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Codeken 2011 - where was Stack Overflow?

When Stack Exchange announced the cancellation of DevDays, many asked for an alternative event to take place in its stead. Some community members, most prominently VonC who was also set to be a ...
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DevDays cancelled - should we have a London meetup anyway? [closed]

As we all know, DevDays 2011 has been cancelled. Now, I hope for everyone who already booked their travel and accommodation that they get their money back somehow. But for those who a) won't get ...
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DevDays 2011 (London)

I don't know if this is the place to ask this question. I was willing to come, but it seems all seats are taken for London. Will people in charge consider opening more seats?
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What study did Joel Spolsky quote in his DevDays user interaction talk? [closed]

... the study that measured samples on offer, customer interest and the amount ultimately purchased. For reference, this is one of the data slides he took from the study: I'd love to read the study ...
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DevDays London - Can I get hold of the presentation material?

I didn't take much notes as I assumed there would be a URL I could go to. I have emailed Carsonified with no response.
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DevDays 2009 Reviews - London

If you attended DevDays in London, please post your thoughts about it here. Links to blogs etc are also welcome. DevDays reviews Boston (Oct 7th) Austin (Oct 14th) Los Angeles (Oct 16th) San ...
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