chat notification uses the wrong icon

With the desktop notifications enabled (Chrome, OSX 10.7.5), I'm getting the wrong site icons on the notifications. Not every time, but often. Note that in the below screenshot, the icon is from SciFi,...
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Add desktop notifications for Chrome or Firefox

I noticed that chat supports desktop notifications to notify you when someone pings you, which made me think that maybe the main site has this functionality as well, and I'd really like to use it in ...
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